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  1. Has any progress been made on this? It's been over five months since the last update.
  2. Thanks for making this thread, voros. I used the old font because the original patch had the words drawn in blood. The old font resembles blood more than the new one so I used it.
  3. Yeah you're right, I think map14 should stay the way it is for now. It can be replaced by something better at any time down the road.
  4. http://www.mediafire.com/view/l1mn6qvsw5z0k5h/agb128_1.gif This is YELLITE2, I saved it as the wrong name. You can add this to my other two final doom textures in the pull request.
  5. Well, if you can't find a suitable map in nex credo, there's several single level pwads that might work for map14. First one that came to mind is Tom Mustaine's doom2 map14 homage.
  6. I'm surprised that those tnt patches I made aren't committed yet. Even if they are there's still several placeholders left... DOGRIG REDTNT2 SW1/2SKULL FENCE4 YELLITE2 and 3 PSTON2 I'm working on the yellow lights, when I'm done with them I'll do the plutonia skull switch.
  7. Oh I forgot about that one, personally I think it should just be removed. It's full of visplane and segs overflows, has a nasty medusa that crashes the vanilla game, and doesn't play very well. One of the nex credo maps can replace it.
  8. Sounds neat, but that's not the collection i was talking about. The one i had was the "galaxy of games gold edition" and had games like raptor call of shadows (windows version), crazy drake (earthworm jim clone), and a bunch of card and slots games for filler.
  9. Did anyone else have one of these shovelware discs? They were published by egames and contained demos of windows 9x computer games, mostly obscure ones.
  10. I think the normal zombie sprites look fine, the shotgun zombie sprites still look crummy however.
  11. Yeah that's the one, I dont remember the design getting a negative reception though. If you don't like it then you don't have to work on it and we can use the octopus thing.
  12. I'm aware of it being unfinished, that's what I meant by "in limbo". Also do you know what happened to those spider demon sprites? They were pretty good but needed to be cleaned up.
  13. Now that you mention it, there's a suprising amount of contributions that are in limbo, such as uric's arch vile.
  14. Oh you're right, it is in there. You can go ahead and commit the levels you assigned.