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  1. The first Duke stole graphics from mega man too
  2. I just tested your map, it's pretty cool. I couldn't run it in chocolate doom however, it is missing the texture pbrik18. The other problem I found was in sector 424 the player takes damage, but shouldn't.
  3. Well this topic needed a bump anyways, Raymoohawk was vital for this project and now he's gone silent.
  4. I don't think it looks that bad, the style reminds me of 90's total conversions. Several frames would look better with a hand in them.
  5. Sorry for the bump but I found the source to these songs. Heres the disc the text file mentions https://archive.org/details/ComputerLife_SuperPac_Ziff-s_Publishing_1995 You can find them in demos > blueribn > psstyles > basemidi
  6. Tom did E1M4 if my memory is correct
    Wow, this was great!
  7. I just tried this on HMP, galileo is right about the ammo balance. As for bugs the only one I found (besides the door in the spider room) was a tutti frutti on the stairs to the right of the red key.
  8. Did you have a wad loaded when you took the last two pictures?
  9. I agree with this, though the painting looks alright with his style, it's supposed to be flat.
  10. RC5 is pretty good. Saves don't work in vanilla but besides that it's done.
  11. Who will take your place?