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  1. just wanted to drop in and let you guys know i am still working on my map. Taking longer than i thought, my work schedule has not been kind to me lately XD
  2. I resumed work on my map earlier.... started turning the old "strobe corridors" into a sewer system/drainage ditch kinda thing, and started redesigning the outdoor section, giving it a lot more open space and less sporadic steps. Im leaving the teleporter cavern and the exit room alone, other than adding some slight detail and decorations to them, as I feel those rooms are solid. Should have a revision done within a week for you guys to try out, gonna be working on it during a crazy work schedule XD
  3. As far as uploading goes, just use sendspace. Mediafire would work , but with sendspace, there is no registation required. I wouldnt go as far as to post it to /idgames or anything yet, as we are all gonna have to do multiple revisions and reiterations of our maps to polish them up and stuff. As far as making your midi loop, you really dont have to do anything in the map editor or anything, its all just sequencing the midi properly, at least in my case it worked out like that. Im a musician, and am pretty good with midi (check out the midi i did on my map, while it is based off of a real song i made it off of memory and slightly tweaked it and re-sequenced it into something loopable, robert prince style). If you would like, you can send me your midi and ill make it into something loopable for you, would seriously only take me like 5 minutes or so. EDIT: It may help if i gave you somewhere to send the midi, eh? email it to me at skavenger216@gmail.com
  4. Thanks for the feedback, Mouldy and Getsu. Gonna rework a couple things and ill post a revision, gonna be at least a few days though, as i have a rather hectic work schedule the next couple days.
  5. I did EXACTLY that when i was first trying to learn what it was, and everything i read led me to believe it meant removing the vanilla limits and not using zdoom functions. I figured that meant just not to use zdoom specific stuff in my map, so i didnt. Maybe I interpreted it wrong, im good at doing that, but thats how it looked to me. At any rate, at least i know what limit removing actually entails now, i just wish i had noticed that stuff had to be in doom format and not UDMF before my map was pretty much done. And, BTW, the term itself is NOT perfectly descriptive, as i said before, for something called "limit removing", there are a lot of limits and restrictions. I may take you up on that, after i get some feedback on my map and find out and if its even worth converting, lol. Im in love with it, but it is my creation after all so i am a little biased, and i dont want to spend the time converting it (or ask someone else to spend the time doing it) if its not even good enough for this megawad, lol. With that said, if anyone besides Kildeth has given my map a try please let me know what you thought. The DL link was a page or 2 back.
  6. I tried the copy/paste route, and while it does save me having to draw it all again, i still have to go and re-do each and every linedef, and my map has a ton of them
  7. Google "limit removing" and read the description the first couple results gives you, its obviously easily misunderstood, as me and jmickle both had this same misunderstanding of what limit removing actually meant. And to be honest, the term "Limit Removing" is kinda misleading to begin with. For something thats supposed to be limit removing, there sure are a lot of limits and resrictions, lol.
  8. lol no worries. Its not a custom sky.. its just the one of the skies from stock doom 2. As far as not going boom format... that sucks. Gonna be a lot more work for me to convert my map now, and im already at a week of work on it :( Exactly how I feel. When i was initally starting my map i seen not to use 3d floors and limit removing, the way it was seemed to me when i looked it up, meant not using zdoom features and not being constrained by vanilla limits. I didnt realize UDMF wouldnt work until i was already 80% done with my map, and now, like i said, its gonna be a ton of work to convert it. Boom format would still be some work to convert, but not as bad. Time for me to decide if im jut gonna start a new map for this project or actually work on converting mine, converting to cl2 is gonna be almost as much work as making a whole new map pretty much.
  9. I dont mind using custom skies, although the one I have for my map currently fits it perfectly imo.
  10. Are you putting doombuilder in UDMF format? That may be why you arent seeing map01. As far as the sky HoM, I dont know :( I tested this map in gzdoom and zandronum and didnt see any sky HoM. Im pretty sure made the skies right, unless certain ports dont like it when you set the ceiling to the sky and leave walls untextured. Also, not to nitpick, but its "Unnatural Selection". The way that teleporter section works is anything but natural, lol XD EDIT : heres a couple screens of how the skies appear on my end.
  11. Id rather work with boom format instead, if im being honest. Its gonna be way easier for me to convert my map to boom format than it would doom format. And feel free to add my map "Unnatural Selection" to the list. I will be posting it in about 15 minutes, I gotta finish making a midi file for it. EDIT: Just finished putting it all together, heres my map. It is in UDMF format, so it will need a compatible port. Im posting it mostly so I can get some feedback generated while I work on converting it to Doom format (or is boom format ok to use now?). There a few other things I should say also. All of the ammo placements are balanced around the Ultra-Violence monster count, so you probably will have way more ammo than needed on the lower difficulties. The monster layouts are still being balanced out too. I would recommend playing this on Hurt Me Plenty or lower at least once, as Ultra-Violence can be rough. I can beat it maybe 70% of the time I try it without using any of the secrets (although a couple of the secrets are kind of easy to spot). There are some mis-aligned textures, I am gonna go realign everything after i finish converting it. For the music on this map, I made a Robert Prince-esque MIDI loop based on a real song. The music seemed to fit well, as did using the song title as the map title, due to a certain area of the map. I have included the MIDI file in the .zip as well. Please contact me with any contructive feedback at skavenger216@gmail.com, or this thread. Keep it constructive please, any comments like "yo dawg yo map suxx0rz" will be ignored. This is only my second map, and my first one was just a remake of a map from UT99, so I can use any help you guys wanna give me XD DOWNLOAD LINK : https://www.sendspace.com/file/1juk64 EDIT 2 : Kildeth, if possible I would like my MIDI to be kept as the music for this map, if its even used in the NOVA 2 pack that is, lol
  12. The main problem im having, personally, is knowing a good balance. I consider myself a rather skilled player (been playing Doom since the original shareware release, as im sure a lot of you have also.). So ill set up enemies and such, and make it to the point where i can beat it sometimes. I only play on Ultra-Violence, so im kind of bad at judging the lower difficulties. My main fear is that what I consider to be a beatable difficulty, some may find impossible. I have tried to counter-act that by making sure the earlier difficulties are much easier, but still. I guess my main question is, is it considered to be in "good design" to make the earlier difficulties range from walk-in-the-park to moderately challenging, and then Ultra-Violence face-shreddingly difficult? Ahh.... the joys of being a new mapper :) EDIT: Im also realizing, that ive been testing my map from a pistol start. While it is beatable, even in UV, from a pistol start.... it is rough. Assuming my map doesnt get picked as map 01, the player should be coming in with some arms, so it would make it a little easier, but still hard as balls on UV.
  13. I was working on my map some more, and i noticed it was in udmf format. Probably just gonna finish it off in udmf, since it is very close to being done, and then convert it to the proper format. Speaking of which, im using gzdoom builder, which format should i be using for this? My options are Boom:Doom2, Doom:Doom2 and Doom:Hexen, excluding udmf. I will probably post the udmf version of the map when its done in the next day or two, so you guys can playtest it and give feedback while im working on converting it to the proper format.
  14. Been working on my map for the past couple days, should have a test version ready tonight or tomorrow.