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  1. Lejionator

    Demos/videos from TastySpleen's OMGFFA event!

    Oh, man! Thank you very much! This is a rare gem, dude! You can to upload this in youtube? Cuz videos in twitch always expire in some time. I could to do it, but my conection internet is a great shit :/
  2. Someone would still have a Odamex demo of this event of 2014 that happened in tastyspleen, plz? Or even a video uploaded on youtube? It was a historic event and it would be sad if all kinds of it physical data were lost. Could anyone help?
  3. Thanks for definitive clarification about the "swingshots", Jkist3. Now really understand this intriguing thing I have read at Devastation's Guide. :D I now really understand how RAW was the doom2.exe, lol. But now I just have one more single doubt. It is about the initial spawns the map01 and green/indigo players, in multiplayer. I have realized, after seeing so many old demos that players with certain colors always born at the same spawn point. Green always spawns on the ledge of 3 weapons(BFG, SSG and RL) and indigo always spawns in front of Chaingun. Interestingly, in Doom2.exe, the spawns are random during the game, but did not know they were always pre-determined early matches(initial spawns). But my question is: what determines a player to come be green(player 1) or indigo(player 2)? It's about who enters the first in the server? lol, it's funny! Regarding the issue of the compatibility of the demos in modern ports, I think I found a bug in Odamex since it was created to be as vanilla as possible. Or maybe not, I think maybe this is not the intention of having Odamex sync with LMP demos. Who knows? I just think the biggest nonsense about customers about Doom is the incompatibility between them!They should be universair as are the customers of any quake, meaning they are compatible among themselves. For example: a player using Odamex could go into zandronum or zdaemon servers. This incompatibility only divides communities. :( thank you all, dudes! ;)
  4. First, thanks to everyone who helped me better understand this fun game! Mainly to JKist3, I'm a fan of your gameplay. Nice work there at QuakeCon 2013, man! The Grand finals was awesome!! Thanks, guys. Your answers have clarified a lot of things in relation to the method used by the doom players at that time, both about how they played and as they recorded games. For me, this has very important historical value. Just an addendum regarding "swingshots", I've read it a topic regarding zandronum forum and a guy said so: I think the dude didn't realise that there's actually a three or four tic delay between hitting +attack and actually firing, and though that that "somehow calculate[d] into your [shot's angle]". I believe this to be due to a time delay between the actions press the button to shoot and actually shoot. And as modern ports have unlagged netcode, maybe this is fixed? Just a guess, after all. I will soon create a lanparty event in my city on Doom2 and I'll try to do as many people enjoy and encourage the competitive spirit in this game. If everything is successful, we will make further editions, just for fun and to revive the old Doom! And who knows revive the national community, haha. Not hurt to dream! After that I will post here the result of lanparty! A question: at the time of doom2.exe, there was no way to access the in-game scores during a deathmatch game? I do not know which port JKist3 used, but at the time I assist this demo using Odamex(cuz Odamex RULEZ!). And the demo always make that bug exactly at frag 16 of Ocelot(green color). I tried to see OCANM1K.LMP again in Odamex and the same thing happens. So I take scifista42 tip and downloaded PrBoom+ with "-complevel 2" parameter and used it to watch the same demo. And finally everything went well, the game ran perfectly! I did not know that these things happen and I remember that GhostlyDeath had mentioned about synchronized and desynchronized ports, and do not understand what that means.
  5. Hmmm... then doom2.exe default was used in windows 95, 98, huh? I think this may be incompatible today in OS nowadays. I think I'll never be able to play it on my win 8.1, but that's not important, after all, we have ZDoom, ChocolateDoom and odamex, for example. So I can understand that they began using ZDoom from 2008, right? And tell me more about this particular hack when recording demos in doom95. I'm curious! This command-line parameter called "-maxdemo" exists only in the vanilla doom2, not ZDoom. So from ZDoom, there was no size limit for file demos, right? If a demo was bigger than 1024kb, what happened? From what I understand, there is no special binds to record demos, a launcher one(like Doomseeker) does the job, even on lan. SSG's swingshot still occurs in netgames? And what is this synchronized and desynchronized games? This seems be cool, dude! What it really does? Sorry my poor english! Changing the subject a little, saw a very strange thing today a demo that I was watching. I get a good demo pack ziped here: http://www.doom2.net/doom2/lmps.html (Anders vs Ocelot) The OCANM1K.LMP(map01), both players start play normally it to watch, but early in the demo (around the frag 10 of ocelot), they start to get mad or blind, Anders starts killing himself with rockets on the wall at BFG room and Ocelot wandering in the outside(secret garden). And they were in lan! What happened here??? thank you very much by replies!!
  6. Hi! I'm a beginner so much about Doom2, but I'm fascinated by everything related and trying to revive it in my country. I learned that doom is not a game only SSG, as this depends solely on the design map, which is the map of the style that allows greater use of certain more suitable weapon. The ssg is too powerful for any quake, but she's most underrated because there has respawn items and many armors and powerups as mega health, then rockets and railguns are most useful, especially in duels and Clan Arena. But gametypes like TDM, CTF and FFA, the SSG becomes more useful because there are many more players without stack. Already downloaded many demos of current and former players(NoSkill, Ocelot, Johnsen, Xoleras, BadhKO, DevastatioN), and see its impressive moves. But there are still questions that intrigue me ... 1- At the time, in 1995, 96, 97, which was the port they used? Doom95? When they started using ZDoom? 2- What was the easiest method to record demos at the time? They used shortcuts on the desktop? Batch files? Had they created binds to already record with a given name or typed manually? 3- And nowadays, what has changed to record demos? There is easy binds to it with names, dates and times already included in the file name? 4- I've read last week the "DevastatioN's guide". From what I researched, the Offset Weapon and SSG's Swingshot has been fixed in modern port, huh? The position of the crosshair was aligned in modern ports and Swingshot was something the unlagged repaired and is no longer necessary to shoot off target for the shot hit the enemy while sharply move the crosshairs on it, right? 5- I wonder if team deathmatch was something popular in doom, and if so, I wonder if there are demos of games out there, it was played in 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4, and what were the most appropriate wads. I hear say that tdmax_b4.wad was popular in TDM (map1, 4, 10, 16 and 29), but do not know if it's true. thanks in advance! ;)
  7. Lejionator

    DOOM 4's guy .

    Nice hand skills!
  8. Lejionator

    Real Doom Weapons/toys (with photos)

    BFG9000k is missing
  9. Lejionator

    Doom 2 Tournament at QuakeCon

    could direct me to a topic about "vanilla settings", plz?
  10. Lejionator

    Doom 2 Tournament at QuakeCon

    What would you guys rather see in QuakeCon to play duel, doom or doom2?