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  1. thank you!
  2. Hello guys, I am having some difficulties on importing Hell's Fury from Realm667. I already imported Soul Harvester. Want to test my sawed off shotgun and a custom blood axe zombie. And now I have this Can somebody help me please. Thank you, JohnCook1994 = CooktheGachiShaman
  3. How would I edit the Axe Zombie, whenever it hits, he goes down, but he raises up. How would I even write that??? Thank ye' ~JohnCook [Zealot9000]
  4. It still give me the error, can you give me an example for the GZDOOM.pk3. I already tabbed the gzdoom.pk3 file as a resource, and I uncheck the pk3 for testing. Still, the decoration error for the Revolver Weapon has the really horrid error. Just the Bracket? Explain it to me like a 3rd Grader, which means can you show me an example why I made an error? Thanks, Johncook1994
  5. UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE Hi guys, I decided to download one of Realm667's weaponry which is the Revolver. So speaking of Which. I recieved an error, when I fiddle around, just like my monster codes. And I used #include "actors/WPREVO". I opened GZDOOM Builder, since it came up. Now I have this crummy error which is -sighs- I wonder if you can help me with this error. Thank you, JohnCook1994
  6. SOLVED So I did a bit of tweaking over at ZDOOM Wiki, and downloaded Bruiser Demon from Realm667 (thanks to him) just reference to see what sounds does the bruiser demon functions. So I edited a bit of sound info at the most That took me almost 2 hours with your help to fix the fat zombie. Also, I edited the decorate from the pistol clip, removed the "spawntype 4", removed the missle effect into melee attack. So this is a result to the decorate from the Fat Zombie Fat Zombie[spoiler]actor FatZombie 23000 { Obituary "%o was sliced by a fat zombie." Health 160 Radius 20 Height 56 Mass 100 Speed 8 PainChance 180 SeeSound "butcher/sight" PainSound "grunt/pain" ActiveSound "butcher/active" DeathSound "butcher/death" MeleeSound "butcher/melee" Monster MeleeDamage 20 +FLOORCLIP States { Spawn: ZOFA AB 10 A_Look loop See: ZOFA AABBCCDDEEFF 4 A_Chase loop Melee: ZOFA G 10 A_FaceTarget ZOFA H 8 A_MeleeAttack goto See Pain: ZOFA J 3 ZOFA J 3 A_Pain goto See Death: ZOFA M 5 ZOFA N 5 A_Scream ZOFA O 5 A_NoBlocking ZOFA P 5 ZOFA Q -5 stop Raise: ZOFA QPONM 5 goto See } } /[spoiler]
  7. I am back from work, so regards to the Fat Butcher from Blood, actors/FATZOM The sprites from ZBLUD were changed from SKEL to ZOFA, I tried SKEL before, but when I tried GZDOOM Builder, Fat Zombie turned into a revenant. After changing the four letters to a unique like sprites ZOFA**** on SLADE3. I suddenly cannot see any noise, except for the pistol sound that the Fat Zombie attacks. So the SNDINFO is thisHow am I going to function the zombie?
  8. I put the blood fat Zombie in the sound folder, and the sndinfo in the root. For example I copied the Zombie man clone decorate actor file from ZDoom wiki, and replaced the name of the actor and the id. Changed the sprites. But the grunt/sight on the actor folder the Actors/Fatzom, the sound is confusing
  9. Hi guys, I went to SLADE 3, went to my pk3 file that I am working on. So anyways, I ripped Zblood_v41.WAD and found sprites of bloating butcher (fat zombie). Did some Actor Tweaking, now for sound. Imported from Zblood, and did a sndinfo lump For a reason, I tested fat Zombie, sprites work, but no sound, but when he melee hits, he sound like a pistol shot from Doom I am at lunch break now, please give me information about a monster sndinfo. I will send a photo out in 5 hours+ of this problem. The sndinfo. Thank you, Johncook1994
  10. I would be grateful for this, but I am new to DECORATE and actors (except for importing custom made monsters). So, let me test those two files out on SLADE 3, and give credit. I want to try to make a project, but I am not announcing it, unfortunately.
  11. Finally I got those damn monsters to work, thank you Scifista42!
  12. Also, I want to know more about SNDINFO on Actor IDs. I tested a PK3 File, without textures or flats, just music and monsters. And, I get the S_Start error on the sprite folder, where all my monsters go to (Graphics). For 667's Devil (Imp), he has just Regular Doomimp sound, and for Rottweiler, he only has Wolfenstein 3D German Shepherd sound. I wonder I could have help with that as well, thank you. ~PsychoX (JohnCook1994)
  13. Whoa, pictures mean a thousand words, @Kappes Burr, thank you. Anything else I need to learn.?
  14. Okay, I will take a peak on the weekend or next week. I have a new job, full time, but on the days. I may try to look and research the links you provided me with. Thank you :D. I kinda forgot some elements to Slade 3, I kinda misunderstood about the XYZ. The others, that would help alot. Thank you. Just tell me like a third grader (expression, not literal. @Gez Thank you, but how do I dissect the wads?
  15. Okay, I will be on my long journey to have DECORATE with me. Thank you guys, please tell me more about Actors from BLOOD. :D