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  1. Well it works a bit, got to research this hysterically MACHO man pk3 a bit, but hey @Empyre, thank you very much for this! <3 <3 <3
  2. I will take a look at it, and that pk3 you provided me is humorous. Thank you!
  3. Hello guys, I know this title sounds kinda stupid and confusing; furthermore, how do I DECORATE weapons that are assigned for different player class (like Samsara). I have already added a custom class with Terror Billy (BJ) and I have no clue on how to make him pick up a certain weapon instead of the DOOM Super Shotgun. Is there a way in like DECORATE to only pick up a weapon assigned only to that class. Is there more to this? Let me know, if you want. Thank you, JohnCook1994 CookAGK9000
  4. JohnCook1994

    Charcoal Drawing of SWGARG1

    Here's a charcoal drawing that I've done for my art class at the Junior College. It's SWGARG!!!!!!!
  5. JohnCook1994

    Issues on getting custom weapons to work.

    I actually tried adding GZDOOM.pk3, unfortunately, that never helped. I actually solved the problem by ignoring those bloody caution signs. Thanks guys :D
  6. Hello, I downloaded the bow from Realm667's website and I opened my pk3 up and opened the bow up. I brought up all sprites, sounds, GLDEFS, and the decorate, and placed it to my decoration folder in Slade 3. So, when I go to GZDOOM Builder, I encountered two errors: I have the Bow decorate file that I edited, just only the ID numbers What did I do wrong????? Please help me Thank you, JohnCook1994
  7. JohnCook1994

    Need help on fixing double defined error

    thank you!
  8. Hello guys, I am having some difficulties on importing Hell's Fury from Realm667. I already imported Soul Harvester. Want to test my sawed off shotgun and a custom blood axe zombie. And now I have this Can somebody help me please. Thank you, JohnCook1994 = CooktheGachiShaman
  9. JohnCook1994

    Question about BLOOD Actors.

    How would I edit the Axe Zombie, whenever it hits, he goes down, but he raises up. How would I even write that??? Thank ye' ~JohnCook [Zealot9000]
  10. JohnCook1994

    For Doom Builder, what is the PK3 for?

    It still give me the error, can you give me an example for the GZDOOM.pk3. I already tabbed the gzdoom.pk3 file as a resource, and I uncheck the pk3 for testing. Still, the decoration error for the Revolver Weapon has the really horrid error. Just the Bracket? Explain it to me like a 3rd Grader, which means can you show me an example why I made an error? Thanks, Johncook1994
  11. JohnCook1994

    For Doom Builder, what is the PK3 for?

    UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE Hi guys, I decided to download one of Realm667's weaponry which is the Revolver. So speaking of Which. I recieved an error, when I fiddle around, just like my monster codes. And I used #include "actors/WPREVO". I opened GZDOOM Builder, since it came up. Now I have this crummy error which is -sighs- I wonder if you can help me with this error. Thank you, JohnCook1994
  12. JohnCook1994

    Slade 3 SND Info with monster

    SOLVED So I did a bit of tweaking over at ZDOOM Wiki, and downloaded Bruiser Demon from Realm667 (thanks to him) just reference to see what sounds does the bruiser demon functions. So I edited a bit of sound info at the most That took me almost 2 hours with your help to fix the fat zombie. Also, I edited the decorate from the pistol clip, removed the "spawntype 4", removed the missle effect into melee attack. So this is a result to the decorate from the Fat Zombie Fat Zombie[spoiler]actor FatZombie 23000 { Obituary "%o was sliced by a fat zombie." Health 160 Radius 20 Height 56 Mass 100 Speed 8 PainChance 180 SeeSound "butcher/sight" PainSound "grunt/pain" ActiveSound "butcher/active" DeathSound "butcher/death" MeleeSound "butcher/melee" Monster MeleeDamage 20 +FLOORCLIP States { Spawn: ZOFA AB 10 A_Look loop See: ZOFA AABBCCDDEEFF 4 A_Chase loop Melee: ZOFA G 10 A_FaceTarget ZOFA H 8 A_MeleeAttack goto See Pain: ZOFA J 3 ZOFA J 3 A_Pain goto See Death: ZOFA M 5 ZOFA N 5 A_Scream ZOFA O 5 A_NoBlocking ZOFA P 5 ZOFA Q -5 stop Raise: ZOFA QPONM 5 goto See } } /[spoiler]
  13. JohnCook1994

    Slade 3 SND Info with monster

    I am back from work, so regards to the Fat Butcher from Blood, actors/FATZOM The sprites from ZBLUD were changed from SKEL to ZOFA, I tried SKEL before, but when I tried GZDOOM Builder, Fat Zombie turned into a revenant. After changing the four letters to a unique like sprites ZOFA**** on SLADE3. I suddenly cannot see any noise, except for the pistol sound that the Fat Zombie attacks. So the SNDINFO is thisHow am I going to function the zombie?
  14. JohnCook1994

    Slade 3 SND Info with monster

    I put the blood fat Zombie in the sound folder, and the sndinfo in the root. For example I copied the Zombie man clone decorate actor file from ZDoom wiki, and replaced the name of the actor and the id. Changed the sprites. But the grunt/sight on the actor folder the Actors/Fatzom, the sound is confusing
  15. JohnCook1994

    Slade 3 SND Info with monster

    Hi guys, I went to SLADE 3, went to my pk3 file that I am working on. So anyways, I ripped Zblood_v41.WAD and found sprites of bloating butcher (fat zombie). Did some Actor Tweaking, now for sound. Imported from Zblood, and did a sndinfo lump For a reason, I tested fat Zombie, sprites work, but no sound, but when he melee hits, he sound like a pistol shot from Doom I am at lunch break now, please give me information about a monster sndinfo. I will send a photo out in 5 hours+ of this problem. The sndinfo. Thank you, Johncook1994