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  1. jasondeleux

    UK Restricts Internet Porn

    Should I make a new thread ?
  2. I think they should remake the old snes classic 'secret of mana'. Had some fun times with that as a kid :p
  3. jasondeleux

    UK Restricts Internet Porn

    Is the filter still working in britain? I'm going there for some business july 5th and I'm wondering what's being 'disabled'? Are we just talking about 'adult/sex' sites like *I POSTED PORN LINKS HERE AND I GOT LOSERED FOR IT* or other websites also? Can I still visit my favourite poker and gambling sites? What else is being disabled? Is there an app that can be used, so I can put it off by myself? I'll be staying in a hotel near london and I don't really feel like asking one of the 'employees' working there. The conversation would be kinda 'unpleasant' :s
  4. jasondeleux

    Mortal Kombat X teaser

    Can't wait for this. I really hope they won't fuck up :p