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  1. Should I make a new thread ?
  2. I think they should remake the old snes classic 'secret of mana'. Had some fun times with that as a kid :p
  3. Is the filter still working in britain? I'm going there for some business july 5th and I'm wondering what's being 'disabled'? Are we just talking about 'adult/sex' sites like *I POSTED PORN LINKS HERE AND I GOT LOSERED FOR IT* or other websites also? Can I still visit my favourite poker and gambling sites? What else is being disabled? Is there an app that can be used, so I can put it off by myself? I'll be staying in a hotel near london and I don't really feel like asking one of the 'employees' working there. The conversation would be kinda 'unpleasant' :s
  4. Can't wait for this. I really hope they won't fuck up :p