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  1. Sesamia

    Changing Level Names for Vanilla Doom

    For the sprites, I've used this website loads of times: https://c.eev.ee/doom-text-generator I use WhackEd (other tools exist) to make a dehacked lump to change the map names on the automap. You'll be restricted with the length of map names, and it varies based on the map slot. I'm not aware of any other options for a pure vanilla WAD, but I only do limit-removing stuff.
  2. Sesamia

    What are your creative crutches?

    Orthogonal lines because I'm often impatient (at least when making tech bases and using stock textures). It's something that I'm trying to do less of.
  3. Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h5sRkbm3Myhb_QD3HHJgC5_y_EmvxleG/view?usp=sharing Map Name: Hazard Control Author: Sesamia Music: (Untitled?) by Mr. Freeze, Composed for "Doom the way id Did" for maps E1M7, E2M5, and E3M5 Episode: 1 Difficulty Settings: Implemented Hastily Comments: It's short & designed to be an early episode 1 map. I wanted this one to feel like something straight out of classic doom & hopefully it doesn't come across as low-effort. The overall difficulty was kept light. Screenshots:
  4. Sesamia

    Oficial nickname list for Doom monsters

    I don't nickname them myself, but I always appreciated the ones from Going Down's ending: Text for people that won't/can't watch the video:
  5. Sesamia

    Changing around the map order of Episode 4

    At a glance, this would be my new order: E4M1 - Unruly Evil E4M2 - Fear E4M3 - They Will Repent E4M4 - Sever the Wicked E4M5 - And Hell Followed E4M6 - Perfect Hatred E4M7 - Against Thee Wickedly E4M8 - Unto the Cruel E4M9 - Hell Beneath - I really like this map as an episode opener. I didn't want to just place it at E4M1 and it's not big enough for me to place it further into the episode. I'm not sure if I would disappointed to find this as a secret level, but I definitely like it more than Fear.
  6. When making maps that blend into each other, I always make them in order and pre-plan the weapon progression. Monster progression will sometimes get planned out ahead, but I mostly do whatever feels right so I have some leeway. Something I've done numerous times is go back to earlier maps and see if they're not measuring up to later maps, or if there's something obvious that I can point to and say "I would have done this differently with my current knowledge and habits, so let's just change it now". This turns into more time spent in a level editor, but I don't mind. Something I've done in the past is go through each map in the opposite order that I make them in. As an example: Start with MAP01 and end at MAP07. Go back through MAP06 and end at MAP01 and see if there's anything I want to change. Eventually I'll draw a hard line and stop making changes. If I didn't, then I would probably never finish most of my maps.
  7. Sesamia

    Favorite level theme?

    I really like tech & hell mixed together. I also love caves and caves with hell and/or tech mixed in. I've never had much love for pure tech bases, but during this past year I've been warming up to them a bit.
  8. Consistency during every level of a WAD is all I ask for. Having to guess is just annoying. I'm also okay with having different rules for liquids depending on visual cues around the level, but it should be obvious and used either sparingly or be presented identically during each use.
  9. I really enjoyed Deathless. I stopped somewhere during episode 3 and never played it again even though I think about it playing it on rare occasions. I also really enjoyed Stickney Installation's first episode, but I tried playing episode 2 and I didn't like the first couple of maps so I stopped. Someday I'll revisit these and finish playing them.
  10. Sesamia

    UNFINISHED.wad [Submissions closed]

    Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Dq6rOy_T9GwKl9sWLxFnXBhNd7pyv31X/view?usp=sharing Map Name: Waiting Author: Sesamia Resources: Uses some Doom 1 textures Format: Limit Removing Comments: An unfinished map that was made in 2013. Intended to be part of a series of maps, but I got bored and stopped working on them. This is definitely the least finished of the three that I've uploaded. Screenshot:
  11. Sesamia

    UNFINISHED.wad [Submissions closed]

    Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_eD21dCII4vmNSQIIiqHxmt3TCgAzh8G/view?usp=sharing Map Name: Mellow Author: Sesamia Resources: Uses some Doom 1 textures Format: Limit Removing Comments: An unfinished map that was made in 2013. Intended to be part of a series of maps, but I got bored and stopped working on them. Screenshots:
  12. Sesamia

    What were the first Pwads you've ever played amd completed?

    I played a ton of stuff from the Deathday CD and the Demon Gate CD. I didn't have internet when I started playing Doom. I also played stuff that my dad created. He & I use to make levels and then share them with eachother.
  13. Sesamia

    UNFINISHED.wad [Submissions closed]

    Removed this submission from the project.
  14. Would you like to try out this E1M2 for Ultimate Doom? It's not done yet, but I'm interested in gaining some feedback. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Rg71gtn23AjZ3qW-4zLYKwLFP314zaXH/view?usp=sharing There's a readme file in the download, but here's a bit of info. Title: Malignant Map Format: Doom (limit removing) IWAD: DOOM.WAD -complevel 3 Single player only Jumping & Crouching are not recommended and may break parts of the map Difficulty settings have not been implemented yet, and I highly recommend playing on UV to avoid bugs which may exist due to unfinished balancing on lower difficulties Should run fine on: -GZDoom (primarily tested with this) -Crispy Doom (also primarily tested with this for quality assurance) -DSDA Doom (untested) -Retro Doom (untested) -Woof! (untested) Included Maps: E1M2 - "Blitz"