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  1. Well, that's awkward. :P If I find any bugs in the NEW version, I'll report them.
  2. Been playing through the most recent version and found a few remaining problems. On the level Hangar, the switch in the chaingunner closet near the blue key room needs to be removed, as the platform it lowers no longer exists. Also, the secret exit on Redemption takes you to Storage Facility instead of LOST73. I'll tell you guys if I find any more.
  3. http://news.sky.com/story/1420978/north-korea-threatens-us-with-final-doom I don't know why he'd do that. I mean, we've already had the game for nearly 20 years now. All joking aside, do you think this loon is serious this time, or is it just another hollow threat?
  4. hayabusa479

    Where does Doom 64 take place?

    I think it was meant to be Phobos. The game explains that the Mother Demon went back through the abandoned base and resurrected all the demons you killed. Never has an IWAD taken place on Mars, so how can the MD resurrect demons on Mars where there was never dead demons on Mars to begin with?
  5. The Columbine shooters weren't exactly "better people".
  6. The 8th level was just the 5th level played backwards. That felt really lazy on Bungie's part. As for the series itself, I've been a fan for a really long time. I got Halo 1 for my 5th birthday (only to have it taken away when my parents saw how violent it was.) I don't play it nearly as much anymore, but it was fun while it lasted.
  7. hayabusa479

    Stuff that annoys you in the DOOM Community

    Ah, now I see the light. I'd just seen it all over Doomworld and didn't know what made it so popular.
  8. hayabusa479

    Stuff that annoys you in the DOOM Community

    I feel a twinge of frustration every time I see a fish avatar. Who even started that trend???
  9. hayabusa479

    Doom & Music

    Personally, I like to listen to my own music when I play Doom. Just makes the game more enjoyable to me. As for official Doom music, I'm half and half. Aubrey Hodges' soundtrack fit the game's theme a lot better than Robert Prince's. Prince's music only had a few memorable songs IMO, but there were songs that have stuck with me for a while. Nobody Told Me About id, DOOM, and Adrian's Asleep are a few of my favorites. I can't play Doom without music, on the other hand. If I don't have some kind of background music when I play, it makes the game feel empty and boring. Without something there to set the mood, there's no feeling or emotion. It just feels awkward, especially when you're lost in a level and trying to figure out where to go. No music gets kinda monotonous after a while. Music adds life to the game, and helps keep me entertained with it.
  10. hayabusa479

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I can't beat holyhell.wad without using Russian Overkill. It's practically cheating, as the wad was meant to be a vanilla challenge, but the two just seem to go together so well. HH has ridiculous amounts of enemies, and RO's weapons specialize in killing anything unlucky enough to be standing in front of you. I guess it's just the feeling of satisfaction I get from killing hundreds of enemies in one shot from a big-ass handheld superweapon. I dunno.