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  1. FLAW_88

    Already moved on

    I think some of you are being a little harsh. Yea...the arena battles get old kinda quick but I think the game is excellent. Atmosphere is good, graphics are amazing, gameplay is intense. They tried to stay true to Doom as much as they could with modern technology. It's already in my Doom repertiore. Doom isn't easy to remake by today's standards.
  2. FLAW_88

    Polygon and Doom...

    I have a hard time believing this is not somebody f***ing around for the sake of it. Maybe got fired or has a beef with the company for one reason or another. No way you can be this bad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yYp8ZeQ-I8
  3. FLAW_88

    Endless Shutdowns.

    I've been recently suffering the same thing, except I do get an error message. Boots me to Steam out of nowhere and says that the engine crashed.....beyond that I have no idea.
  4. FLAW_88

    Doom Won't Run! Can Someone Help?

    Best of luck man. Its a great game.
  5. FLAW_88

    Doom Won't Run! Can Someone Help?

    If money is an issue, look on EBay or Newegg. You just have to know what your looking for. If that doesn't work out for you then grab a console. Even used. I hear the experience is actually quite good if you like the controller.
  6. FLAW_88

    Polygon and Doom...

    Who said I was upset? Just think its rather weird and interesting ...do you have an issue?..
  7. FLAW_88

    Polygon and Doom...

    Not bashing him. Just saying I think it was done purposely.
  8. FLAW_88

    My thoughts on the game!

    What exactly is ragdoll bouncing? Is that when the dead corpse gets stuck on something in the environment and keeps twitching?
  9. FLAW_88

    Art and artist descriptions

  10. FLAW_88

    Open Beta..

    Just a quick question. For this open beta, will you be able to play it on any platform that you have available? Sorry if that's a dumb question. I'd just like to know because inbuilt a new rig for this game and had to play the closed beta on ps4. Would like to test out the new PC.
  11. FLAW_88

    Open Beta..

  12. FLAW_88

    Older Doomers Opinions

    The game seems good so far. As far as holding a candle to the originals..pretty much nothing will ever be the originals. But it does try to capture a decent amount of artwork and gameplay features. The new game is obviously in a HUGE way trying to please two completely different generations at the same time. That being said, I believe they are succeeding.
  13. FLAW_88

    DOOM - Fight Like Hell Cinematic Trailer

    Music wouldn't be bad at all if that high pitched scream nonsense was taken out. Intstrumentally I dig it.
  14. FLAW_88

    Doom Beta

    If you have a Ps4 Check your notifications list on the system. That's where my invite popped up. Also in my email spam folder. Wasn't from Bethesda it was from PlayStation Store. However I cannot pre download it yet even though it says we should be able to.
  15. Just curious if a lot of other folks have gotten the email yet. I redeemed by code 2 years ago, still nothing.
  16. FLAW_88

    I take it beta email invites will go out soon?

    Yea I'm not sure. I'm a little confused that some people have gotten confirmation and others haven't.
  17. FLAW_88

    [UPDATED] The DOOM System Upgrade Thread

    Nice. I guess I should be able to get decent performance then.
  18. FLAW_88

    [UPDATED] The DOOM System Upgrade Thread

    I'm a tad worried about the cpu. I plan to overclock it though.
  19. FLAW_88

    [UPDATED] The DOOM System Upgrade Thread

    Hey guys. So I just finished my first time build for Doom. I bought the mobo, cpu, gpu, ram and liquid cooler from a good friend all for $500. They came packaged and looking like new. Literally perfect. I spent an extra $200 on the rest including case. My budget was $700. My friends say I'll be able to run Doom no problem. Just wanted your opinions on wether it'll run, how good it will run and how I did for my first build. Any feedback is appreciated. OS: Windows 7 pro 64 bit Mobo: Asus p8p67 deluxe Cpu: i5 2500k @3.3 Gpu: Evga Geforce gtx 780 Ram: 16g ddr3 Psu: Evga Supernova 750 watt
  20. PC. Just built a new rig specifically for this.
  21. FLAW_88


    Damn...if option B is selected then maybe I shouldn't have gotten the Collectors Edition since it comes with the metal Revenant case instead. To me having a cover that so closely resembles the original is more important than the Revenant.
  22. So I'm about to grab the Collectors Edition but trying to consider where to buy from considering shipping etc. Would ordering from a retailer in store provide a guarantee for day 1 pickup or does it not matter where or how you order? Because the Bethsoft store is saying it will ship on the 13 meaning anyone who does this won't receive it until like the 15 or 16..?
  23. Iv'e noticed a lot of hate (not necessarily here or from actual written reviews) but just gamers in general. Saying it looks boring, slow and unimaginative. Or simply calling it Quake or UT. I really don't understand. A huge portion of the hating I've read makes zero sense. Personally I think it looks fresh as hell and a lot of fun. I think it will do really well as of right now. Can't wait. What does everyone else think from what's been shown so far?
  24. I simply don't like that enemies explode into pickup pinata's, reminds me too much of Borderlands. Feels like it doesn't fit. Does anyone else feel this way?
  25. FLAW_88

    My only real complaint from what's been shown

    Well I guess I'm glad I'm alone smart ass.