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  1. Archvile Hunter

    Looking for rocket launcher knockback values

    Any attack (except the chainsaw) causes knockback to the target proportional to the damage dealt. In function P_DamageMobJ: thrust = damage*(FRACUNIT>>3)*100/target->info->mass; FRACUNIT is one map unit, so FRACUNIT>>3 is 1/8th of a map unit. The player's mass is 100, so the last bit of the formula reduces to just 1. Therefore, the thrust applied is 1/8th of a map unit per point of damage taken. Now, the rocket launcher deals between 0 and 128 damage, based on the distance to the center of the explosion (actually, explosions are square in Doom, so it works out a little differently). If the player fires at a wall at point blank, they will take the full 128 damage. Plugging 128 into the formula gives: thrust = 128 * 1/8 mu = 16 mu However, every gametic, if the player is touching the ground, the player's speed is reduced by 90.625% (friction). So if the player starts off standing still, they are moving at 0 mu/tic. The player then shoots a rocket at a wall at point blank range and their speed is immedeately increased to 16 mu. However, in the same tic friction is applied, so the actual speed ends up being 16 mu/tic * 0.90625≈14.5 mu/tic.
  2. Archvile Hunter

    No Save November 2018

    I never save anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Archvile Hunter

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Sounds like the "All-Ghosts bug". Were you able to hurt the monsters or vice versa?
  4. Honestly, I just find it kinda funny, nothing to get upset about.
  5. Archvile Hunter

    What do you want for Difficulties?

    Maybe a 'one hit and you're dead'-mode could be a plausible challenge in Doom Eternal? No perma-death on top of that though, that would be next to impossible.
  6. Archvile Hunter

    Ballista vs Gauss Cannon

    I way prefer the Gauss Cannon, it just feels so powerful with the electric crunch of the weapon firing, and the crazy knock back if you fire it mid-air. Also the way siege mode literally obliterates anything in front of you apart from full HP Mancs and Barons. Plus, we already have grenades, sticky grenades for the shotgun, and a rocket launcher, do we really need more ways to blow up demons? I really hope they at least give us the option of using piercing bolts for the Ballista.
  7. Archvile Hunter

    DOOM easter eggs / references / injokes

    I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else, but at the end of VEGA Central Processing, while shutting down VEGA, a classic Doomguy face appears on the monitor very briefly:
  8. Archvile Hunter

    What does your Doom folder contain???

  9. Archvile Hunter

    What does your Doom folder contain???

    I apparently have 7.54 GB of Doom data on my PC
  10. Archvile Hunter

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Classic health potions, ladies and gentlemen!
  11. Archvile Hunter

    The DWIronman League dies to: The Plutonia Experiment

    Maybe I shouldn't just try something I've seen in a speed run once. Guess I'll join Archi in getting stuck on Map22, lol. It was fun while it lasted though. I think if I hadn't messed up like that I could've made it all the way through. I might try anyway, even if it won't count for the leaderboard. Plutonia is such a pleasure to play :) https://youtu.be/k9A60R3CMns - Cat. 2
  12. Archvile Hunter

    The DWIronman League dies to: The Plutonia Experiment

    A lot of deaths in the first third of the maps so far, huh? I'm gonna have a try at this right now, brb
  13. Archvile Hunter

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    Why is that teleporter there anyway? As far as I can tell there is no way to get trapped in that area, you can just jump down from the platform.
  14. Archvile Hunter

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    I just finished up the rest of the maps (19-30) and found no major problems. There are a few COOP-signs visible here and there, but otherwise everything played perfectly.
  15. Archvile Hunter

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    I just found another bug in MAP18: Dark Entries. A cacodemon is stuck in Sector 247 behind a Baphomet wall. I'm assuming it was supposed to lower alongside the lost souls, but the sector is tagged 0 instead of 9 like the others. Sorry about ruining your hotfix, Mechadon, I'll play through the rest of the maps now and try to find any other problems :)