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  1. Archvile Hunter

    Looking for WADs with high levels of detail.

    Some visually impressive wads off the top of my head: Valiant Going Down Sunlust Speed of Doom Resurgence Hellbound Whispers of Satan Plutonia 2 Breach Brigandine Stardate 20x7 Swim with the Wales Sunder Since you mentioned Ancient Aliens, I would especially recommend Valiant (also by Skillsaw) and Stardate 20x7 (go purple!)
  2. Archvile Hunter

    Sound effects used somewhere else

    I'm playing through Dark Souls at the moment, and have noticed that a few enemies make some oddly familiar sounds, namely the shrub-like monsters in Darkroot Garden and the Chaos Bugs in Blighttown making fireball noises. There's also a cat NPC in Darkroot Garden that occasionally emits the same sound as the zombies from Quake.
  3. Archvile Hunter

    So I'm doing a research project for college...

    1. 18, Male 2. Denmark 3. The Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Final Doom, Doom 64, Doom 3, and DOOM (2016) 4. The Plutonia Experiment from Final Doom. The expanded enemy roster from Doom II is brilliant, but I feel like many of Doom II's levels aren't quite as good as the maps in UDoom. The Plutonia Experiment is quality maps from start to finish, and it is also quite a bit harder than the other official Doom games. I like consistent quality, and I like a challenge. 5. (9.5/10) The Ultimate Doom Despite the limited enemy variety, Doom is still very fun to play through. Almost every level is either good or great, and I really like the episodic structure. Playing through an episode of UDoom takes me about an hour, a lot more digestible than the daunting 32 maps of Doom II and the Final Doom Iwads. (8.5/10) Doom II Doom II introduced a bunch of new demons to fight, greatly increasing the combat variety, and the iconic Super Shotgun is pure awesome. Unfortunately, while this is great and all, Doom II really doesn't make the best use of these new additions with some sub-par level design (in my opinion). (7/10) TNT: Evilution (Final Doom) Pretty much the same as Doom II, but the level design has really taken a nosedive on more than a few occasions here. At it's core it's still Doom though, and there are some fantastic levels in the bunch. A mixed bag. (10/10) The Plutonia Experiment (Final Doom) See answer #4. (6/10) Doom 64 I don't think Doom 64 is bad, it's just very boring to me. It feels rather slow compared to the 90's PC games, and all the levels feel samey to me. Some demons are missing as well, what a shame. Atmosphere is top notch though. (7.5/10) Doom 3 Now, Doom 3 is very different from any previous Doom titles, so comparing them is unfair I think. Judging Doom 3 on it's own, I think it is a competent game. I absolutely love the environment design, and the atmosphere is excellent thanks to some fantastic sound design. Combat is very bland however, and you're often fighting just a few demons at a time, not very challenging. The game also drags on a bit too long and starts to get boring towards the end. (9/10) DOOM (2016) Again, I feel the newest game in the series is just too different to the previous entries to compare them. DOOM was marketed as a return to the classic formula with, key cards, health pickups, secrets, and no reloading (but guess what, Doom 3 also does all of that), but past the surface level features, DOOM is a completely different beast. DOOM holds easily the most fast paced combat of any game in the series. Few games can get my adrenaline pumping like DOOM does. Still, the 2016 reboot suffers from repetitiveness, and becoming a bit too linear towards the end of the game. 6. I don't think it has improved, necessarily, just explored some different avenues. As I said, Doom 3 and the 2016 reboot are both very different to the original 90's releases. 7. Does it give me nostalgia? Not really. Does it live up to the 1993 Doom? I would say yes, it does. 8. Doom is a part of who I am; even if the series has stumbled a bit trying to find it's identity, I still think it's the greatest gaming franchise of all time. 9. See answer #5. 10. I think by far the most interesting part of Doom is the modding scene. Part of why Doom is still alive today is the relative ease with which you can create something competent. Pre-Doom, it's just too simple, it's very hard to make something unique and engaging. Post-Doom, modding for newer games is just too time consuming, so most people don't get into the modding scene.
  4. Archvile Hunter

    Doom 1 mouse issues

    You need to find your Iwad files from your Steam installs. These are DOOM.WAD, DOOM2.WAD, TNT.WAD and PLUTONIA.WAD. The Master Levels includes 20 Pwad files, which need to be loaded alongside DOOM2.WAD.
  5. Archvile Hunter

    Things about Doom you just found out

    The Plutonia Experiment is 23.01% Chaingunners and 13.80% Revenants. Also, MAP11 of Plutonia, Hunted, is the only map in Final Doom that doesn't have at least one Chaingunner.
  6. Archvile Hunter

    What's the Doom do you like more?, and what's the one you dislike most?

    DOOM (1993) Even with the limited enemy variety when compared with DOOM II, I still find the 1993 release much more enjoyable to play through. The level design is for the most part absolutely superb. Many of my favourite midis are also from this one, tracks like "Suspense", "Sign of Evil", "Sinister" and "Into the Code". And of course "At Doom's Gate". I feel people tend to forget DOOM wasn't even originally all heavy metal, and there is actually quite a lot of atmosphere in the original DOOM. The Ultimate DOOM/Thy Flesh Consumed A great addition to the first game, in my opinion. The difficulty is kinda all over the place, but the level creativity on display in these levels is very high, and there's a lot more verticality as well compared to the original three episodes. DOOM II: Hell on Earth DOOM II added a whole bunch of new monsters, all of which have genius designs, both visually and gameplay-wise, and a new weapon the SSG. All of these additions are great, the new monsters add a whole lot of depth to the combat, and the SSG matches perfectly into this, however, I feel like the level design isn't as consistently great as it was in DOOM. There's a lot more verticality, but somehow the levels still feel bland, at least for me. DOOM II also lost the great atmosphere of the first game. I feel like, while id Software tried to immerse players into the world of DOOM in 1993, DOOM II is just a video game, with crazy levels and silly ideas. DOOM II just doesn't have the same charm as the first game. Master Levels for DOOM II Why does this exist? Most of the levels are extremely mediocre, if not downright bad. I haven't got much else to say really. No Rest for the Living In my opinion a decent little episode for DOOM II. While there isn't anything particularly special in here, all the levels are well designed and very detailed. No backpacks until Map08 either, so you gotta conserve your ammo. TNT: Evilution A mixed bag. There are some fantastic levels in here, and some absolutely terrible ones. When TNT is at it's best however, it is brilliant. Map15 is my all-time favourite IWAD map. Unfortunately, the stinker maps keep this far from the top of my favourites list. The new soundtrack is ok, I guess. The Plutonia Experiment The best official set of DOOM maps. Every single level is great, and it is consistently challenging. The Plutonia Experiment really showcases how versatile DOOM's combat can be. DOOM 64 It's good. Not my favourite, but it's good. They certainly dialed the atmosphere back up to 11 for this one, but the combat just doesn't do enough for me. Too many Barons, I guess. Love the soundtrack though. DOOM 3 I really like DOOM 3. In my opinion there is only one major flaw: The combat. Everything else is amazing. The visual design and audio design is still largely unmatched by pretty much anything else since, and this game from 2004 still has better lighting and shadows than any other game, even games from 2017. If only the combat wasn't so dull, and the guns didn't sound like toys. DOOM (2016) Some of the most intense and fast paced combat in any first-person shooter. Not many games make me clench my butt cheeks and physically move around in my chair while I'm climbing up ledges and dodging fireballs. Mick Gordon's soundtrack is fantastic as well. Now, if I were to rank them... I'm not gonna include DOOM 3 and DOOM (2016) here, because they are so vastly different from the classics, but if I had to, they'd probably be around the number 3 or 4 spot: 1) The Plutonia Experiment 2) DOOM/The Ultimate DOOM 3) No Rest for the Living 4) DOOM II: Hell on Earth 5) DOOM 64 6) TNT: Evilution 7) Master Levels for DOOM II
  7. Archvile Hunter

    Doom Source Ports family tree (simplified, for Wikipedia)

    What is "Doom Classic"?
  8. Archvile Hunter

    Doom 64 for Doom II Respawned! - Final test build v8 is here!

    Silly me, Coop starts don't work like DM starts. Thanks!
  9. Archvile Hunter

    Doom 64 for Doom II Respawned! - Final test build v8 is here!

    That's interesting, but I didn't use Doom Builder 64. I was more interested in what sorts of problems a map without one-sided lines marked as 'impassable' could bring.
  10. Archvile Hunter

    Doom 64 for Doom II Respawned! - Final test build v8 is here!

    That's... really odd? What sorts of bugs could this potentially cause? It seemed to run fine in Chocolate Doom regardless, which is surprising to me. Anyway, thanks for noticing that; I played through the fixed version and noticed a couple door tracks missing their textures, but everything else seems intact. The instant lifts are a neat compromise, although the two in the north-western area are just barely visible at certain angles. I might want to change the map geometry slightly to obscure it. I thought about maybe once the 4-lift "puzzle" has been solved lowering the platforms back down and opening a teleporter or something to get back up. Or I could just keep it as it is now. I don't know. I'll have a look at some coop stuff as well for the next build.
  11. Archvile Hunter

    Doom 64 for Doom II Respawned! - Final test build v8 is here!

    Yup, tried -merge, but no dice. Keens are not replaced with Nightmare Imps. EDIT: Nevermind, figured it out.
  12. Archvile Hunter

    Doom 64 for Doom II Respawned! - Final test build v8 is here!

    First version of Alpha Quadrant Some areas are a little bare-bones, but the map is playable from start to finish. My solution for the starting room might not be very elegant. If anybody has a suggestion on how to improve it, let me know :). There are coop-starts, but I haven't been able to do any coop testing. Lifts with dummy sectors outside the map don't make any noise. Does anyone have a fix? There are three areas in the original map that had one hallway over another. This is not implemented, but it is possible to jump over the gaps. Faux-3D might be more accurate for the single-player experience, but may break in cooperative play. Not map-related, but I can't get the resource wad working with Chocolate Doom.
  13. Archvile Hunter

    Doom 64 for Doom II Respawned! - Final test build v8 is here!

    I'm having a bit of trouble at the moment. Alpha Quadrant is very close to finished, but I've been struggling with the 'Room-over-room'-sections of the map. I have tried for hours getting something to work using this guide, but I just can't figure it out. I'm thinking I should just finish up everything else and let someone else work this out?
  14. Archvile Hunter

    Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

    Wait what? They have swastikas all over the campaign, why would they change that? There was a level in Episode 6, I think, where all the rooms were interlocking swastikas as well. I wonder what they did to that level...
  15. Archvile Hunter

    Doom 64 for Doom II Respawned! - Final test build v8 is here!

    November 30th sounds good. I'll be on vacation for the next week, but aside from that, I've got plenty of free time to finish up.