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  1. Archvile Hunter

    What popular megawads do you think are overrated?

    Sunlust is a boring and soulless slaughterfest? Did you actually play it, or did you just watch a video of map30 and decry it. Same with the other mapsets you mentioned, there is barely any slaughter in any of them.
  2. Archvile Hunter

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    Indeed, they are.
  3. @NuMetalManiak @TenenteZashu
  4. Archvile Hunter

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    The performance impact caused by this update is insane! My fps went from 200+ all the time, to scraping double digits! Before the update, my CPU frame-times were around 2ms, but now it's consistently above 6ms, averaging 8ms in places, and occasionally hitting 10ms. I've noticed random performance hitches, where the game pauses for half a second, and the physics get all messed up. I have not had any crashes, but I've heard others reporting that the game won't run at all, or that it causes BSoD. This is a total shitshow. The security concerns are overblown, but not completely invalid. Installing kernel-level drivers to operate entertainment software is absolutely unnecessary.
  5. Archvile Hunter

    Favorite Doom Slayer skin?

    It's a tie between the default skin and classic Doomguy. Oh, and the Gold skin, but I'll probably never get that one...
  6. Archvile Hunter

    Best Doom Game In The Series?

    To me, honestly, Doom Eternal seems like an easy choice when only considering the base games. Doom II is awesome for the boatloads of user content, but as a vanilla game, I don't really think the level design holds up.
  7. Archvile Hunter

    I don't know exactly how many missions there are.

    Huh, then I don't know either. It being a simple typo seems plausible, but unlikely. Maybe that number includes the "Master Level" versions of some maps?
  8. Archvile Hunter

    I don't know exactly how many missions there are.

    I don't think the developers ever mentioned 18 levels. They might have said it was an 18 to 20 hour-campaign, though. The game is already in the hands of a few people, and they can confirm that there are 13 levels in the game.
  9. Archvile Hunter

    Parallel Doomensions - Quake 1 Styled Community Megawad

    Looks like the episode structure is still up for debate, but I would have a go at a runic theme, map22.
  10. Just another case of "I don't like thing, therefore thing bad".
  11. You have every right to be sad/disappointed about what the current ID Software is doing, but lashing out against others for enjoying NuDoom is immature. Sadly, it seems more and more commonplace to shit on whatever people are enjoying nowadays.
  12. Archvile Hunter

    "Artificial Difficulty" in video games / Doom?

    Well, it is really hard to discuss "artificial difficulty", if nobody can agree on what it even means. I would even say that, if nobody can agree on what a word means, it has negative value, since it causes nothing but miscommunication and misunderstanding, the opposite of what words are supposed to do. The only thing people seem to agree on is that "artificial difficulty" is somehow unfun and/or unfair. But regardless of people's definition, it is also interesting to discuss what sort of difficulty people find unfair or unreasonable. Difficulty is very subjective, so what one person finds very easy might be completely unreasonable for another. If someone thinks something is "artificially difficult", they better be able to explain exactly why they think that.
  13. Archvile Hunter

    "Artificial Difficulty" in video games / Doom?

    Again, are the two exits at the end of Plutonia Map11 bad design? Neither "prevents progress", one just puts the player in a tougher situation going forward than the other, but there is no way for a first-time player to know that. I guess you could compare it to a choice between two random chests in a rogue-like dungeon. There is no way to know which contains better loot, but both are of "positive value". In a way, both exits in Plutonia Map11 are of "positive value", since they advance the game to the next map, but one is obviously preferable to the other. The worse choice just feels wrong, since losing health is usually an indication of poor decision-making and/or poor movement.
  14. Archvile Hunter

    "Artificial Difficulty" in video games / Doom?

    This is true, in a sense, since the player is never expected to know where a teleporter will take them, but the level design previously throughout Plutonia has taught the player that this specific type of teleporter is the level exit. They both technically still are, but one of them will come off as a cruel surprise to an unsuspecting player (though, maybe the player should suspect something was up when there were suddenly two teleprters to pick from?). Still, neither regresses player progress; all that changes is the starting condition of the player in the next map, which, in the scope of the entire campaign, is a very minor thing. Some players will even find the prospect of starting the next map on less than 10% health through sheer bad luck / lack of knowledge exciting!