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Status Updates posted by NightmareZer0

  1. I think I've hit the lowest point in my life I've ever hit. I really can't get much lower. I'm not posting this to get pity or no bullshit like that...I just need some advice and maybe some spirt boost. I previously posted a blog about my girlfriend and what I should do. She ended up leaving me and stabbing me in the back like 4 times. Picture someone ripping your heart out stabbing it multiple times and then running over it with a mac truck and a steam roller.

    We were doing okay for a little while then I randomly get a message on Facebook and she dumped me. Then she tells me that she wants to try to work on it...and that we should hang out the next weekend. The next weekend she blows me off and I tell her I cant keep crying over the same person. I can't keep getting stabbed. She'd tell me she loved me and missed me one minute...the next minute it seemed she wanted nothing to do with me. I found out earlier she is ALREADY talking to another dude. Which that in itself is a huge blow to me. I dated her for 4 years and I still care about her but fuck it I guess.

    I lost my job earlier too. The temp service I was working at lost their contract with Wal-Mart. I now really have no way to work...and I have 7 days to find a job or I'm out on my ass. My dad is going to throw me out in about a month anyway..even if I don't have anywhere to go. Lost my girlfriend...lost my job..and I'm about to lose my home..its like god damn...how can this shit get any worse?

    Any advice?

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    2. bytor


      AndrewB said:

      Not everyone is a salesman. Not everyone has the lack of integrity needed to be a good salesman.

      What the hell? I'm certainly not suggesting that he go into a job interview to sell a car that doesn't run. You're looking at "sell yourself" wrongly. You want to sell that you are an honest, punctual, and hard worker. You want to sell your strengths that will help you with this job and benefit the company.

      The opposite would be to go in there with your eyes on the floor, saying very little, asking no questions, and acting nonchalant about it all. Might work if you have a VERY impressive work history but you need to stand out as there are hundreds of people runnin' around here looking for jobs. These employers aren't looking for "best friends". They want good workers who will show up and take pride in what they're doing. You gotta sell that.

      I also have no idea how sleep deprivation is supposed to help someone.

      Me neither. You go to bed early, get a good rest, and get up with the sun to get started. Staying in bed half the day isn't going to get you a job around here. Not a decent one, anyways. You have to approach job-hunting like you really mean it.

    3. Sharessa


      Maybe not everyone wants you to be a salesman, but unfortunately every retail job does, and that's all the jobs that you can get where I live unless you have skills. I'd like to go back to college, but I'm having issues getting a student loan with my debt.

    4. DoomUK


      Danarchy said:

      Fuck problems, they're just in the way of happiness.

      I should use this as a mantra.

  2. I don't mean to post such a drama filled post (I guess you can call it Drama I don't know) but I really need some un-biased opinions about my situation. I don't know exactly what to do (Really long story ahead).

    Let me start off at the beginning so you can fully understand my position. I met this girl named Juanita 3 (almost 4) years ago. We had a slow start but we started dating. I was living at my parents at the time and she came over quite frequently. Well she ended up moving in. When she moved in my dad gave us a deadline we had like a year to find somewhere else to live. Well it was getting really close to the deadline and my friend got me in where he was living. I had to move in there because well I needed a place to go and it was the quickest way (I didn't want to be homeless). Well we moved in and it was great the first month. We saw each other everyday and it was peachy. But then things started turning for the worse. She is an extremely messy person. I have never see anything like it in my life. She would leave half eaten food sit out. JUST LEAVE IT OUT AND NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY. Well the half eaten food started accumulating. Come to find out the place already had roaches (and I hate fucking bugs..god its so fucking disgusting) and they just multiplied 10 fold. The question wasn't where are the bugs..it was where they weren't.

    God this apartment because a shithole quick. It is the nastiest living space (If you could even call it that) I have ever seen in my life. Bags of trash..literally bags of trash everywhere. Some of them overflowing onto the floor and just left there. Now I know you are probably thinking "Well Duh just take out the trash and clean it". Well I did that..I used to pick up after her all the time. I just got sick of doing it. I cleaned that whole place top to bottom like 6 fucking times. I had to invite some of my friends over to help me clean it it was so bad. And it was a small apartment..Just a bedroom and a kitchen (Had to share a bathroom). I have pictures of the apartment and how she lived upstairs in my parents safe if you really want to see how disgusting a human being can live. One time I cleaned and I literally pulled out 25 bags of trash out of 2 rooms..FULL BAGS. She also isn't great with money. She ended up letting the rent pile and pile up and we got evicted (I wasn't able to work at the time due to medical problems). (Oh yeah forgot to mention that place literally smelled worse than a dumpster). She kept telling me she was going to keep it clean but it never fucking happened. Everytime the landlord would want to come over she always said that it was my job to clean it because she pays the rent but I don't think I should have to keep picking up after a 21 almost 22 year old full grown adult.

    Well when we got evicted I ended up moving in with a friend (Which is a girl btw but we are just like brother and sister) and her 3 kids. She didn't really like the fact I was living with another girl but she knew i had nowhere else to go (Because my parents weren't going to let me move back home). Well shit went sour there and my dad finally let me move back home.

    I didn't actually get to see her at all when I was living with my friend. Due to them not getting along. I'm not even allowed into her parents house (Where she stays) because their house is too dirty (With the way their daughter lived at that apartment it doesn't surprize me that their house is so fucking dirty) Well I moved back in with my parents and the night I moved back she stayed the night with me. She had wanted to go to the movies or something that day but I convienced her that we should just stay in that it would be more meaniful to lay and watch TV together. She agreed to stay there And it was great felt like old times.

    Well I started working at Kroger 1st shift and she works a 3rd shift job so our schdules kind of mished mashed. Last weekend she tried to hang out with me but I was waaayy too fucking sore. Like I had previously stated I have health problems (I have a bad back..my spine is curved and I have really bad kidney problems). She has Friday and Saturday off and I happened to work on those days so I came home I was really sore and tired. I ride the bus home so it takes me an extra hour to get home by the time I get home its around 5ish and I have to go to bed around 10 (to be up at like 6AM). So on those days I had to work and she wanted to hang out with me I really didn't see a point. It is really hard sometimes for me to convience my parents to let her over and with it being 5ish when I got home by the time i convienced them..for them to go get her we'd only have a few hours.

    Fast Forward to Friday. I had been waiting all week to see her and I was stoked when I got off work Thursday evening. We go pick her up and bring her over (Mind you I always have to fight for some reason to get her over..my dad is a real hard ass about visitors coming over for some reason..its not just her). She had said something about wanting to go to the movies but my dad said that she couldn't stay the night. Well they were about to leave and go to Applebees and Juanita had said something that she wanted to go to the movies. Stupid me should of just agreed and let my parents take us (We would of gotten a ride back from her aunt). But I opped for us to stay back here and have another meaniful night. Well my parents left and as soon as they left she exploded on me. "I WANTED TO GO TO THE MOVIES I DIDN'T WANT TO JUST SIT IN THE HOUSE I'M TIRED OF SITTING IN THE HOUSE. SINCE WHEN DID YOU MAKE ALL THE DESCIONS IN THIS REALTIONSHIP. I'VE WAITED ALL WEEK TO GO TO THE MOVIES WITH YOU." Just blew up on me. And I politely said "Look I'm sorry just last time that we sat back like this we had a really great time. And I knew if I let them take us to the movies they would of just dropped you off at home when we were done because they said you couldn't spend the night {I had to work the next day thats why} I'm sorry".

    Well that still didn't calm her down. She still was all pissed off at me. I was like "Look either we can sit back and enjoy this...We haven't seen each other in 2 weeks or you can just sit there and be all pissed off and waste what little time we have together". She said "Well I'm just gonna sit here and be pissed off..You know I really don't like coming over here anyway". So I said "Well if you are just going to sit here and be pissed off and waste the evening Go home...I'm trying to have a nice evening with you". She just kept sitting there stewing. I offered that we sit here and enjoy each others company and maybe work out a way to go to the movies in like an hour or so but that wasn't good enough for her she wanted to go to the movies WHEN SHE WANTED (Like when she first got there..she couldn't compermise). I asked her "Are you just going to sit there and be pissed off?" "Well I'm really fucking pissed this is bullshit". "Well I mean if you are that pissed and you are just going to sit there and be pissed you can go home if you don't want to be here I just thought maybe you would like to spend time with me". She said something about that I had to decide if she was leaving or not because appartently she wasn't allowed to make decsions.

    Well I had been feeling really really pissed off at the whole matter (She hadn't seen me in 2 weeks..I know I should of asked her about the whole movie thing but I figured she would be happy to see me either way..laying back cuddling and shit..it really hurt my feelings and pissed me off). So I decided a cigarette was in order. I go outside and light up a cigarette. Well I finish my smoke come back in...She's not on the couch where she was. I look by the bathroom and start looking for her..I thought maybe she had stepped into another room. My phone starts vibrating (Text message) and it's her telling me she had left and maybe next time she could have a choice in the matter of what we do.

    This is where I started feeling my blood pressure skyrocket. I started violently kicking this bottle of water that was on the floor and I started seeing spots. I couldn't believe she had just left like that. She had told me all week that she despirately wanted to see me and for her to just get up and leave like that? My heart was broken.

    I started feeling this uncontrolable anger. So I decided to walk outside because I knew what was about to happen. I blacked out and when I came to I had broken this plastic table and everything around me had been thrown or topped over. Appartently when I blacked out I txted her and told her I was done with her and to never come back. Well I ended up spraining my ankle somehow in my fit of anger. Went to the ER they put an aircast on it gave me like 10 Vicodin (Which really didn't help the pain) and sent me home.

    Now yesterday she asked me to go meet up with her at the libarary and against my better judgement I did. I caught the bus down there and spent some time with her but it was way different than what I was used to. No kisses no hugs no psycical contact at all. I brushed that off and tried to have a good time with her. We ate at Subway and just tried to enjoy each other's company. I had to head back home and we walked to the bus stop and waited on the bus. While we were waiting I explained to her I was sorry about the whole matter and that I really couldn't control myself when I blacked out (Otherwise why would I have a sprained ankle if I could). She basically told me that wasn't good enough and that I still hurt her and it would take time. We got in a few minor disagreements and I caught the bus back home. While I was gimping back home (Bus stop is like 3 or 4 blocks away) I ended up falling and reinjuring myself. Back to the ER and a few more days off work. Later on that night I broke down and I couldn't stop crying. I realized how much I cared for her and that I realize her position but I really couldn't control my actions when I blacked out. I decided to leave her a long well thoughtout message on Facebook. She got the message and really didn't have too much to say about it. She told me later that night she wanted to in fact work things out with me but that she wanted to take it slow and actually go on dates and have a normal realtionship.

    So heres my main concerns:

    I poured my heart out to the girl and I figured she would have much more to say (She never really has said much when I do pour my heart out). I really think that no matter how good you are with social skills (She lacks a great deal of them) you should be able to say a few thoughtful things back if you really care alot for the person as you claim to. She just lacks that outgoinginess I am a very outgoing person and this really bothers me.

    How filthy of a person she is. Leaving half eaten food out and this and that (Not to mention the bugs...Her parents house has them and she ended up giving them to my parents when she moved in..they had to hire an exterminator). She kept telling me she didn't want to live like that when she lived in that shithole of an apartment but if you raelly don't want to live like that...PICK UP AFTER YOURSELF..Jesus how hard of a concept is it? It was so bad when we were living together I had to keep shaving my head because she had lice at one point and couldn't get rid of it. That was so embarassing. We had went to a friend's house (I didn't know she had it) and my friend had called back and said her kids had it. I'm afraid if I do decide to move in with her again..It's going to be a repeat of how it was before.
    She is very stingy with money. She would borrow money off people like my parents or my friends and NEVER pay it back. I would have people call me all the time asking where their money was and I would look at her and she'd kind of like shrug her shoulders. Thats why we got thrown out in the first place was because of her not wanting to pay the rent. And now that we did get thrown out of there the Landlord of the place wrote us like a $1000+ bill for the place and she told me the other day that she is just not going to pay it. She did a bunch of cash advances on her old bank account and got it closes out and never paid it back. Part of me is afraid that I'm going to get stuck with something of hers I don't want (I might already be stuck with the bill from that Apartment...he can sue us)

    Her family..Her family hates me and they always seem to influence her one way or another. I've tried to patch things up with her Aunt (She lives with her Aunt and her Mom) but everytime we get on good terms her aunt starts talking shit about me again. I'm just really getting sick and tired of her fucking family. There is no pleasing them. They bitched about me not having a job..I get a job..and they are still fucking finding reasons to say I'm a worthless peice of shit. They tell her all the time to just dump me and just to get away from me. But I'm really not that bad of a person. I don't lie to her I don't cheat..

    That's all the main concerns I can think of right now. But I just don't know what to do. I knew I cared about her but I never knew I cared about her THAT much until the other night. We are technically still split up but she wants to try to work something out with me. I don't know if I should just wipe my hands of the situation or just carry on. My friends tell me to stay away and my mom thinks I can do better but its not about them though it's my life.

    Any advice for me guys?

    EDIT: Took out the Jewish reference. Sorry if that offended anyone. More policitcally correct now

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    2. purist


      I don't think the sort of issues you've described are likely to change but if they are it's even less likely they will while she's in a relationship with you.

      As easy as it is for me to say, I'd like to think in your situation I would break off the relationship but try to stay in her life in a more casual way.

      You never know, there may be a time when these issues are behind her and you have a future but there's no reason why you should suffer them in the meantime. I'm not saying you need to abandon her, I just think you'll be help from a stronger and less emotionally risky position as friends rather than partners.

    3. DuckReconMajor


      I think you knew what most of us were going to say. All I can say though is if you do want to break things off with her try to get someone else to help you and and be your voice of reason when you're feeling 'in love' with her.

      I do have to agree with this though.

      printz said:

      Just because you got a shorter reply than your message doesn't mean she's less into it. Maybe she didn't know what to say.

      Sometimes you might care but really not have anything to say about it.

    4. ReFracture


      I have to echo the other sentiments. This is not a person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

  3. About 3 weeks ago my girlfriend noticed that our daughter really wasn't moving much in the womb She woke up and barely felt any movement). We used a prenatal monitor to try to hear my daughter's heartbeat. I thought I had heard it but we rushed her to the hospital to be safe. The hospital hooked up their fancy prenatal monitor and they couldn't find the heartbeat. The hooked up an ultra-sound and come to find out my daughter had died. My girlfriend was 7 months along... We held a funeral for my daughter 3 days later. After my girlfriend gave birth to a stillborn they asked us if we wanted to see her. Her mom and my mom wanted to say their goodbyes so the doctor brought my daughter in.

    It was one of the saddest things I've ever seen. She only weighed around 2 pounds and she was 14 inches long. Just to see my stillborn daughter in my arms was just life changing.

    Here's a link to the obituary http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/dispatch/obituary.aspx?n=victoria-eve-altizer-duff&pid=150569525&fhid=8681 feel free to sign the guestbook if you would like. Here soon I'm going to print out the guestbook for my records.

    There is some light at the end of this tunnel though. Since my girlfriend had to give birth she had to take 6 weeks off of work. Problem is I didn't have a job at the time. I hadn't worked in months. Temp agency wasn't being very reliable and medically I can only work certain jobs (Because of my kidney stones and back problems). If I lift like 5-10 pounds constantly for an hour I get so sore I can barely move. The Doctor I went to told me I can not have a job that requires me to lift or bend much. So needless to say it was hard to find a job.

    I applied at Teleperformance a day before the funeral. By the end of the week I had an interview. If you don't know what Teleperformance is...it is a company that provides tech support for certain things. Verizon FIOS (Internet Cable and Phone) had a contract with Teleperformance for Tech Support. I landed an interview 2 days after the funeral. I got hired on..6 weeks of training (at $9.00 an hour). When I get out on the call floor I'll be making $10.50 an hour.

    The awesome thing about all of this though...with my girlfriend unable to work I will be able to keep my apartment and my car insurance. So I got lucky in that aspect that I get to keep everything we have worked so hard for.

    Anyways, I figured I'd give you guys an update because I had made a previous blog about my girlfriend being pregnant. Everyday it gets easier...Time heals all wounds I guess.

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    2. lupinx-Kassman


      Can't pretend to understand how you and your girlfriend feel, but I am very sorry to hear this. Glad you guys are staying strong.

    3. Technician


      Danarchy said:

      It's a better deal than I had. I was in a 2-bedroom apartment for $775 with all utilities paid (except phone, gas, and internet).

      Fuck, I was in a room with shared everything when living in Toronto for around the same price. I was damn glad the place was relatively new with no cockroaches.

    4. traversd


      Imp said:

      Anyways, I figured I'd give you guys an update because I had made a previous blog about my girlfriend being pregnant. Everyday it gets easier...Time heals all wounds I guess.

      My wife and I suffered the same last year, though not as far through the pregnancy. Found out at our first scan (they also could not detect a heartbeat) so was quite "out of nowhere" and left us feeling quite empty to say the least. "Jellybean" would have been born early last week :o(

      All the best to you both.


  4. Got some big news about my life (if you give a shit that is)

    I found out last October that my girlfriend is pregnant. I found out last week it's a girl. My girlfriend and I decided on the name Victoria. I gotta say though it is amazing to watch the first ultrasound being done. Seeing my daughter for the first time moving around in the womb...it was beautiful. I intend to introduce her to Video Games when she starts to get older. I want to start her out on the old school games (I plan to start her out on Super Mario Bros for the NES). Eventually I'll introduce her to Doom :D. My girlfriend is 4 months along and I still can't believe that I'm actually going to have a kid. I guess when you picture having a kid you picture your life having more structure and being older but I'll get used to it.

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    2. esselfortium


      Congratulations, and good luck! Glad to see a blog about a happy occasion for once :)

    3. NightmareZer0


      Thanks for all the kind words guys I appreciate it.

    4. NightmareZer0


      printz said:

      Now you know what bad things might happen. I hope you'll stay together.

      Yeah well I hope so too for my kid's sake but that might be easier said than done.

  5. So about a month ago my left side started hurting like crazy. I go to the hospital and I have Kidney Stones in BOTH Kidneys. They did a CT Scan when I was there and found one 3mm's. Thankfully he said my piss hole is 5mm so I should be able to pass it (Painfully I might add). I don't know if anyone here has actually had Kidney Stones but they hurt like fuck.

    I went to the hospital early this morning because I still hadn't passed them. When I got there it felt like my Kidney was going to explode and I had to wait 2 hours in a shitload of pain. They come and give me a shot of Benydril and Torodol (Super Ibuprofen). Which didn't help much. I had to wait another 2 hours for some actual GOOD pain medicine (Delotted <3). So now I have over 10k of medical bills (No job no health insurance). I was in so much pain last night that I couldn't sleep no matter what I did. My left Kidney hurt so bad I couldn't get comfy. They told me at the hospital to drink a shit ton of water and Cranberry juice to flush it out. When I went to the doctor last time he told me that Kidney Stones are more painful than a woman giving birth. Wish me luck guys..hopefully I can pass this son of a bitch and don't have to get further in the hole (Having to have a procedure done on me...I can't afford it). I'll keep you posted.

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    2. NightmareZer0


      Well I took 4 Cranberry Pills (Basically same ingredients as the juice without having to drink that awful shit). Pissed about every 10 minutes for a day straight. Woke up and about 4 hours later pissed that fucker out. I just hope I don't get ANOTHER one -_-. Yay for no more pain though.

    3. Snakes


      Man... Glad you passed it. Smart idea with the cranberry pills. Isn't frequent urinating also supposed to decrease the chance of kidney stones? I guess it works the same way when you already have one.

    4. Sharessa


      Woot! Yeah, here's to hoping that that will be your last.

  6. Now before I begin I want to state that I'm posting this for a few reasons. To get it off my chest and maybe get some opinions/advice. I'm not crying and trying to get sympothy. I'm going to explain this is great detail so you can get a full understanding how I got fucked over royally. If you are lazy (like me sometimes) and don't want to read alot skip over this post.

    Anyways with that said I've talked to my friends but everyone is just no help at all.

    Let me start at the beginning. Last year (April 20th 2009) to be exact. My girlfriend moved into my parents house with me. They gave me a dead line of 1 year to save up and get an appartment. I had a shitty ass job so I couldn't afford an appartment so I figured it was the best bet to save some money. Well we try to find her work and well the economy sucks major ass so that doesn't work out too well. All we can find is temp work here and there and even that is far and inbetween. I on the other hand have a somewhat stable job Wendy's making $7.60 an hour. My paychecks started off like $230 or so but when you try to support 2 people it is really kind of hard. To make a long story short they dicked me out of hours and I was barely working and it got even harder and I couldn't find anymore work so I was pretty much fucked. I was down to working 2 days a week and making like $100 a week. After that I pretty much gave up and quit and put a lot of faith into finding another job. Ironically I found a job 2 days later working at Wal-Mart (32 hours a week and $8.90 an hour) but that was like 3-weeks ago so it was really too late.

    So I decided to ask some of my friends if I could move in with them. Most of them were like "Well I'd let you stay here but if my landlord found out...yeah...." Which I understand. But I asked a good friend of mine's dad if I could move in and he gave me the green light. I was siked...all my friends lived over there and I actually HAD somewhere to go..fuck yeah. Well 3 days later I go over and he tells me that I can't move in. I'm like "What the fuck" you know..I even explained to him that I have NOWHERE to go..I'm going to be sleeping in my fucking car/hopping house to house constantly.

    There are 5 people that live there my age and NONE of them have a fucking job. Casey and Cody (They actually live there..their dad is the one I talk to 'his name is Fred') Ian, Brandon, and Todd. Brandon has never worked a god damn day in his life and Todd must be allergic to work or some shit I dont fucking know. And Ian will get a job for like 2 weeks and quit. Everyone but Brandon smokes pot like its going out of fucking style. Casey and Cody are on social security and get $100 dollars a week. And EVERYONE bums shit off of them. All of them smoke cigarettes and BUM cigarettes constantly. Everyone in that house (Casey Cody and Fred) are way to fucking nice. The people who don't have any income/don't work all get free rides in life (Don't have to pay for ANYTHING and get EVERYTHING handed to them). You need a cigarette? Ask Case or Code if they run out they'll buy more and let you keep bumming off of them.

    Anyways back to my story. When Fred said I could move in he told me which room I could take and everything and gave me the green light. I even offered to pay him money and told him I'd help if I could. 3 Days later he tells me he doesn't want me staying the night over there and I can't move in. And the shit is not even my fault. I get fucked out of a place to stay for doing what any normal person would do. Let me explain:

    Casey always buys the pot over there and he has never really drove a day in his life. He's helped me a lot over the past few years when times were tough so whenever he needed his pot I'd go get it for him. But after awhile the shit got out of control and he EXPECTS me to get it for him EVERYTIME he needs it. I don't even smoke the shit I quit 2 years ago. It doesn't matter if I haven't slept for 30 hours...if I don't get it he litereally throws a temper tantrum. Yeah a 23 year old man will trash his room up and tear books up and smash shit because I won't stop WHATEVER I'm doing and get his pot. I used to not charge him gas money but here recently I started to. I got tired of doing the shit for free. Why should I waste my gas when the mother fucker will blow up my phone 4-6 times while I'm trying to sleep (I work 3rd shift) and if I turn it off they just blow it up when ever it does come on until I go get the shit. All Casey and Ian care about is fucking getting high.

    With that being said I asked Casey for gas money a week or so ago to go get his fucking pot cause he wouldnt leave me alone about it and I put $9.98 in the tank. He told me he had 30 so I thought nothing of it. Well 3 days later he throws a temper tantrum because his account is overdrawn blaming me for it but the gas station posted the charge 3 days later and he NEVER keeps track of his money so it overdrafted his account. And nothing is ever his fault.

    I know what you are thinking "Well just stop fucking hanging out with them" But its just not that easy I grew up with these people (I can rely on them if I ever need a favor or something like that) and Brandon is like my little brother..He has done nothing wrong and If I go get him from over there I'm going to cross paths.

    Well Fred said I couldn't move in because for one I ask Casey and Cody for gas money (Which he has no clue why...because I always went and got their god damn pot for them and I NEEDED it to go get it..so obviously they were more than happy to give it to me so they can get their god damn high that they all seem so fasinated with). And that they barely have any money (Basically implying that I shouldn't ask them for money and I should just take them whereever the hell they want to go for free). And that its "Quieter" without me there (Because Casey loves to throw his bitchfits and act like a fucking woman on their rag because I won't go get his fucking pot sometimes). Oh and that Money has come up missing (Which has been coming up missing for literally years..someone has been stealing it for like ever just not all the time) and that it was awful funny that sometimes when I come over money comes up missing.

    First off its not my fault that Casey and Cody barely have any money. Fred controls all their money and only GIVES them $100 a week (Both of them get $100). Second why the fuck would you keep putting money in the same spot when it gets stolen over and over (I mean god damn use a little common sense here jesus christ). And for Third I'm a honest person (srsly) I have morals...Why the fuck would I steal off someone who has helped me so much in the past? Does Fred really think I'm that fucked up of a person? Fred also lets everyone bum off them but bitches about me getting $5-$10 dollars in gas. And he has to listen to "Them whine" about not having any money for cigarettes. But yeah thats really my fault when they will spend 100-120 a week on pot. Casey will have $40 dollars left and like 3 cigarettes and buy pot instead of the cigarettes.

    So it all boils down to Casey not getting his pot when he wants it...Fucked me out of a place to stay. So yeah fucking awesome. People who do absoutely nothing with their life get to be lazy and people like me who actually are trying to do something can live house to house/in their car. I mean I understand there are already alot of people over there but god damn it you don't tell someone "Yeah you can move in" then all of a sudden be like "Well no find somewhere else". And I wouldn't dare tell him the truth because if I did my car would get fucked up beyond belief and I'd probably have to sleep with one eye open.

    My mom is no fucking help I try to talk to her and she is just like "I don't know what to tell you" or "You should talk to your dad" when I try to tell her I'm getting fucking stressed as hell about finding somewhere to sleep. I have one last hope left my buddy lives in a house that was turned into like 4 appartments and they have 2 spots open and the rent is only $300 a month (WITH Utilites) but I only have less than a month left and I pray to god I don't need a deposit (My buddy didn't because he knows the landlord's daughter but I know her too). I'm going this week to try to find out if I can somehow get into that appartment. It'll probably be a shithole but its better than not having a stable roof over your head. If this falls through I'm pretty much fucked. Wish me luck.

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    2. Creaphis


      I wish to offer you my moral support for whatever issues you may or may not be facing without actually reading your post.

    3. ReFracture


      I'm going to have to agree with Danarchy and Fraggle here. These people, although you have history with them, are just going to bring you down.

      Real friends are understanding and wont throw temper tantrums when they don't always get their way.

    4. Use


      You'll have to come to terms with the fact that your life is simply not going in the same direction as theirs. That said, you gotta leave the trash behind. If Brandon has two brain cells to rub together he'd get his ass out of there next.

  7. I used to drive a piece of shit 1995 Dodge Intrepid. This car had so many fucking problems with it it wasn't funny.

    • No Left Fender (Wreck)
    • Broken Cup Holder
    • No Left Turn Signal (Ghetto Rigged with a Trailer light from a big truck)
    • Piece of Shit CD Player (God damn forward button stopped working)
    • Bad Left Tire Rod
    • Out of Alignment
    • Grey car..But the driver side door was Green (Wreck)
    • Needed an oil change
    • Frame on the driver side was fucked up (Wreck)
    • Windows would BARELY Roll down (Slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through Peanut Butter)
    • Check Engine Light was coming on
    • And Worst of all the Transmission Slipped out of gear CONSTANTLY
    I could only drive this fucker for 30 minutes or so (Until the car started warming up) and the fucking Transmission would slip into first gear. It would be fine for 10-15 minutes and then when it got warm and you went to stop at a red light (Or Anytime you dropped under 5 MPH for ANY FUCKING REASON) you'd feel the car started to slip. If you threw the car in Neutral it and back into drive it would stop it from slipping for awhile longer. But then it would slip again after about 5 minutes and you'd be fucked. Stuck in First gear. I can't count the number of times I HAD to drive like 35 in First gear (Yeah I know it was bad for the car but I didn't have a choice really). I couldn't drive someone home and come back without it slipping. This went on for months (I barely drove anywhere because of the bastard). The car would always leak Transmission fluid. And I mean ALWAYS. My dad found a hose underneath the car that had a leak in it...(After I put up with this shit for so long) and we bought a new hose. But that didn't fucking help (Transmission was too far gone by that time). So I finally said Fuck this when the Engine Light started coming on and I bought me a new car. I junked it for $165 to put a Down Payment on a new car (Well new to me that is).

    I ended up buying a 1992 Toyota Corolla (Stick Shift FTW). I bought it off a friend of mine for $600 (Came with a Free Deck and an Alarm system). My friend didn't really want to sell it but he didn't have the money to put into it to fix it. It had 2 Front Wheel Bearings that were going out (They were so bad it was like not having Wheel Bearings). The Hubs needed replaced...Needed a new back glass. Headliner was torn to shreds and it didn't have a front grill. But I got all that fixed. The only problem really with the car now is that it needs an Alignment and well it has 195,000+ miles on it (Still runs like a dream though).

    Anyways here is some Pictures..

    My New Car: http://img142.imageshack.us/g/0920091244a.jpg/

    My Old Car: http://img32.imageshack.us/g/0818091508.jpg/

    Both of them had nick names. My old car earned the name "The Cancer-Mobile" from how much me and my friends used to smoke in it. My new car got nicknamed "The Death Trap" by my dad because of how the Wheel Bearings were going out in it when I got it.

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    2. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      lol at people who think Holden and Ford are actually massively different. "My poorly-made rear-wheel-drive saloon is superior to your poorly-made rear-wheel-drive saloon" :P

      I have the same model of Corolla as you Imp, except hatchback and 1994. Good little car, all I've ever had to do to it in years is the alternator and it's getting to need a battery.

      I actually used to do up old rear-wheel-drive 1970s Corollas as a hobby and have compiled a very popular FAQ on them. I haven't posted on Rollaclub forums for years and still have one of the highest postcounts there :P

      I love Japanese cars. My first car was a BMW (albeit a 1980 one) which was also a great car but cost me heaps for incidental repairs. Nice Eurocars are good to have IF you have the money.

    3. Planky


      Super Jamie said:

      lol at people who think Holden and Ford are actually massively different. "My poorly-made rear-wheel-drive saloon is superior to your poorly-made rear-wheel-drive saloon" :P

      Actually, I wouldn't have a clue. If it looks mean, drives/corners well, I'm happy. Plus I knew if I mentioned holden/ford some Aussie was going to post :D

    4. NightmareZer0


      DuckReconMajor said:

      This made me smile.

      P.S. Are you any of the people in those pictures?

      Yes...The guy with the cigarette in his mouth choking the other guy is me. The girl in the pictures is my fiancée. She earned the name Yoshi from the picture of her in the seat waving. If you've ever played Super Mario World and Yoshi eats something he makes that face. I plan to add more shit to the car and when I do I'll update my blog with pics.

      EDIT: Here is a better picture of me (I normally wear glasses but I was fucking around)

      You might know me by my other name. I normally went by Adamizer but when I was younger I was an immature little fuck and got myself banned. And that was like oh god 6 years ago. So I made this account.

  8. My spring break started Monday.

    Monday: Woke up at 8 and my parents told me we were going to rip up all the carpet in the house. I worked on ripping up the carpet and we got done about 6. When all the carpet was ripped up we realized that the floor underneith the dining room looked like shit. So we decided we were going to tile it. So we ripped up the linoleum in the kitchen so we could tile the kitchen to.

    Tuesday: Woke up at 8 again Pulled thousands of staples with channel locks to prep the floor. Took all day to get staples up got done around 7.

    Wednesday: Woke up at 8. Cut the backerboard. Motar the backerboard and screw the backerboard down. Got done at 1:30 in the morning.

    Thursday: Up at 8. Was laying tile down and pulled out my back. Now my back hurts like fuck. I can barely move with out it hurting.

    Some break.

    Sorry for anything that is misspelled. Tylenol 3's make my head cloudy.

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    2. Fletcher`


      My spring break was a few weeks ago. I spent it babysitting and obeying everyone else's every whim..

    3. Sharessa


      My spring break started in 2004 and just never ended.

    4. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      My brother's Hard Drive broke, after a few days we figured that out. :P Spent 7 hours setting it up then another 3 hours the next day. Right after I finish with his, my hard drive gets corrupt or something rather and I spent 10+ hours trying to woo it to start up for me. Eventually I got it. :D Though my computer still has the same old errors. That and my dogs keep going to the bathroom in the house and on my bed. I washed my sheets and pillow, but once I did and put them back, she peed on them again. I have a bit to worry of on my mind too. :D

      Fun fun. :D

  9. My friend Kyle was talking to the Greenscape teacher Mr.Still today.

    Kyle: "I like games".

    Mr. Still: "How much do you like them".

    Kyle: "I'm always playing them".

    Mr. Still: "What games do you play?".

    Kyle: "First person shooters and other types games".

    Mr.Still: "Do you play counter-strike?"

    Kyle: "Yes I go by bluechicken"


  10. My battle scar. I will post more info when i start feeling better.

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    2. Grimm


      Will you fools stop spamming up the thread?

      Hey, congrats man. Some crazy shit they can nowadays, eh?

    3. MaTT [TiK]

      MaTT [TiK]

      Really Long Username said:

      In that case, i'm dropping out of school right now and instantly millions of beautiful women will swarm around me asking if they can give me sex and 6 billion dollars. And it all will happen due to my own mind believing it would.

      Numbermind said:

      No, it won't happen, because in the back of your mind you'll keep thinking that it's bullshit. In fact, you'll prefer it NOT to happen because then it means you're right.

      So you're a high-school dropout and that's it.

      Exactly, you know it's not really gonna happen, so it won't. Numbermind, are you a pagan, cos your avatar and non-retardedness seem to suggest so?

      Sorry, didn't mean to be disrespectful. Congrats, Imp!

    4. Bucket


      I am indeed. Let us not speak of this any further. Off-topic and all that...

  11. This story is completely true not one part of it is bullshit..

    Back in 2002 I went for a regular check-up before school started.. and my doctor noticed my spine wasn't stright..So he sent me to a back doctor and I got a x-ray..My back had a 21° curve so the doctor said he would monitor it and there isn't much he could do.

    I went back to the back doctor in 2003 and my curve got worse...it was at a 23° curve

    In 2004, I went for another check up my normal doctor said my back had worsened and I need to see a back doctor right away..So we got a new back doctor because we really didn't like my old one.. The new doctor took a x-ray of my back and said my back had gotton worse to a 32° curve. I told him my back was in alot of pain. So he suggested I get a M.R.I done to see if there was some other problem with my head (because i shouldn't be in that much pain.)

    After I got the M.R.I done...A week later my back doctor called and said that my M.R.I was abnormal. He said that my brain hangs 6mm down to far (Chiari Malformation) and he set me a appointment with nurosurgen. We I went to see the nurosurgen he basically said that I need to have brain surgery to correct the problem, and it would probably help my back. He wrote me a script for 50 tylenol 3's.

    For the surgery..They will cut open my neck and cut through my neck muscles. Cut part of my bone and cut a hole in my brain and patch the spine and the brain together. Then I'll wake up in recovery with one of the worse headaches imaginable (Spinal Fluid leakage causes a really really bad headache). Not only that but I'll wake up with a extremely painful charlie horse. But I will wake up with a stright line of codeine in my arm. It will take 6 weeks to recover, and that means I can't get a job (which means I can't drive this summer)

    5 minutes before I started typing this. My mom called and told me my surgery is on June 8th. 5 days after school lets out.

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    2. Darkhaven4


      Dude, that really sucks. I hope all goes well...

      EDIT : Whoa, that was fucked up. I didn't even read iwnh's post, but mine is the same as his but backwards...

    3. Job


      My prayers are with you - I have to say I'm impressed with how well you're taking this in stride.

    4. zark


      I'll keep my fingers crossed for you man, I really hope everything turns out OK.

  12. I was playing super mario brothers the other day at about 1 in the morning, and i got tired of dieing so i put in my game genie (to my new model nes go here for a pic http://www.tbonejones.com/nes_top.jpg) after i gave up i tried to get the game genie out. But it was wedged in there pretty good. Too tired to put in real effort so i loaded up my nes and just started to put in random codes. Eventually i thought i'd put in goatse for a laugh. With goatse entered into the game genie i loaded up mario and started to play. Monsters got stuck on the left of the screen and started following Mario's ass!! It was halirous that goatse actually worked! Try it!

    1. AndrewB


      Hmm, I have one, but I don't know if it still works, and I don't feel like setting it up. Is there a Game Genie emulator option for FCE Ultra?

    2. IMJack


      According to their website, GG emulation is built in.

    3. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Ooo the NES model 101 those are nice. I stole one from the guy who lived next door to me in college. I didn't think the Game Genie worked with that model though?

  13. i got a ps2 the other day for free! yay!

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    2. NightmareZer0


      i got it from my friend it was broken, all i had to do was clean out the dust. :-P

    3. SmellyOgre


      If it just had dust then it wasnt broken. BTW what the hell was his PS2 doing dusty?

    4. NightmareZer0


      SmellyOgre said:

      If it just had dust then it wasnt broken. BTW what the hell was his PS2 doing dusty?

      Teh moron forgot to clean it :-P.