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  1. I think I've hit the lowest point in my life I've ever hit. I really can't get much lower. I'm not posting this to get pity or no bullshit like that...I just need some advice and maybe some spirt boost. I previously posted a blog about my girlfriend and what I should do. She ended up leaving me and stabbing me in the back like 4 times. Picture someone ripping your heart out stabbing it multiple times and then running over it with a mac truck and a steam roller.

    We were doing okay for a little while then I randomly get a message on Facebook and she dumped me. Then she tells me that she wants to try to work on it...and that we should hang out the next weekend. The next weekend she blows me off and I tell her I cant keep crying over the same person. I can't keep getting stabbed. She'd tell me she loved me and missed me one minute...the next minute it seemed she wanted nothing to do with me. I found out earlier she is ALREADY talking to another dude. Which that in itself is a huge blow to me. I dated her for 4 years and I still care about her but fuck it I guess.

    I lost my job earlier too. The temp service I was working at lost their contract with Wal-Mart. I now really have no way to work...and I have 7 days to find a job or I'm out on my ass. My dad is going to throw me out in about a month anyway..even if I don't have anywhere to go. Lost my girlfriend...lost my job..and I'm about to lose my home..its like god damn...how can this shit get any worse?

    Any advice?

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    2. bytor


      AndrewB said:

      Not everyone is a salesman. Not everyone has the lack of integrity needed to be a good salesman.

      What the hell? I'm certainly not suggesting that he go into a job interview to sell a car that doesn't run. You're looking at "sell yourself" wrongly. You want to sell that you are an honest, punctual, and hard worker. You want to sell your strengths that will help you with this job and benefit the company.

      The opposite would be to go in there with your eyes on the floor, saying very little, asking no questions, and acting nonchalant about it all. Might work if you have a VERY impressive work history but you need to stand out as there are hundreds of people runnin' around here looking for jobs. These employers aren't looking for "best friends". They want good workers who will show up and take pride in what they're doing. You gotta sell that.

      I also have no idea how sleep deprivation is supposed to help someone.

      Me neither. You go to bed early, get a good rest, and get up with the sun to get started. Staying in bed half the day isn't going to get you a job around here. Not a decent one, anyways. You have to approach job-hunting like you really mean it.

    3. Sharessa


      Maybe not everyone wants you to be a salesman, but unfortunately every retail job does, and that's all the jobs that you can get where I live unless you have skills. I'd like to go back to college, but I'm having issues getting a student loan with my debt.

    4. DoomUK


      Danarchy said:

      Fuck problems, they're just in the way of happiness.

      I should use this as a mantra.