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  1. This story is completely true not one part of it is bullshit..

    Back in 2002 I went for a regular check-up before school started.. and my doctor noticed my spine wasn't stright..So he sent me to a back doctor and I got a x-ray..My back had a 21° curve so the doctor said he would monitor it and there isn't much he could do.

    I went back to the back doctor in 2003 and my curve got worse...it was at a 23° curve

    In 2004, I went for another check up my normal doctor said my back had worsened and I need to see a back doctor right away..So we got a new back doctor because we really didn't like my old one.. The new doctor took a x-ray of my back and said my back had gotton worse to a 32° curve. I told him my back was in alot of pain. So he suggested I get a M.R.I done to see if there was some other problem with my head (because i shouldn't be in that much pain.)

    After I got the M.R.I done...A week later my back doctor called and said that my M.R.I was abnormal. He said that my brain hangs 6mm down to far (Chiari Malformation) and he set me a appointment with nurosurgen. We I went to see the nurosurgen he basically said that I need to have brain surgery to correct the problem, and it would probably help my back. He wrote me a script for 50 tylenol 3's.

    For the surgery..They will cut open my neck and cut through my neck muscles. Cut part of my bone and cut a hole in my brain and patch the spine and the brain together. Then I'll wake up in recovery with one of the worse headaches imaginable (Spinal Fluid leakage causes a really really bad headache). Not only that but I'll wake up with a extremely painful charlie horse. But I will wake up with a stright line of codeine in my arm. It will take 6 weeks to recover, and that means I can't get a job (which means I can't drive this summer)

    5 minutes before I started typing this. My mom called and told me my surgery is on June 8th. 5 days after school lets out.

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    2. Darkhaven4


      Dude, that really sucks. I hope all goes well...

      EDIT : Whoa, that was fucked up. I didn't even read iwnh's post, but mine is the same as his but backwards...

    3. Job


      My prayers are with you - I have to say I'm impressed with how well you're taking this in stride.

    4. zark


      I'll keep my fingers crossed for you man, I really hope everything turns out OK.