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  1. My battle scar. I will post more info when i start feeling better.

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    2. Grimm


      Will you fools stop spamming up the thread?

      Hey, congrats man. Some crazy shit they can nowadays, eh?

    3. MaTT [TiK]

      MaTT [TiK]

      Really Long Username said:

      In that case, i'm dropping out of school right now and instantly millions of beautiful women will swarm around me asking if they can give me sex and 6 billion dollars. And it all will happen due to my own mind believing it would.

      Numbermind said:

      No, it won't happen, because in the back of your mind you'll keep thinking that it's bullshit. In fact, you'll prefer it NOT to happen because then it means you're right.

      So you're a high-school dropout and that's it.

      Exactly, you know it's not really gonna happen, so it won't. Numbermind, are you a pagan, cos your avatar and non-retardedness seem to suggest so?

      Sorry, didn't mean to be disrespectful. Congrats, Imp!

    4. Bucket


      I am indeed. Let us not speak of this any further. Off-topic and all that...