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  1. I used to drive a piece of shit 1995 Dodge Intrepid. This car had so many fucking problems with it it wasn't funny.

    • No Left Fender (Wreck)
    • Broken Cup Holder
    • No Left Turn Signal (Ghetto Rigged with a Trailer light from a big truck)
    • Piece of Shit CD Player (God damn forward button stopped working)
    • Bad Left Tire Rod
    • Out of Alignment
    • Grey car..But the driver side door was Green (Wreck)
    • Needed an oil change
    • Frame on the driver side was fucked up (Wreck)
    • Windows would BARELY Roll down (Slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through Peanut Butter)
    • Check Engine Light was coming on
    • And Worst of all the Transmission Slipped out of gear CONSTANTLY
    I could only drive this fucker for 30 minutes or so (Until the car started warming up) and the fucking Transmission would slip into first gear. It would be fine for 10-15 minutes and then when it got warm and you went to stop at a red light (Or Anytime you dropped under 5 MPH for ANY FUCKING REASON) you'd feel the car started to slip. If you threw the car in Neutral it and back into drive it would stop it from slipping for awhile longer. But then it would slip again after about 5 minutes and you'd be fucked. Stuck in First gear. I can't count the number of times I HAD to drive like 35 in First gear (Yeah I know it was bad for the car but I didn't have a choice really). I couldn't drive someone home and come back without it slipping. This went on for months (I barely drove anywhere because of the bastard). The car would always leak Transmission fluid. And I mean ALWAYS. My dad found a hose underneath the car that had a leak in it...(After I put up with this shit for so long) and we bought a new hose. But that didn't fucking help (Transmission was too far gone by that time). So I finally said Fuck this when the Engine Light started coming on and I bought me a new car. I junked it for $165 to put a Down Payment on a new car (Well new to me that is).

    I ended up buying a 1992 Toyota Corolla (Stick Shift FTW). I bought it off a friend of mine for $600 (Came with a Free Deck and an Alarm system). My friend didn't really want to sell it but he didn't have the money to put into it to fix it. It had 2 Front Wheel Bearings that were going out (They were so bad it was like not having Wheel Bearings). The Hubs needed replaced...Needed a new back glass. Headliner was torn to shreds and it didn't have a front grill. But I got all that fixed. The only problem really with the car now is that it needs an Alignment and well it has 195,000+ miles on it (Still runs like a dream though).

    Anyways here is some Pictures..

    My New Car: http://img142.imageshack.us/g/0920091244a.jpg/

    My Old Car: http://img32.imageshack.us/g/0818091508.jpg/

    Both of them had nick names. My old car earned the name "The Cancer-Mobile" from how much me and my friends used to smoke in it. My new car got nicknamed "The Death Trap" by my dad because of how the Wheel Bearings were going out in it when I got it.

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    2. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      lol at people who think Holden and Ford are actually massively different. "My poorly-made rear-wheel-drive saloon is superior to your poorly-made rear-wheel-drive saloon" :P

      I have the same model of Corolla as you Imp, except hatchback and 1994. Good little car, all I've ever had to do to it in years is the alternator and it's getting to need a battery.

      I actually used to do up old rear-wheel-drive 1970s Corollas as a hobby and have compiled a very popular FAQ on them. I haven't posted on Rollaclub forums for years and still have one of the highest postcounts there :P

      I love Japanese cars. My first car was a BMW (albeit a 1980 one) which was also a great car but cost me heaps for incidental repairs. Nice Eurocars are good to have IF you have the money.

    3. Planky


      Super Jamie said:

      lol at people who think Holden and Ford are actually massively different. "My poorly-made rear-wheel-drive saloon is superior to your poorly-made rear-wheel-drive saloon" :P

      Actually, I wouldn't have a clue. If it looks mean, drives/corners well, I'm happy. Plus I knew if I mentioned holden/ford some Aussie was going to post :D

    4. NightmareZer0


      DuckReconMajor said:

      This made me smile.

      P.S. Are you any of the people in those pictures?

      Yes...The guy with the cigarette in his mouth choking the other guy is me. The girl in the pictures is my fiancée. She earned the name Yoshi from the picture of her in the seat waving. If you've ever played Super Mario World and Yoshi eats something he makes that face. I plan to add more shit to the car and when I do I'll update my blog with pics.

      EDIT: Here is a better picture of me (I normally wear glasses but I was fucking around)

      You might know me by my other name. I normally went by Adamizer but when I was younger I was an immature little fuck and got myself banned. And that was like oh god 6 years ago. So I made this account.