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  1. Now before I begin I want to state that I'm posting this for a few reasons. To get it off my chest and maybe get some opinions/advice. I'm not crying and trying to get sympothy. I'm going to explain this is great detail so you can get a full understanding how I got fucked over royally. If you are lazy (like me sometimes) and don't want to read alot skip over this post.

    Anyways with that said I've talked to my friends but everyone is just no help at all.

    Let me start at the beginning. Last year (April 20th 2009) to be exact. My girlfriend moved into my parents house with me. They gave me a dead line of 1 year to save up and get an appartment. I had a shitty ass job so I couldn't afford an appartment so I figured it was the best bet to save some money. Well we try to find her work and well the economy sucks major ass so that doesn't work out too well. All we can find is temp work here and there and even that is far and inbetween. I on the other hand have a somewhat stable job Wendy's making $7.60 an hour. My paychecks started off like $230 or so but when you try to support 2 people it is really kind of hard. To make a long story short they dicked me out of hours and I was barely working and it got even harder and I couldn't find anymore work so I was pretty much fucked. I was down to working 2 days a week and making like $100 a week. After that I pretty much gave up and quit and put a lot of faith into finding another job. Ironically I found a job 2 days later working at Wal-Mart (32 hours a week and $8.90 an hour) but that was like 3-weeks ago so it was really too late.

    So I decided to ask some of my friends if I could move in with them. Most of them were like "Well I'd let you stay here but if my landlord found out...yeah...." Which I understand. But I asked a good friend of mine's dad if I could move in and he gave me the green light. I was siked...all my friends lived over there and I actually HAD somewhere to go..fuck yeah. Well 3 days later I go over and he tells me that I can't move in. I'm like "What the fuck" you know..I even explained to him that I have NOWHERE to go..I'm going to be sleeping in my fucking car/hopping house to house constantly.

    There are 5 people that live there my age and NONE of them have a fucking job. Casey and Cody (They actually live there..their dad is the one I talk to 'his name is Fred') Ian, Brandon, and Todd. Brandon has never worked a god damn day in his life and Todd must be allergic to work or some shit I dont fucking know. And Ian will get a job for like 2 weeks and quit. Everyone but Brandon smokes pot like its going out of fucking style. Casey and Cody are on social security and get $100 dollars a week. And EVERYONE bums shit off of them. All of them smoke cigarettes and BUM cigarettes constantly. Everyone in that house (Casey Cody and Fred) are way to fucking nice. The people who don't have any income/don't work all get free rides in life (Don't have to pay for ANYTHING and get EVERYTHING handed to them). You need a cigarette? Ask Case or Code if they run out they'll buy more and let you keep bumming off of them.

    Anyways back to my story. When Fred said I could move in he told me which room I could take and everything and gave me the green light. I even offered to pay him money and told him I'd help if I could. 3 Days later he tells me he doesn't want me staying the night over there and I can't move in. And the shit is not even my fault. I get fucked out of a place to stay for doing what any normal person would do. Let me explain:

    Casey always buys the pot over there and he has never really drove a day in his life. He's helped me a lot over the past few years when times were tough so whenever he needed his pot I'd go get it for him. But after awhile the shit got out of control and he EXPECTS me to get it for him EVERYTIME he needs it. I don't even smoke the shit I quit 2 years ago. It doesn't matter if I haven't slept for 30 hours...if I don't get it he litereally throws a temper tantrum. Yeah a 23 year old man will trash his room up and tear books up and smash shit because I won't stop WHATEVER I'm doing and get his pot. I used to not charge him gas money but here recently I started to. I got tired of doing the shit for free. Why should I waste my gas when the mother fucker will blow up my phone 4-6 times while I'm trying to sleep (I work 3rd shift) and if I turn it off they just blow it up when ever it does come on until I go get the shit. All Casey and Ian care about is fucking getting high.

    With that being said I asked Casey for gas money a week or so ago to go get his fucking pot cause he wouldnt leave me alone about it and I put $9.98 in the tank. He told me he had 30 so I thought nothing of it. Well 3 days later he throws a temper tantrum because his account is overdrawn blaming me for it but the gas station posted the charge 3 days later and he NEVER keeps track of his money so it overdrafted his account. And nothing is ever his fault.

    I know what you are thinking "Well just stop fucking hanging out with them" But its just not that easy I grew up with these people (I can rely on them if I ever need a favor or something like that) and Brandon is like my little brother..He has done nothing wrong and If I go get him from over there I'm going to cross paths.

    Well Fred said I couldn't move in because for one I ask Casey and Cody for gas money (Which he has no clue why...because I always went and got their god damn pot for them and I NEEDED it to go get it..so obviously they were more than happy to give it to me so they can get their god damn high that they all seem so fasinated with). And that they barely have any money (Basically implying that I shouldn't ask them for money and I should just take them whereever the hell they want to go for free). And that its "Quieter" without me there (Because Casey loves to throw his bitchfits and act like a fucking woman on their rag because I won't go get his fucking pot sometimes). Oh and that Money has come up missing (Which has been coming up missing for literally years..someone has been stealing it for like ever just not all the time) and that it was awful funny that sometimes when I come over money comes up missing.

    First off its not my fault that Casey and Cody barely have any money. Fred controls all their money and only GIVES them $100 a week (Both of them get $100). Second why the fuck would you keep putting money in the same spot when it gets stolen over and over (I mean god damn use a little common sense here jesus christ). And for Third I'm a honest person (srsly) I have morals...Why the fuck would I steal off someone who has helped me so much in the past? Does Fred really think I'm that fucked up of a person? Fred also lets everyone bum off them but bitches about me getting $5-$10 dollars in gas. And he has to listen to "Them whine" about not having any money for cigarettes. But yeah thats really my fault when they will spend 100-120 a week on pot. Casey will have $40 dollars left and like 3 cigarettes and buy pot instead of the cigarettes.

    So it all boils down to Casey not getting his pot when he wants it...Fucked me out of a place to stay. So yeah fucking awesome. People who do absoutely nothing with their life get to be lazy and people like me who actually are trying to do something can live house to house/in their car. I mean I understand there are already alot of people over there but god damn it you don't tell someone "Yeah you can move in" then all of a sudden be like "Well no find somewhere else". And I wouldn't dare tell him the truth because if I did my car would get fucked up beyond belief and I'd probably have to sleep with one eye open.

    My mom is no fucking help I try to talk to her and she is just like "I don't know what to tell you" or "You should talk to your dad" when I try to tell her I'm getting fucking stressed as hell about finding somewhere to sleep. I have one last hope left my buddy lives in a house that was turned into like 4 appartments and they have 2 spots open and the rent is only $300 a month (WITH Utilites) but I only have less than a month left and I pray to god I don't need a deposit (My buddy didn't because he knows the landlord's daughter but I know her too). I'm going this week to try to find out if I can somehow get into that appartment. It'll probably be a shithole but its better than not having a stable roof over your head. If this falls through I'm pretty much fucked. Wish me luck.

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    2. Creaphis


      I wish to offer you my moral support for whatever issues you may or may not be facing without actually reading your post.

    3. ReFracture


      I'm going to have to agree with Danarchy and Fraggle here. These people, although you have history with them, are just going to bring you down.

      Real friends are understanding and wont throw temper tantrums when they don't always get their way.

    4. Use


      You'll have to come to terms with the fact that your life is simply not going in the same direction as theirs. That said, you gotta leave the trash behind. If Brandon has two brain cells to rub together he'd get his ass out of there next.