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  1. So about a month ago my left side started hurting like crazy. I go to the hospital and I have Kidney Stones in BOTH Kidneys. They did a CT Scan when I was there and found one 3mm's. Thankfully he said my piss hole is 5mm so I should be able to pass it (Painfully I might add). I don't know if anyone here has actually had Kidney Stones but they hurt like fuck.

    I went to the hospital early this morning because I still hadn't passed them. When I got there it felt like my Kidney was going to explode and I had to wait 2 hours in a shitload of pain. They come and give me a shot of Benydril and Torodol (Super Ibuprofen). Which didn't help much. I had to wait another 2 hours for some actual GOOD pain medicine (Delotted <3). So now I have over 10k of medical bills (No job no health insurance). I was in so much pain last night that I couldn't sleep no matter what I did. My left Kidney hurt so bad I couldn't get comfy. They told me at the hospital to drink a shit ton of water and Cranberry juice to flush it out. When I went to the doctor last time he told me that Kidney Stones are more painful than a woman giving birth. Wish me luck guys..hopefully I can pass this son of a bitch and don't have to get further in the hole (Having to have a procedure done on me...I can't afford it). I'll keep you posted.

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    2. NightmareZer0


      Well I took 4 Cranberry Pills (Basically same ingredients as the juice without having to drink that awful shit). Pissed about every 10 minutes for a day straight. Woke up and about 4 hours later pissed that fucker out. I just hope I don't get ANOTHER one -_-. Yay for no more pain though.

    3. Snakes


      Man... Glad you passed it. Smart idea with the cranberry pills. Isn't frequent urinating also supposed to decrease the chance of kidney stones? I guess it works the same way when you already have one.

    4. Danarchy


      Woot! Yeah, here's to hoping that that will be your last.