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  1. About 3 weeks ago my girlfriend noticed that our daughter really wasn't moving much in the womb She woke up and barely felt any movement). We used a prenatal monitor to try to hear my daughter's heartbeat. I thought I had heard it but we rushed her to the hospital to be safe. The hospital hooked up their fancy prenatal monitor and they couldn't find the heartbeat. The hooked up an ultra-sound and come to find out my daughter had died. My girlfriend was 7 months along... We held a funeral for my daughter 3 days later. After my girlfriend gave birth to a stillborn they asked us if we wanted to see her. Her mom and my mom wanted to say their goodbyes so the doctor brought my daughter in.

    It was one of the saddest things I've ever seen. She only weighed around 2 pounds and she was 14 inches long. Just to see my stillborn daughter in my arms was just life changing.

    Here's a link to the obituary http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/dispatch/obituary.aspx?n=victoria-eve-altizer-duff&pid=150569525&fhid=8681 feel free to sign the guestbook if you would like. Here soon I'm going to print out the guestbook for my records.

    There is some light at the end of this tunnel though. Since my girlfriend had to give birth she had to take 6 weeks off of work. Problem is I didn't have a job at the time. I hadn't worked in months. Temp agency wasn't being very reliable and medically I can only work certain jobs (Because of my kidney stones and back problems). If I lift like 5-10 pounds constantly for an hour I get so sore I can barely move. The Doctor I went to told me I can not have a job that requires me to lift or bend much. So needless to say it was hard to find a job.

    I applied at Teleperformance a day before the funeral. By the end of the week I had an interview. If you don't know what Teleperformance is...it is a company that provides tech support for certain things. Verizon FIOS (Internet Cable and Phone) had a contract with Teleperformance for Tech Support. I landed an interview 2 days after the funeral. I got hired on..6 weeks of training (at $9.00 an hour). When I get out on the call floor I'll be making $10.50 an hour.

    The awesome thing about all of this though...with my girlfriend unable to work I will be able to keep my apartment and my car insurance. So I got lucky in that aspect that I get to keep everything we have worked so hard for.

    Anyways, I figured I'd give you guys an update because I had made a previous blog about my girlfriend being pregnant. Everyday it gets easier...Time heals all wounds I guess.

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    2. NightmareZer0


      Planky said:

      Joining in the prayers and thoughts for you and your partner Imp. I wanted to sign the guest book, but felt inappropriate given we don't know each other.

      Go ahead. It is not inappropriate. If I wasn't 100% okay with it I wouldn't have posted the link.

    3. NightmareZer0


      More good news. I'm looking into moving into a nicer apartment. When my girlfriend gets back to work we should be able to afford it. The shithole I'm living in now is falling apart. We have to share a bathroom with someone and its only like 2 rooms. No AC no Heat. Someone keeps clogging our fucking toilet (They'll shit in the toilet and just leave it..nasty eh?). So I'm sick of living there. My buddy used to live in the downstairs apartment but ever since he moved out it hasn't been the same. He actually used to keep the place up but ever since he left the place just fell apart.


      Links to where I'm going to try to move in. It sounds extremely nice for the price. My work has coupons for this place too. I can get the first month's rent free. I might be able to get some more benefits because I work at Teleperformance. Wish me luck..


    4. Danarchy


      It's a better deal than I had. I was in a 2-bedroom apartment for $775 with all utilities paid (except phone, gas, and internet).

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