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Everything posted by Archaeo

  1. Archaeo

    Point me towards wadauthor

    I’m having a hard time finding wadauthor. Could someone point me in the right direction? Everywhere I look has a link that no longer exists.
  2. Archaeo


    I’ve been a long time metroid fan and I’m a little sad that they decided to abandon there roots as the greatest side-scroller of all time to become another FPS. P.S. Before you all lynch me, let me say that I love first person shooters!
  3. Archaeo

    MP3s in ZDoom?

    I have heard that .OGGs are better than .MP3s anyway so if someone cares to they will probably give you a short-cut to a program that can convert .MP3s into .OGGs. Something like CDex or MPTRACK. CDex works great for me but I cant remember where I got it. Sorry. :)
  4. Archaeo

    What makes doom, Doom?

    Simplicity! Killing bad things that are a threat to your survival is fun, plane and simple. It’s the hunter that is inside all of us, and then there is the fact that it is so easy to edit and hack.
  5. Archaeo

    Books (The ignored)

    I recommend all humans or sub-humans with a vivid imagination to read the Dark Tower series by Stephen king. There are four books out (the gunslinger, the drawing of the three, the wastelands, and wizards and glass.) and one short story (sisters of eluria in the collection of short stories called Everything’s Eventual.) and there are three more books on the way. The Dark Tower series are not horror stories. P.S. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO READ THESE BOOKS.
  6. Archaeo

    Yaaaargh (puppies)

    The quietest dog is a cat. :P
  7. All old-school Contra fans MUST go out and get your copy of Contra-shattered soldier for the PS2. It is a must buy for those who still pull out the old dusty Nintendo and play the good old side scrolling games. WARNING: This game is very hard, and for me very addictive.
  8. Archaeo

    Contra for the PS2. OH YA!!!

    I don’t recommend getting a PS2 just for contra but there is a whole army of kick ass games on the system. Hey, maybe you could convince everyone to pitch in on it for your Christmas gift.
  9. Archaeo

    Doom 1 or 2?

    Doom 1 is the greatest! :() and for those who want to make TCs its best to start with doom1 especially if you plan on replacing sprites.
  10. Archaeo

    Contra for the PS2. OH YA!!!

    One hit and you’re dead. You have three guns and two difrent ways to shoot eatch of them. There are 3rd person base stuff like when riding a motorcycle or snowboard. The game is so hard because you get two extra lives and three continues and that’s it. I don’t have a webcam to take a pic. Sorry.
  11. Archaeo

    New to the forum

    Ya, She scares me. I loved to read the stuff she said to me when I pretended it wasn’t aimed toward me. LOL! P.s. Don’t touch the jelly like substance.
  12. Archaeo

    New to the forum

    Hi! I’m Fairly new here to. My glass lady fell down the drain pipe!!! When you see someone being really mean to someone else that usually means that they are one of the moderators and that means that they are a god here. Be careful not to make them angry for they are more powerful here than the spyderdemon ever was. I had to find out the hard way. Well! Actually, I was just yelled at a couple of times but I think my head was almost eaten once. TREAD CAREFULLY MY FRIEND!!! :)
  13. Archaeo

    Desert Warrior- A TC for doom 2. Need a team!

    Nick, It sounds like you really know what you are doing. I think that if you have an idea you should go with it. Only a fool takes all advice that is given to him but a fool doesn’t consider the advice either. I am no veteran but I think that you should start your game the way you envisioned it and let it evolve from there. That may be what you were going to do anyway and if you were than I say good luck and I hope it works out for you. There is nothing sadder that to see a TC die because the creator(s) had no support. I’m sure you will find people to back you up when you get some demos for the doomers to play. At first I was skeptical but after thinking about it I don’t think you should change your project to much just because some of us told you to. I think it would be boring to have all of the TCs to be the same. I still don’t like the idea that the game is or was going to be about the Israeli special forces but tough shit for guys like me. Go with it and you are sure to have support if you are persistent enough. :)
  14. Archaeo

    DeePsea around the corner

    I have not purchased the full version of DeePsea yet. Before I do, is there a better level Editor out there that will work with all Zdooms new features like slopes etc.?
  15. Archaeo

    DeePsea around the corner

    Um, I don’t mean to interrupt this stimulating argument but I have a quick little question about deepsea. It’s mostly a question to you deep. Is it possible to configure the mouse controls etc. for editing levels in deepsea?
  16. How do I add screen-shots to my post? I have some of my first screen shots of my TC and I want to post them as my project progresses.
  17. Archaeo

    Doom upgrade or Zdoom?

    I have an older version of ultimate doom and I’m using it with Zdoom v1.23. My question is: Should I upgrade my ultimate doom or does Zdoom take care of this already?
  18. Archaeo

    Doom upgrade or Zdoom?

    Is there any reason to upgrade my doom.exe if I’m using Zdoom. I think I don’t make sense to often. Maybee I should proof read first. :)
  19. Archaeo

    About Dck...

    Oh boy! That sounds like a lot of work. That doesn’t look like much fun and I don’t know if I would like to put all that stuff in my computer because I don’t understand how any of it works. I guess I just have to say good by to my old comrade. Fare the well Doom Construction Kit.
  20. Archaeo

    Furries make Doom crash!

    Hey Katarhyne! You are probably going to hate me for this but I don’t even know you yet and I like you already. Not in a perverted way though. By the way Kain, My win XP runs my games perfectly so far and I have had it for almost a year now with no problems.
  21. Archaeo

    How do I add screen-shots to my post?

    I’m still working on replacing all texture graphics before I begin level designing. It may be several months before any screen-shots will be made of my TC. I’m just planning ahead.
  22. Archaeo

    Desert Warrior- A TC for doom 2. Need a team!

    I have no idea what edge is capable of but I use zdoom because I can make slopes, mirrors, wind, moving floors, wobbling floors(like the lava in quake), turning sectors, force fields, monster routs, poly-objects, laser beams(Like in quake 2), cannons, monster routs, Gravity changes, swimming in pools of water, slippery floors, colored light, fog, flying, falling damage, security cameras, and that is just off the top of my head. Damn! I didn’t realize how many features I already knew about. Now Im even more impressed with zdoom than I was before.
  23. Archaeo

    DeePsea around the corner

    I would love nothing more than a version of dck to work in windows and to work with Zdoom and have all of its new options like slopes. I think I’ve said this somewhere already but I can’t remember when or where.
  24. Archaeo

    About Dck...

    Yes, so far dck is the easiest level editor and worth going to dos for but I have win XP and I have no idea how to get to dos mode. Can someone tell me how?
  25. Archaeo

    DeePsea around the corner

    Well, I just tried wadauthor and UGH!!! I hate it. It looks like we have a winner. DeePse it is people. I’ll mail the check and order form in the morning. Oh happy day!