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  1. I play Doom because it's good. I've yet to see a worthy successor or clone. Admittedly, my hardware won't run the latest games, but if the 15 years of games after Doom that I can run fine are any indication, there's no reason to believe there should be a good clone among the more recent works.
  2. clarry

    Blackroom Kickstarter Postponed

    Yep, and that's why I'm not running a kickstarter even though I'd like to focus on my game project full time. Nobody knows me. As far as I am concerned, Romero is a superstar though. At the very least, I know he can make a game. How good it will be is something one can only speculate, and ultimately subjective. No mock-up is going to change that.
  3. clarry

    Blackroom Kickstarter Postponed

    I don't get all the people who say a demo should've been obvious. I understand that people want to bet on a guaranteed win, and they want proof that the game developers "have something", something concrete. But the funding is to *develop* a game, not to release a game that has been already made. And frankly, to properly demo a game, you'll have to have most of it made already. Weapons, monsters, actual levels, with the relevant assets... these all work together to form the visuals and gameplay, they need to be balanced all in unison to make the final gameplay what it is. Otherwise, all you can create is a mock-up, a vague, remote expression of what the final game might become like. It still takes time and effort to make the mock up, but if you're going to put one together in a couple months, chances are it won't be very good, like the final, polished product. So some people would just be discouraged to support the project. On the other hand, people are going to complain when the final game is not what they saw in the demo. I mean they already complain because games' graphics aren't exactly what they saw in E3? Rather than wasting time making a mock-up of what the real game won't be, they might as well throw a link to doom and quake and say "something like that". What I'm saying it's hard to demo a product before you have the product. People backing kickstarters need to understand that. Yes, it's a bet.
  4. clarry

    Doom Officially a Good Old Game

    The installer can be unpacked without executing it using innoextract, which enables you to get the IWAD on other operating systems. http://constexpr.org/innoextract/
  5. clarry

    "Multiplayer" section on DW revival?

    I'm not using one.
  6. clarry

    "Multiplayer" section on DW revival?

    And this is exactly what I had in mind when I wished for a good multiplayer port ;-) If I had the time, I'd fork PrBoom+ just about now... There is hope that my day job will get easier in the near future.
  7. clarry

    How important are Multiplayer starts?

    Playing with a good friend is almost always more fun. If you go through the trouble of actually making a map, throwing in a few starts and extra items to support coop shouldn't be that big of a deal. I don't suppose you need to go out of your way to redesign all of the map and its encounters with coop in mind, if you don't want to. I also hear survival coop is a very popular game mode these days and as such, there's a bigger chance your map gets exposure among those who mostly play online. If that matters. Why the heck not?
  8. clarry

    "Multiplayer" section on DW revival?

    Choco runs fine, crispy runs fine, prboom and prboom+ (my preference) run just fine. Perhaps there are others, but I haven't tried them. Yep, I hope so. That is why I think a forum dedicated for multiplayer wouldn't be such a terrible idea to try. And if it doesn't work out, well, that's just one more dead forum. :-) The last time I tried Doxylamine Moon: Overdose. It had serious rendering issues out on the streets, some areas just wouldn't render at all, or would only sometimes render. Most of the time, I saw just big HOMs there. The wad is fine in PrBoom+... But I'm having performance issues even with the iwads, which is enough to turn me away from this port. Which are completely orthogonal as FMOD is used for sound in Zandronum.
  9. clarry

    "Multiplayer" section on DW revival?

    Nobody plays Odamex, and it has trouble running some wads I've wanted to play. And its performance is poor. That's not damn good for me. Zdaemon is windows only. That's damn bad. Zandronum probably still requires fmod, which means I won't be able to try it (that's not damn good). If someone ports the OpenAL branch or I hack around it, I fear I'll just run into more performance issues as with Odamex. Being a zdoom fork, I suppose it also inherits the licensing woes. Not very nice. There are other ports which have none of these issues and run mighty well, but nobody uses them for multiplayer because they're not "proper" multiplayer ports...
  10. clarry

    "Multiplayer" section on DW revival?

    I'd love multiplayer. The only thing missing is a good multiplayer port.. and then enough players to play it. I don't know about a forum section. It might very well end up dead. On the other hand, is that really such a huge issue? There are already a some less interesting or just low-traffic sections here and it's not like they really bother me.
  11. clarry

    BTSX in Crispy Doom is amazing

    It's good for sure, but I don't see why it's so much better than, say, PrBoom+. Chocolate & crispy do have nicer sounding OPL emulation though -- if I recall correctly.
  12. clarry

    Waddling Dumbass Monsters

    I'm sure there would be an audience for such a wad. You should feel encouraged to make one.
  13. clarry

    So why aren't you mapping?

    Can anyone point me to a video of an experienced mapper just making or showing how to actually make a map in Eureka? I can pretty much figure out how the thing works, but I can't seem to come across a good workflow for mapping. It feels quite clumsy and I can't imagine finishing a reasonably detailed map in it... but it's quite possibly just that I have no experience and I haven't found anyone to learn from.
  14. Copied the floppies from my uncle. Never paid for Doom.
  15. For movement, ., O, E, and U.
  16. I'm about to do two-player co-op with someone who hasn't ever played Doom before. Now the iwads' network mode item placement is very death matchy, and pwads commonly go even crazier, both with the items and monsters. I get it -- hordes, big guns and boss monsters on the first map are fun and perfectly acceptable for the players who have seen it all before and are just out to have a good time, but I think it also looks spammy and might ruin the experience for a newbie. So I'd like to play a wad whose coop progresses more or less like the classic single player, starting with relatively easy and short maps, introducing new guns and monsters as you progress. Any recommendations? It needs to work in chocolate-doom, crispy-doom, or prboom(+). I don't really care whether the visuals are classic iwad style or something more modern -- in fact it'd be fun to play both styles. Difficulty shouldn't ramp up to insane (for obvious reasons), but it's ok if it's a little tougher than '93 doom :-) We'll be playing with mice...
  17. Which is why I think the load should be shared among a handful of people. The burden of responsibility for something so many people depend on can be quite overwhelming if it's just one or two people.
  18. clarry

    Beautiful Doom

    This is actually a fairly common trick (sometimes very useful) and not only in speed runs. Perhaps if you make the fist silent, you should add an alternate fire mode that uses the middle finger with a loud "fuck you"? ;-)
  19. clarry

    MEGAmix - submissions closed

    Well dammit. I'm finally kinda starting to figure out how eureka works, and now it's too late already :-(
  20. clarry

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Bug: if a key is bound to autorun, then any cheat requiring that key will not work. I happen to have autorun bound to i, so none of the vanilla cheats work for me... It's processed in M_Responder whereas for cheats it'd need to reach ST_Responder. For now I'm changing the return at autorun to false as a workaround.
  21. clarry

    Your Doom folder structure?

    /d/doom/ d1-pwad/ d2-pwad/ demo/ eureka/ iwad/ misc-wad/ my-wad/ port/ crispy/ prboom-plus/ unsorted/
  22. clarry

    So why aren't you mapping?

    I don't run Windows.
  23. clarry

    So why aren't you mapping?

    I'd love to try it, but I haven't found good software for mapping.
  24. clarry

    Valiant.wad - now on /idgames!

    I just played through the first six maps on UV, PrB+. So far it's been amazing. This is one of the prettiest wads I've played, and I happen to like gameplay that involves loads of weak monsters.
  25. clarry

    Doom II Roland SC-55 Music Pack (and others)

    I haven't played Strife either, although I've seen favorable reviews of it and am looking forward to playing it (maybe using crispy-doom?). I think you should watch Ross' review of the game, or if you can't be bothered to watch through it in its entirety, skip to 13:57, where Ross talks about the music. He's actually asking for a midi expert to make a custom soundfont and while that might not be your thing, if SC-55 can make the music sound better than the crappy softsynths/soundfonts we're playing with, I'd say absolutely go for it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPrU7LSqiX0&list=PL6PNZBb6b9Ltgl6WM5rn2pjrXd_qdit2S