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  1. Shane

    Risen3D. Max PNG Texture Size?

    Coming along pretty nicely. If only we had some better resources for the characters. :(
  2. Guys, it's a Wanted mod, clearly. He's curving the bullets.
  3. Shane

    Would you play this shit??

    Hahahaha. That's too funny.
  4. Shane

    [WIP] DemonSteele

    Hey, I can mirror that for you. http://gam.thewaitingroom.org/doom/DemonSteele-v0.9.pk3 http://gam.thewaitingroom.org/doom/demonsteele-nowthatswhaticallmidi-v3.5.pk3
  5. Mac Sprites: SNES Sprites: http://www.vg-resource.com/thread-5385-post-258683.html#pid258683 Jaguar Sprites: http://www.spriters-resource.com/jaguar/wolfenstein3d/ Edit: Sorry, I didn't realise you were specifying enemies, so the SNES sheet doesn't help you. According to the poster, there's some issue ripping the enemies with the method he's using.
  6. Shane

    Doom textures with normal maps

    Hyper3DGE supports these features. I guess you could always try it on there: http://edge2.sourceforge.net/
  7. Shane

    Risen3D. Max PNG Texture Size?

    There isn't a resolution limit, but rather a filesize limit. I did some testing with textures at 8192, 4096 and 2048. The higher resolutions throw an error saying it exceeds the max memory size limit (32 MB), but the 2048 x 2048 textures seemed to work just fine. Keep your textures decently optimized and you shouldn't have any issues. I hope this helps!
  8. Technically, Windows 8 is a more refined Windows 7 and that's a good thing. The start screen really was no different than the start menu. However, it made it more visual which I think is a good thing for less tech savvy customers. An interface is only a nitpick, and honestly, if the desktop is functional, I couldn't care less in the end. There is a technical downside in that DWM is ALWAYS running now, whereas it got turned off in Windows Basic and Classic on Windows 7. However, computers are getting so beefy now, this is hardly an issue unless you're running less than 4GB of RAM, I guess? I was using Windows 8 since launch, went to the Windows 10 preview, but as I mentioned, they released an update that broke Active Directory. I went back to 7 for now. I agree that Microsoft should push forward. The problem I have (and others may too) is the push also looks like a shift in soul. We're seeing what could be the end of Windows as an open platform. This could be more of a response to everyone's "cloud computing" which is something I don't necessarily care for. Again, for most consumers, this probably isn't as big of a deal, but that could be only because they maybe don't understand. All in all, Windows is one of the most widely used OSs for a reason. Although Windows 10 appears to be backpedaling from Windows 8, I do think the idea of a unified mobile/desktop OS is still neat. All I know is I have my upgrades reserved.
  9. Shane

    Ways that official levels could be better?

    I'm pretty sure that's it. It's been years so I forgot the level name. I'll load it up later and let you know.
  10. If there's anything Id have shown us, it's that they know how to make some impressive engines.
  11. Yes, it does. I can't speak for the OCD claim, but if it bothers you, it's still going to be present. Maybe consider getting WindowBlinds?
  12. Shane

    DO NOT BUY A GeForce GT 610!

    You cut me deep, bro. Real deep. As many have already mentioned, the numbering system tells you what you're getting into. Everything x10-x40 is Entry Level. People buying these cards aren't looking to play games.
  13. Shane

    What is your real name?

    Shane. :P
  14. It's funny to see this step back. To me, Windows 10 is how they should have shipped Windows 8. There are some nice things about Windows 8 and I understand what they were going for, but people just weren't ready for that shift yet. I used Windows 10 until they released an update that broke Active Directory, so I had to roll back to Windows 7. All I know is that you can't use Windows Classic still and that is actually the biggest reason I dislike 8.
  15. Shane

    Doom 64 Doom 3 Levels

    PSX Doom was the basis for Doom 64. The PlayStation rendered the maps brighter, so all of the maps were darkened. I prefer it that way, though. It gives the game a more horrific atmosphere.