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  1. Skrell

    Any awesome Co-op Megawads?

    Any megawads that have a nice flow of large fights and more atmospheric wandering? Like hellbound for example? Many of the megawads posted so far are just constant slaughter which I don't find as interesting as maps that "tell a story".
  2. Skrell

    What are you playing now?

    What is Scalliano's randomizer ?
  3. Skrell

    JDUI_GZDoom_RePack_1-0 HUD?

    Does anyone know how to make the font less "fuzzy" for the HUD in gzdoom using this otherwise EXCELLENT collection of HD graphics? I find that no matter what i do the numbers are hard to read for me.
  4. Skrell

    Recommendation for a Hellbound lover

    Btw everyone..so far i'm loving Whispers of Satan!!
  5. Skrell

    Recommendation for a Hellbound lover

    Valiant to me is pure slaughterfest...i prefer exploration mixed with epic battles paced our carefully.... To be fair I only played the first 4 or 5 valiant maps but quickly got tired of the constant running and gunning.
  6. Is the plan to package all these maps into a single megawad at some point ?
  7. Skrell

    Recommendation for a Hellbound lover

    So here's my problem with armadosia.... there are WAY too may enemies hidden behind "fold down" structures...so you constantly have to question every wall and can never consider and area "cleared" . Does anyone else agree? Would this change anyone's recommendation?
  8. Skrell


    easily one of the BEST and most professional megawads EVER. Each location feels like a "place" and the lightening and texture work is brilliant. In all 32 maps i think only 2 really annoyed me to the point i skipped them.
  9. Skrell

    Recommendation for a Hellbound lover

    Yea you read my mind!! I lost interest in Jenesis almost immediately because the first levels were SO cookie cutter and uninteresting.....if you're saying they get better i'll go back and try again?
  10. Skrell

    Recommendation for a Hellbound lover

    haha that makes sense since the megawad i played, and enjoyed greatly, before hellbound was Doom 2 Reloaded!! Another GREAT mapset although i have to say Hellbound was better IMO. These 2 megawads are SO great that i'm afraid i've been spoiled at this point!!
  11. Skrell

    Recommendation for a Hellbound lover

    Any idea if there is a version of NeoDoom without all the mod'd monsters and weapons?
  12. I just finished the truly epic Hellbound megawad and am having a VERY hard time finding another megawad(more than 9 level wad) that is in the same vein. Can you guys please post some recommendations? Note that the thing I LOVED about Hellbound was the sense of adventure and environment. Each level felt like i was actually going somewhere and it wasn't simply a test of skill.
  13. Skrell

    Valiant: Vaccinated Edition (on idgames)

    I'm trying to play this with Brutal Pack 7.5.1a and i'm getting a LOT of graphical glitches? The shotgun switches to the default one...doesn't reload...i see rocket shells that the original default ones...not sure what's going on.
  14. I was dying to play this after reading a great review but got quickly tired of the boring and repetitive textures/lighting... If you can spruce these up I think the wad would be killer!
  15. Skrell

    Valiant: Vaccinated Edition (on idgames)

    Awesome news!! Can't wait to finally play this!!