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  1. ezormer

    Beat Cyberdemon531's Demos Thread

    cafebrk1.wad map01 NoMo in 0:18 map02 NoMo in 0:37 map03 NoMo in 0:35 hellbnd.wad map01 NoMo in 0:48 map03 NoMo in 0:21 nova.wad map02 UV-Speed in 0:32 map06 NoMo in 0:22 map25 UV-Speed in 0:18 map27 UV-Speed in 0:16 cyburils.zip
  2. ezormer

    Nomonster speedrunning

    Doom E1M5 NoMo in 0:41 E1M7 NoMo in 0:59 e1dems.zip
  3. ezormer

    Nomonster speedrunning

    Doom Episode 2 NoMo in 3:02 Void glide still slow, so this is very improvable. dep2o302.zip
  4. e1m1 UV-Max 0:51 e1m2 UV-Max 2:10 e2m3 UV-Max 3:00 e3m1 UV-Max 1:04 e3m7 UV-Speed 0:57 swtchrm1.zip
  5. Switcheroom Pacifist map e1m1 0:13 sw11-013.zip
  6. bedlam.wad UV-Speed map e3m1 0:20 map e3m2 0:58 map e3m3 0:33 map e3m6 0:17 *edit* files somehow didn't attach, so here they are.
  7. ezormer

    50 Shades of Graytall (now on idgames!)

    Another update to my map, added more detail and improved the layout of some rooms, and added more enemies. The map is pretty much finished now, just needs a midi and probably some texture alignments.
  8. ezormer

    50 Shades of Graytall (now on idgames!)

    Updated my map a bit, added some detail (for better or worse) and changed the enemy placement.
  9. ezormer

    Nomonster speedrunning

    Doom Episode 3 NoMo in 3:17 dep3o317.zip
  10. ezormer

    Nomonster speedrunning

    Resurgence NoMo map01 0:12 map02 0:31 map04 0:55 map05 0:23 map06 0:25 map08 0:36 map12 1:02 map14 0:34 Originally recorded most of these with the wrong complevel, oops. Re-recorded most of them with complevel -9, except for map01 and map05. resurgenomo.zip
  11. ezormer

    50 Shades of Graytall (now on idgames!)

    Done, updated the link. I'm pretty excited to see other submissions. I don't really mind if my map makes it into the final release or not, as long as there are 11 quality Graytall maps ready to play.
  12. ezormer

    50 Shades of Graytall (now on idgames!)

    Interesting idea, so I gave it a shot. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yajlstdztwvy72d/tallgrayhandsome.wad?dl=0 It turned out better than I was expecting given the limitations, but hopefully it isn't too dull. Didn't take long for me to realize how hard it is to create a map without proper swtiches/doors.