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  1. New technospider concept art

    it would not fit the size requirements, since the side view is too slender
  2. The story behind your custom avatar

    it's a drawing i made based on the way cyrghostie depicted daisy on his doom guy tumblr
  3. Make Freedoom Great Again

    @blastfrog Please reconsider borrowing preexisting maps. I'm not fully opposed to picking up a few good spare maps here and there, but if the majority of the maps in your episode end up being non original i may have to reconsider my involvement with the project. Same goes to all other czars
  4. anyone got the green pile?

    thanks :) was the cage one different?
  5. anyone got the green pile?

    i cant seem to access the old green pile links anymore https://www.doomworld.com/greenpile/ is anyone who has them willing to share?
  6. New Forum

  7. New Forum

    the doomworld has been ruin 4Ever
  8. Raymoohawk's sprite edits

    look man i made clear that the pestmester was not yet ready for submission and you guys added it anyway, making my work (and freedoom) look a lot more amateurish in the process. what you see there is a sketch that was meant to show what the finalized death might look like, but it was never supposed to be an actual part of the finished sprites. i am well aware of the size requirements for sprites, and the final corpse will be the same size as that of the original baron
  9. Share a random fact about yourself

    they make you digitigrade ;P
  10. Earth is FLAT - A video by yours truly

    hey doomkid, could you disprove evilution next? too many americans believe that a rock gave birth to a cat
  11. Earth is FLAT - A video by yours truly

    if the earth is round why doesn't it roll over and crash us? checkmate scientits!
  12. My Archvile

    i contacted him last year, he told me i could work on it, but only after he worked some more on it. unfortunately he stopped answering my messages months ago, so i am unsure if he has changed his mind the last update he made that i know of is this: i got the impression from our conversation that he was redoing the monster in the cleaner style you see above
  13. Doomworld Confessions

    for the life of me i keep confusing gifty and mouldy. it's not so bad since i like both of thier work
  14. What are your YouTube preferences?

    on the entertainment side i usually watch unhealthy amounts of my little pony related stuff, star wars nonsense and yugioh crap i also like watching videos of people drawing