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  1. it would very from cat to cat i guess. my sister once told me that if her cat was the size of a dog she would probably be dead because of how much the cat loves to roughplay
  2. raymoohawk

    Blasphemer discussion

    those new badies look real good, can't wait to play it :)
  3. raymoohawk

    post about your favorite dinosaur

    i am fond of this recon by jake baardse. he even had victoria arbour as an advisor during the sculpting process team penguin for the win :)
  4. raymoohawk

    post about your favorite dinosaur

    nice, this reminds me of the single cervical that was interpreted as a giant barosaurus by the sv pow gang still praying this one is correct XD
  5. raymoohawk

    good dumb tvs?

    can non-smart tvs be worth getting? what models would you recommend?
  6. raymoohawk

    What was your first console?

    gba. only games i had were pokemon sapphire, return of the king and some ygo game i cant remember. still played other gba games trough alternative completly legal means
  7. raymoohawk

    Most recent movie you saw

    the most recent movie i watched was Splice (2009) i was really intriged by the creature designs in this movie as a teenager but never got around to watching it. i finally decided to track it down in an attempt to wash down the bad taste alien covenant left we with. The first half of the movie is filled with unintentionally funny moments that clash with the serious tone the filmakers are going for. The second half of the movie has a lot of really upsetting stuff that is completely unearned and takes on a really weird judgy tone that i think says more about the moviemakers than the characters they're trying to shock you with.
  8. what are your reccomendations? what computer get for grandma?
  9. raymoohawk

    post about your favorite dinosaur

    they don't, they seem like cool animals tho lots of good favorites here. nice that penguins are getting so much love :)
  10. what is your favorite dinosaur and why? i am partial to the domestic/feral pigeon (Columba livia) i like that they can suction drink, are good flyers with vertical take off adaptations and can produce crop milk. like a lot of avians they can also be quite intelligent. it's also cool that any time you look at a flock of them there is plenty of individual variation in their plumage
  11. raymoohawk

    hypothetical cat stealing

    content warning
  12. raymoohawk

    ssd size

    i see, do you think a 250 gig ssd is too low?