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Everything posted by raymoohawk

  1. raymoohawk

    how often do you save?

    i used to save a lot, specially when low on health, but i found that i enjoyed the game less and less the more frequently i saved. now i try to only save from setpiece to setpiece, or if the map is small to medium size then i try to avoid saving, unless i have to move away trom the computer
  2. raymoohawk

    New technospider concept art

    it would not fit the size requirements, since the side view is too slender
  3. raymoohawk

    anyone got the green pile?

    i cant seem to access the old green pile links anymore https://www.doomworld.com/greenpile/ is anyone who has them willing to share?
  4. raymoohawk

    The story behind your custom avatar

    it's a drawing i made based on the way cyrghostie depicted daisy on his doom guy tumblr
  5. raymoohawk

    Make Freedoom Great Again

    @blastfrog Please reconsider borrowing preexisting maps. I'm not fully opposed to picking up a few good spare maps here and there, but if the majority of the maps in your episode end up being non original i may have to reconsider my involvement with the project. Same goes to all other czars
  6. raymoohawk

    anyone got the green pile?

    thanks :) was the cage one different?
  7. raymoohawk

    New Forum

  8. raymoohawk

    New Forum

    the doomworld has been ruin 4Ever
  9. raymoohawk

    Raymoohawk's sprite edits

    look man i made clear that the pestmester was not yet ready for submission and you guys added it anyway, making my work (and freedoom) look a lot more amateurish in the process. what you see there is a sketch that was meant to show what the finalized death might look like, but it was never supposed to be an actual part of the finished sprites. i am well aware of the size requirements for sprites, and the final corpse will be the same size as that of the original baron
  10. raymoohawk

    Share a random fact about yourself

    they make you digitigrade ;P
  11. raymoohawk

    Earth is FLAT - A video by yours truly

    hey doomkid, could you disprove evilution next? too many americans believe that a rock gave birth to a cat
  12. raymoohawk

    Earth is FLAT - A video by yours truly

    if the earth is round why doesn't it roll over and crash us? checkmate scientits!
  13. raymoohawk

    My Archvile

    i contacted him last year, he told me i could work on it, but only after he worked some more on it. unfortunately he stopped answering my messages months ago, so i am unsure if he has changed his mind the last update he made that i know of is this: i got the impression from our conversation that he was redoing the monster in the cleaner style you see above
  14. raymoohawk

    Doomworld Confessions

    for the life of me i keep confusing gifty and mouldy. it's not so bad since i like both of thier work
  15. raymoohawk

    What are your YouTube preferences?

    on the entertainment side i usually watch unhealthy amounts of my little pony related stuff, star wars nonsense and yugioh crap i also like watching videos of people drawing
  16. raymoohawk

    Are "obligewads" allowed in here?

    i think you should only post oblige megawads if you have a lot of experience playing (and preferably making) doom wads, so that you can distinguish between an unusually good oblige wad and something meh
  17. raymoohawk

    Raymoohawk's sprite edits

    i'm sure luckypunk meant no harm so let's keep it civil guys
  18. raymoohawk

    Raymoohawk's sprite edits

    tried to edit my canda0 and cbraa0 to make them more lampie, i'm still without a dedicated computer so they may look a bit wonky, but i think they still look better than the current ones in
  19. raymoohawk

    Raymoohawk's sprite edits

    lazily reusing stuff just results in less usable assets
  20. raymoohawk

    Raymoohawk's sprite edits

    sorry but no, those sprite edits are not very readable the cwolf torches are better suited for billboarding
  21. raymoohawk

    Release Clean Up

    @voros you're thinking of another sprite. the green and red spheres in my post are the ones that have always been in freedoom (i included them by accident). eriance did let me know of a red sprite that was a recolor of doom's soul sphere, but i did not include it in my post. the orange and yellow ones he made from scratch. @lucky punk as the author of the current torches i appreciate that you like them, but i think that more symmetrical designs work better for static objects EDIT i've been thinking that the icon on my edit of the armor bonus might make the player mistake the item for a plasma cell, do you think it looks more acceptable like this: it's suppossed to have a shield icon
  22. raymoohawk

    Criticism of Freedoom soundtrack

    if something could be mistaken for a ripoff it should be removed, even if it was done from scratch. for example if i made a sprite from scratch and everyone recognized it as a pinky demon then it should not be added to freedoom. the same should apply to music and sound duke nukem and doom may have gotten away with doing homages and rip offs, but free and open content projects do not and should not get such a lax standard. remember we want people to be able to reuse our stuff without worrying about copyright shenanigans
  23. raymoohawk

    Freedoom v0.11 Emerges

    nah, dont worry about it ;)
  24. raymoohawk

    Release Clean Up

    could some one add this things? they are mostly minor edits, palletized versions of Cwolf's torches and a couple of eriance sphere sprites he donated