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  1. A list of your previous maps or your head (so i can steal your brain).

    1. NoisyVelvet


      that's a good question! i dunno.  from searching "noisyvelvet" on doomwiki, I found several.

      there's also some other ones that might be rattling around in places; off the top of my head: Plutinya, DW Roulette 2, Monument Mars, Circle of Caina.  There's some speedmapping sessions too.  There also might be a few rogue links to non-archived maps of varying quality scattered around which i have little recollection of.


      Also, I'd lend you my head but I don't even know where it is at the moment, so we're both out of luck for now.

    2. Catpho


      "Jungle Juice" was a beast btw