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  1. Resident Evil was garbage when it came out, and why it got popular still baffles me to this day.
    Zombies? Boring. Jump scares? Cheap. Shitty control scheme? wut.

    I can understand the control scheme being weird in Silent Hill since you are a regular joe but in RE you're a fucking cop/special agent/whatever it is. It shouldn't be cumbersome to move around and aim your weapon. You were trained for this. Come on.


    Zelda never stood out to me in any way at all. It always felt uninspired to me, nothing about the story stood out to me as 'great'. Very plain aesthetic, too aimed at children (imo), and I was exposed to it as a child. That being said, LttP is the best entry in the series to me to this day. Link's Awakening was an interesting story, different from the usual 'get the triforce, stop Ganon, save the princess' shtick and overall felt like its own thing. I appreciated that.


    On the subject of Nintendo, for how much people complain about other developers 'reusing assets' or being lazy, Nintendo has had the same formula with Mario for decades and you never hear people bitch about it. Still Bowser. Still mushrooms, and goombas, and...whatever the fuck. 2D, 3D, all the game are the fucking same. Yet CoD is the king of rehashes? (Not that I am defending CoD; that's still garbage) Mario Kart doesn't count, of course, since they actually did something different there but it's still nothing to write home about.


    FF7 is a hot convoluted mess that was ugly back then completely fell apart after disc 1 ended. Picks up again near the end of the third disc, but it fails to capitalize on the final area by giving it a stupid song and making it dull and cumbersome to traverse.


    Half Life's most interesting aspect is its creature design, nothing more.


    Been a while since I thought of these, if I remember anything else I'll jot it down.


  2. 10 minutes ago, MeatSafeMurderer said:

    Nah. I live in the UK though so it took its sweet ass time before even entering the country. Now it's in the hands of Hermes, who I suspect will deliver it safely onto my roof. Remember, it only looks like he's carelessly throwing your package without paying any attention to what he's doing.

    What delivery date were you given?