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  1. kulma

    Other games doomers play

    i play doom. if i don't play doom, i'll play go. they are sorta opposites in gaming. that's why i love both so much. but go even more, it doesn't need these stupid computers to play _^_
  2. kulma

    Through the black hole....

    so, i pranced around google then. and, the situation with black holes has not changed anywhere from the seventies. in the scientific mind, black holes, _YES_ they _DO_ exist. in the real world, there is _NO PROOF_ in the existence of black holes, even in the scientific sense. scientist have only theories. they only have evidence of WARMTH and X-RAYs, which _MIGHT_ be caused by a black hole. we do not know that a black hole exist, until we see one. nowadays we only see some distant stuff, then someguy says hey it's this and that. let's wait for some REAL evidence, not some 'jabber' as Quas called it from a guy who thinks he's mentally superior than others, ok? scientists get some information, then they start philosophising on it, and call themselves "empirical" (ok then it's a dead term, give me a better one), and then some lad thinks they know how "god makes the world go around". it's all in THEIR HEAD. WAKE UP AND GET YOUR OWN HEAD, PLEASE.
  3. kulma

    Through the black hole....

    didn't i just say that? or was it too hard to see? sorry 'bout that. i haven't done math in years and after all i'm a stupid finn who has to battle ice-bears while taking out the trash and wolves when getting beer. this is the internet. this piece of forum software parses urls automatically. help me get my head out of the sand. why does everyone just say "use google"? do i need to say more? but anyways, i sorta enjoy keeping my head in the sand. it's warm. and it's -20C outside.
  4. kulma

    Through the black hole....

    lemme elaborate: the first paragraph was just stupid :) the second is called mathematics, or atleast that's how fractions were taught to me. the third paragraph is something good ole' stevie has written in his books. well 'cept the part about something leaving a black hole. the fourth one was just stupid, but true anyways :) the fifth one IS THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!
  5. kulma

    Through the black hole....

    heh. you guys are funney. as i read through this thread, i came to this conclusion: "there can be no light. if there was light, everyone would die." dividing with zero doesn't generate infinity, it creates nothing. it does not generate zero, 'cos zero is something. anything divided by zero is. black hole's are still only theoretical physics, just numbers and ideas. no black holes are known to exist. there is no proof that black holes exist. thanks to the all-encompassing suction effect it generates, those wouldn't be noticed with modern equipment. if something would leave a black hole (radiation for example) it'd be sucked right back in. so, getting near a black hole is going to get you killed. the same effect can be accomplished with a piece of bread, or maybe a cookie. when you die, your soul leaves your body and enters the heaven or hell through the nearest black hole. muahaha.
  6. kulma

    Population of the USA?

    you say it like theoretical physics aren't supernatural ;)
  7. kulma

    Age of people playing Doom these days!

    forrest gump does seem like an intellectual person. sort of. well. he only lacks communicational intellect youknow. those suck anyways. sort of. well. ANYHOO. just turned 21. i'll drink a beer for it tonite. if i remember to do so. it snowed heavily on my bday, best gift ever.
  8. kulma

    Population of the USA?

    empirism sucks.
  9. kulma

    Most preferred non-meal foods?

    chocolate with sausage, yumyum!
  10. kulma

    Population of the USA?

    just curious, what does that 1% believe?
  11. kulma

    I almost died today...

  12. kulma

    Best windows Doom map maker

    umh, i've understood that DCK needs "boot to dos" to run, but zeth can be run inside windows in a maximized window. wad author and deepsea are both shareware with size limits, IIRC.
  13. kulma

    Blau!! (testers needed)

    25/50, and the norm shotgun only uses one shell at a time (it uses two now)? but i still think it (the riotgun) could shoot slower, half or a quarter of a second more per shot or so. i tend to switch alot between sg/ssg when i play doom2 sp, but with these when i get my hands on that riot gun, there's no going back to that single shotgun. also, can you hack it so that you get only half the ammo from enemy dropped shotguns, shells and shell-boxes? oh shit! she's a badass already! but now, oh shit! :) it kills a mancubus with one missile with a direct hit, and mancubi take 3-4 rockets. that's where i figured the triple-damage. yeah the flamethrower's very cool, maybe even a better weapon than the light saber. and it works fine with me. these guns would be really cool for skull tag/capture the flag! there's a great offensive weapon, the riot gun, and a great defensive weapon, the flame thrower. and the other guns also just kick ass! well daydreaming is fun... :P
  14. kulma


    heh, another one down the hatch :P irc bad, k-line gooood :P what's the story behind #blah, anyone? oh yeah, and not to get too off-topic, i'm a bit addicted to beers from the czech breweries :P dane beer is also great. finnish beers are quite lame.