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  1. Okay, fixed it, thanks for letting me know. Don't know why GZDB swapped the two player starts, I certainly didn't. I guess that's just what I get for not testing :) You can download it again here (all I did was swap the 2 player starts), but I think @DoomLover234 has already handled it for the final release.
  2. Played it, completed all puzzles in 1.5 hours (unless there are secret ones I missed). The map looks beautiful, but lagged every source port I tried (I ended up going with GZDoom because it provided the most frames). Warning: the spoiler describe all puzzles, play before you look!!! Thanks for this, it was fun :)
  3. @rdwpa Thanks for those videos! About that one revenant: yeah, he's not even supposed to be there. I think he popped up as I was trying to get the death exit working properly. I've uploaded a new version (it's literally the same thing minus that revenant). @DoomLover234, If you could include this in the idgames release (unless you've already submitted it), that would be great. Thanks in advance! Edit: @DoomLover234, I just saw your post regarding the revenant, I should probably read things more before posting. No need to download + import my map, you can just delete him :)
  4. I made a version of my map with a death exit, it's up to @DoomLover234 to decide if the 100 rockets thing is to be fixed. It works fine in singleplayer, but is untested in coop. If you use it, add like 10 minutes to my build time :)
  5. I found a bug in my map! Made it possible to get back up into the map if you fell down into the blood.
  6. Name: Clouds of FIREBLU Build Time: 2 hours (plus 10 minutes picking a MIDI and another 5 writing this stuff) Music: Faron Woods from Zelda Twilight Princess (from (I thought it would complement the sky texture I chose) Themes: All four (but the ruins and switches themes aren't emphasized here). Download: Bugs: I tested this for like 8 milliseconds, so there are probably some bugs in here.
  7. Looks like I'll be able to attend for the later session. See y'all soon...
  8. I don't know if I will be present for this one, there's a BBQ happening at my place. If I get the chance, I will whip up a map.
  9. Wait is this still happening? I kinda assumed it died, if that's the case, I can still release it standalone (or maybe we could revive the project under new lead). I've got a 98% complete map sitting on my hard drive...
  10. Name: You Flip Switches And Go Down Build time: 2 hours exactly! Themes: All 4 Music: That awesome track from Heretic, the one that goes BOOM BOOM BOOM, you know the one. Download: It's a bit of a hard one, this is. Hopefully not too difficult, just make sure you don't flip switches too quickly without first having a quick look around - there are some missable items that really help!
  11. I have a cool idea, but I'm sure theme #4 will shit all over it :D
  12. Okay, I'm in. I'm delighted it wasn't yesterday, or I would have missed it :D
  13. Hi all, sorry I wasn't able to participate this time, I was super busy all weekend. I'll try and play the set if I get the chance and let you all know what I think. I should be around for the fourth one though, so I'll see you all next month.
  14. Hi, quick update. I've not forgotten about my map, I should be posting it in the next week or two. I've been pretty busy doing other things and not really had a chance to work with it, but things are calming down now.