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  1. Hi all, sorry I wasn't able to participate this time, I was super busy all weekend. I'll try and play the set if I get the chance and let you all know what I think. I should be around for the fourth one though, so I'll see you all next month.
  2. Hi, quick update. I've not forgotten about my map, I should be posting it in the next week or two. I've been pretty busy doing other things and not really had a chance to work with it, but things are calming down now.
  3. Yeah I noticed you have spent more time on this one, and it shows. Little details like stairs can really make a difference, and the lil' slime pool was a nice touch (though you should probably add a damaging effect to it). I liked the computer panels too. It kinda reminded me of E3M9, probably because of the linear nature of the map and the backtracking element. Gameplay is still fairly simplistic, but felt a bit better this time around. Aside from the first area, monster types are never mixed and present very little challenge. Consider mixing some low-tier monsters in with the mid-tier monsters to make things more interesting and lively. One of your pillar barons (on the backtracking part) doesn't face the door and isn't alerted until the player shoots - nothing major, but a little janky, you might want to fix that. Almost forgot to mention: you should really think about map lengths - every map you've made so far is about as long as E1M1 in Doom, but you're 11 maps in to your project, so your levels should be taking around 5 minutes each to beat at this point. Short maps are good episode starters, but your entire episodes consist of maps that never get a chance to register with the player before they're whisked off to the next one, and before they know it, the episode is finished. Oh, and here are some pics since "no pics = no downloads" around here apparently :-) Looking forward to the next few maps, hope you put as much time and effort into each one as you did with this! Once again, good luck!
  4. Cool, I liked it, felt very episode twoey, but I thought we were going into some caves... ah well, I like green marble bricks (except when I have to align the damn things). The good: Weapon progression is pretty much perfect, and ammo is never an issue. Nice callback to the episode 1 boss in the secret area. A neat unexpected wall-raising trap thingy in one of the maps (can't remember which one, sorry). The not-so-good: Maps are still very flat and plain. Try blending themes (for example, cave + marble or tech + hell). Gameplay is too easy and simplistic for a second episode. Try making longer and more involved maps. I think there are three key areas you need to improve in: increasing your map lengths, using height variation to its full potential, and giving each map its own identity and purpose in the episode. Also, I have to agree with both @Nine Inch Heels and @MysteriousHaruko with the point they made about putting more time into each individual map. At the moment, your maps average about 15-20 enemies each and take 2 minutes at most to finish - I would aim for 5-10 minutes per map for someone's first playthrough. Spend more time adding detail, improving encounters, adding optional areas, hiding secrets, and increasing the map's length. I am looking forward to episode 3, and hope you take some of our advice on board. Good luck!
  5. I gave this one a play expecting another episode of maps, and was a little disappointed when I exited the map to see the end game screen :( Anyways, here's my quick review for your quick map. The part at the beginning was cool, challenging the player to make good use of their ammo for the pain elemental. I decided to use the pistol on the two lost souls before switching to the shotgun and charging in to finish off the pain elemental. The map does provide a super shotgun near the end, but I never reached it on my first playthrough because I hit the unmarked exit switch (protip: mark your exits). Am I correct in thinking you intend for the player to not kill the hell knight until the super shotgun is acquired? The map is a bit bland, most of it is the same brown texture, and the only part that isn't uses the grey version of that texture. Doom has many dirt/rock textures for you to use, mix 'em up! If we're beneath the UAC base, stick in some pipes or old dirty equipment to spice things up further. Allow the player to access some long-abandoned and collapsing UAC rooms buried deep in the earth. If these caves are full of demons, have some fleshy/hellish textures to please them. Why not also have some liquids (slime, water, or mud) flowing out from the UAC base and into the caves? I recommend releasing your maps as episodes rather than single maps, and improving them with the suggestions you get here. Good luck, and I look forward to your next episode.
  6. Quick update for my map: The layout and detailing is 100% done. It takes place in several huge caverns (much like Doom II's MAP24 and MAP29) as well as some marble structure that drove me nuts trying to align those dumb green bricks. There are also like 8 secrets because I couldn't stop slipping them in everywhere. All I need to do now is play it fourteen dozen times to get the gameplay where I want it - I want it to actually be fun to play (unlike everything else I've ever released lol). Oh and I'm naming it "Firewalker" because there's lots of lava and arch-viles (though that might change if y'all think a door would be more appropriate for a "Plain ol' Doom II" project than 54 arch-viles under crushers protecting the exit teleporter) :-)
  7. I can confirm it's not a terry wad :) Five maps, all very short and concise. Aside from your custom monster, there's nothing more dangerous than hell knights here. Very little health, but also very little challenge. Although a lack of difficulty is appropriate for your first couple of maps, I would still consider upping it a little to prevent the player from steamrolling through the whole thing in 10 minutes. I am fine with weapon balance, there was always just enough ammo to kill everything - good job on that. The maps are very, very flat - try working with some height variation (stairs, lifts, ledges overlooking other parts). Aesthetically, most of your rooms are fine (I was impressed by MAP03 the most), but some of them need improvement (the crate walls in MAP04 get a little out of hand). I didn't notice any bugs, but the default Doom II intermission text could have easily been replaced with MAPINFO. If this is going to be several episodes, consider adding an episode selection menu too (I believe this is also done through MAPINFO but I haven't made one in a decade so don't quote me on that). Spoiler about the final map: Keep it up, hope to see some longer and more involved maps from you!
  8. @rdwpa Thank you very much for the FDA, I hope you enjoyed this one (sorry about the shotguns and barons, wanted to keep it Doom 1 only). I fixed that leaky lift and added some subtle monster blocking lines to make the drop into the Episode 2 area a little smoother. I also added damage to the lava in the Episode 3 area.
  9. Name: Doom in a Nutshell (and Poorly Executed) Build Time: 2 hours and 1 minute. Music: "Hiding the Secrets" from Doom. Themes: All of them lol. Beers Consumed: None, I am driving tomorrow.
  10. Hi all! Couldn't make the first one, but will be around for the second part. The rest of this post is for @DoomLover234 mostly. About the themes, I think people are unhappy because they conflict with each other - I always try to incorporate all themes into my map where possible, but the set you provided for this month are pretty much mutually exclusive and make this very difficult to achieve. Another issue is that they're all the same type of theme. Consider ASS (which this is obviously inspired by) - most months, the three themes were completely different types. Here are a couple of examples to demonstrate my point: ASS21 Dynamic/changing architecture Gunfire-activated switches No light levels between 128 and 192 ASS26 Make maps in Episode 1 style Use higher tier monsters Everything aligned to 32x32 grid Notice that ASS26 has an identical theme to one of yours, but instead of having more themes of the same type, it goes for completely different things that can complement the E1 theme and allow mappers to more easily implement all three themes into a single map. That being said, I am still looking forward to the fourth theme (I have a pretty good idea of what it might be lol), and will give it my best shot when we begin round 2 in a few hours...
  11. I played it on ultra-voilence in ZDoom, and here's my attempt at constructive criticism (sorry if I am too harsh here, I am not good at this yet lol): Difficulty balance needs to be looked at here. You start the player in the middle of a yard with many hitscanners that begin plinking away the player's health. I went down to about 20% health here. The rest of the map consists of several rooms, some are completely empty of enemies, and the others seem to have them dotted around at random. I think the weakest aspect of this map is the gameplay, specifically the monster placement. Normally I would recommend putting an arch-vile in the tree room as it has lots of opportunities to break line of sight, but a) this is the first map of a set, and b) the player could just run into the exit anyway. Am I correct in thinking that a secret is required to open a door necessary to exit the level? I was running around for a few minutes before I noticed on the automap that one of the walls was actually a blue door, and only then was I able to progress. Also, several of your triggers are one-time only (most notably the lift in one of the crate rooms). One secret area involves three switches that lower some goodies, but remember that, much like in MAP01 of Doom II, we can hit a switch even if it's lowered fully into the ground. The aesthetics are the map's strongest point in my opinion, but still need a lot of work. I liked the slime walls in the crate rooms, but one of them was missing a railing texture. I noticed some doors don't have lower unpegged walls. The sector trees in the final area are cute, I like em, and you've made good use of FIREBLU in there too, something every map needs. The good: Length for a first map is spot on. Lots of secrets to find. Mix of indoor and outdoor areas. The not-so-good: Random and unbalanced enemy placement. Several minor aesthetics issues. Necessary secret required to exit. If you play some of the popular WADs at the moment (or even the base games), you can analyze how the monsters are used in each area to present different challenges - I think Doom II showcases this best. Consider using height variation to mix it up too. Despite everything I said, I still enjoyed playing your map, and most importantly, have fun and don't let me discourage you from mappin' :)
  12. For the first one, DoomLover234 complied the WAD, created the text file, uploaded it, and organized/managed the project (along with adding some of his own MIDIs). I'd say that's more than enough contribution. :)
  13. Good news! I didn't like my map (it wasn't Doom II-ey enough for the project) so I trashed it and started again! I've actually done about a week of work on the new one, and it's getting close to completion... I promise I won't trash this map and start again (again). I'm trying to use lighting and height variation as much as I can. I'm also having tons of fun aligning those marble brick textures :)
  14. Okay, I'm in.
  15. Also, Joey, ffs stop getting banned!