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  1. Surreily

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    Sorry, I just didn't have enough time to finish mine (lots of stuff happening over the last 2 weeks). No major loss, it was shit anyway, but I still feel kinda bad :/
  2. Quickie review of 99 Ways To Die: MAP01: I managed to die in the first room, go me! This is the first of three small to medium length maps that use advanced (for the time) lighting effects and lots of brown textures to achieve some pretty neat looking spaces. There's way too much health and ammo in this first map though. There's quite an emphasis on hitscan enemies, we'll be seeing more of that later. There's a completely optional area behind a locked yellow door - it's a bit random, but whatever, optional areas are always cool. MAP02: In this map, we see more of that fancy lighting and more of those hitscanners. There's a pretty rad room on one side of the map where a bunch of revenants get crushed in a thing that could probably have used some monster blocking lines to achieve the intended effect - I am assuming the author was going for something like the windows in Doom II's MAP04. Much like the previous map, there's an optional area hidden behind a yellow door, but it's right at the start of the map and the key isn't obtained until later, resulting in needless backtracking for the player. Difficulty is still manageable, nothing too tough yet. MAP03: This is the finale of the WAD. More impressive lighting effects on display here, especially considering the editors of the time (I can only imagine the amount of time this would have taken). We get some more difficult encounters here, including three pain elementals at the same time and a few arch-viles thrown in for good measure. I don't think the author playtested this one enough, as there is a serious bug that prevents completion when playing on Ultra-Violence due to what I assume is a teleport destination not being flagged as present for the difficulty. It's a bit of a shame, I had to noclip through the walls to the final encounter. It's probably the best of the bunch if we ignore that teleporter bug, and a great way to cap off this little set.
  3. Surreily

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    Hi, I've got a pretty solid idea for a map and would like to join if that's okay. This is the first MAYhem I've participated in by the way, am I allowed to add a couple of additional textures? My map will have a fairly unique goal that some players might not understand at first, and I'd like to use a texture or two to help explain the map's goal. If you've ever played Valiant MAP07, you'll kinda get what I mean (though the "gimmick" is going to be completely different in this case).
  4. Surreily

    Your favourite TYPE of level?

    Cool, looks like we've revived a thread from a few months ago! Favourite map setting: A good bit of Hell with all its REDROCK caverns and tight marble hallways. Bonus points if the author goes for that Episode 4 look. Favourite difficulty: About Plutonia. I like playing maps with "natural" gameplay. What I mean by this is allowing monsters to roam, keeping the difficulty more or less consistent, and not trying to control exactly what the players or monsters do in the map (so, minimal traps/ambushes). Chaingunners? Yes, as long as they aren't bullshit like that one map in Plutonia where it spawns you in front of about 8 of them. Long or short? Nice and long with lots of exploration and optional areas! Detail or gameplay? Why not both?
  5. You can bet your ass that my ass will be in this ASS.
  6. Name: I Covered The Walls In METAL2 And Called It A Map Themes: Textures and invisibility Build Time: 2 hours 30 (+15 for testing) sorry lol Music: Black Sabbath - Iron Man MIDI Download (sorry about the filename): https://www.dropbox.com/s/b4hhtoxzt5kvsm4/lfgofrgjnifgehwerigrgr.wad?dl=1
  7. Shit, I missed this one, sorry guys.
  8. Pretty bad one from me this month, I was half asleep. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lm35owj1ptudct9/surreily_ass34.wad?dl=1 Name: Love in the Maze Midi: Something from Duke Nukem 3D Themes: All 3 Build time: 2 hours (+15 minutes prep) Texture pack: zoon-tex-2.7.wad (I didn't include the textures in this WAD, hopefully they can be added in post)
  9. Surreily

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 33 - ph33r

    Your Ass Is Gettin' Crushed Build time: 1 hour and 45 minutes. Music: Death's Bells from TNT. Themes: Hitscanners and crushers. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gifmjn9st1bcwbq/ass33.wad?dl=1
  10. Surreily

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Okay, I think I need to clear things up about the Doom Builder thing. The filter does not create new textures, nor does it recolor them. All it does is find textures of the desired color. The little slider on the right controls how similar the texture's color must be - I found that certain colors are more strict than others. The resource WADs I have loaded there have a bunch of blue textures and a new palette. Sorry if I got any of your hopes up - this is not anything major. It's just a little tool to help me find suitable textures for when I'm making a map that uses a single color. If you are looking to recolor your textures, @Dragonfly's post mentions everything you need to know (though it can be a right pain in the ass working with Doom's palettes).
  11. Surreily

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I was basically just playing around with Doom Builder for the first time and seeing what I could come up with, but it's on my GitHub account if you're interested. If you are unable to compile it yourself and need it as an executable file, give me a shout and I'll host it on my site. If it's something many people want, it might be possible to get it merged into the main Bugfix repository (but not before I have a review of the code and clean it up a little). https://github.com/Surreily/GZDoom-Builder-Bugfix Oh, and since this is a picture thread, have some of this Plain Old Doom 2 Project map I made before it got canned (though I kinda want to release it still). It's basically finished, but I couldn't be bothered playing it all tonight, so I just IDDQD'd around for a couple minutes.
  12. Surreily

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I added a color filter to Doom Builder. It kinda works. Also, I'm embarrassed to admit I only just discovered that GZDoom Builder Bugfix existed yesterday... it's so much better than vanilla GZDoom Builder!
  13. Surreily

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 33 - ph33r

    Cool, ASS. I'll be there.
  14. Surreily

    2018 Goals

    Doom Make something for DWMP2018. Finish my current project. More eagles and pigeons. Non Doom Go on holiday somewhere outside the UK. Learn Japanese. Stop eating Pot Noodles and drinking Irn-Bru. Go out walking more.
  15. Just played through all the maps. You're only getting the map numbers here because two people thought it'd be funny to type a novel for their map names :) MAP01 is my monstrosity. Trivia: I chose Crazy Train as the music because that's what happened to come on Spotify when I was making the map. MAP02 was fun, but a bit samey after a while. I wasn't a huge fan of the teleporting revenants. Everything else was good, and there was some good work put into detailing the map too. MAP03 was awesome, even if it did have an intense start and I scored my first death. I almost forgot it was 10 sectors! MAP04 decided to be some kind of puzzle map. The ending was intense, I had to dodge cyberdemon fire on that tiny platform with no rad suit and about 80% health. Somehow I didn't die. MAP05 is very blue. The Best Map in my opinion is the one by by Walter Confetti (the third one). Very claustrophobic and very short, but the Tyson gameplay was refreshing. The Worst Map is, of course, the first one. Who the fuck thought a barrel maze would be a good idea? Oh, and by the way, am I the only one getting some messed up textures on the first two maps?