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  1. For the first one, DoomLover234 complied the WAD, created the text file, uploaded it, and organized/managed the project (along with adding some of his own MIDIs). I'd say that's more than enough contribution. :)
  2. Good news! I didn't like my map (it wasn't Doom II-ey enough for the project) so I trashed it and started again! I've actually done about a week of work on the new one, and it's getting close to completion... I promise I won't trash this map and start again (again). I'm trying to use lighting and height variation as much as I can. I'm also having tons of fun aligning those marble brick textures :)
  3. Okay, I'm in.
  4. Also, Joey, ffs stop getting banned!
  5. MAP13 Finally, a change of scenery! This map takes place in a pretty neat brick structure with blood, wood, and windows that allow those fuckin' revenant missiles to chase me down even when I think it's safe. :) I have to agree with @Demtor here about the gameplay and difficulty. The map relies very heavily on traps to provide its difficulty - something I fear is becoming too much of a theme. The first key trap got me killed because I didn't have the chaingun out when I triggered it - I have to call bullshit on that one, sorry. I didn't have any trouble with the insta-pop revenants, but I would still prefer a little more warning in advance. I died again near the end thanks to a warm welcome from a friendly arch-vile (but this was my own fault). Health is very sparse here and I spent a considerable amount of the map running around with very little health (I think it went down to 22% for a while). The very last arch-vile was a bit pointless in my opinion - you can trigger him without opening the bars, and even if you do let him out, he's dead easy to defeat. Overall, a decent map, but a little unfair at times.
  6. I missed yesterday because I was busy, so here's two. MAP11 A fairly small map taking place in and around several small structures. There's a cave area with some fairly simple encounters, which then loops back to the outdoor area we saw earlier. There's a pretty nasty soulsphere secret that took me a while to find. I didn't have any trouble in the first area (like several others did), I guess I got lucky with the arch-vile (or maybe I got hit by him, can't quite remember). At several points in the map, Joshy sends a load of monsters into the outdoor area for us to deal with. I loved the part near the end where a load of imps pop up, providing a great opportunity to use our rocket launcher :) It's a decent end to an episode, but I was hoping for something more epic for the finale. A death exit takes us into... MAP12 After sliding down a flesh tunnel (wheeeeeee!), we are dropped into the first room which contains a super shotgun and a pretty memorable and fun encounter. The map takes place around a giant pit with windows leading out into it, and eventually we are able to get out there too via a neat silent teleporter effect. The "meat grinder" room is a giant circular hallway surrounding a large central room, and is my favorite part of the entire WAD so far. As soon as we pick up the key, a whole load of demons spawn in and the central room becomes a crusher. If we don't go into the crusher, the demons will surround us quickly, so we are forced to dip in and out of the crusher room a couple of times until things begin to calm down. Thankfully, crushers don't care what they crush, so we can lure the monsters into the central room and save a ton of ammo (except for the barons of hell - I got bored waiting). Fuckin' brilliant. The encounter at the bottom of the pit was pretty neat too. During this encounter, I think I ran too close to the exit area and activated a couple of arch-viles, making the fight much more interesting. Without the BFG, I had to plink at them with my super shotgun while dodging fire from everything - including the viles. After making it through, I noticed there was no way back to the top, which is my only real criticism here. I was very lucky that I had found all the secrets and killed every monster in the above areas before coming down here.
  7. Just a quick progress update: I've just begun work on the final quarter in my map, so it shouldn't be too long now...
  8. MAP10 Holy shit, that's some fucking beautiful river/valley scenery, and thankfully, the map gives us plenty of opportunities to view it, and from both sides too! I love maps that make use of large outdoor areas like this, I only wish I could access it through a secret or something :( As soon as the player starts, a whole load of arch-viles and pain elementals are visible on both sides of the room, and of course, you have to punch a switch to exit the room. I managed to get hit by two arch-vile blasts right at the beginning (the assholes didn't teleport away quickly enough), but still kept going. If I were making this map, I would have put up an invisible solid barrier thing (like the ones in the secret pyramid level in TNT) to prevent them from attacking but still be visible. The gameplay throughout relies very heavily on traps, but I can excuse it as this appears to be more of a gimmick map than anything else. The difficulty is kept surprisingly low and the arch-viles are put to good use (except the bit at the end that I can't help but feel was a little bullshity if the player is too cautious and doesn't immediately grab the invulnerability). There's a cool part where loads of demons come out and give us another taste of that slaughtery gameplay we all love, though it's not as extreme as MAP06. Overall, while it's a brilliant map, I still prefer MAP06's exploration-based gameplay, but this one takes home the prize for best visuals so far.
  9. MAP09 As others have said, it's your typical techbase level, but it throws in a few Plutonia textures and has an awesome red carpet too. Most of it consists of hallways with windows to other hallways, and there's a neat little outdoor area near the end. The main threat in here seem to be the revenants that show up at regular intervals, along with the occasional arch-vile. There's enough space to move around, which is a nice change from Joshy's previous map, and there aren't any BS traps or monster placements either. I do think the part with the timed door was under-utilized - I was playing super cautiously here, ensuring I didn't get locked in until I was ready, but there was nothing really threatening on the other side anyway. Although I don't have much else to say about this map, I do think it's Joshy's best one so far.
  10. MAP08 This is basically a MAP07 modified to work on a non-MAP07 slot. The first half of the map consists of a variety of enemies with some mancubi high up on platforms acting as turrets. Later, we get treated to a bunch of arachnotrons. There's also plenty of space to move around this time too (something I like about Darkwave's mapping style). Thankfully, the map has more than just mancubi and arachnotrons. Because I am playing continuous, I had both the rocket launcher in my arsenal, so the huge imp horde at the beginning was no problem. My favorite aspect of this map were the arch-viles that spawn after picking up the key, pushing the player to make quick decisions (or just whip out the BFG like I did). In my opinion, this map has fantastic gameplay, but is fairly weak in other areas. There's almost no exploration, the secrets are somewhat basic, and it only took me about 12 minutes to kill everything and locate every secret (compared to Darkwave's previous map where I was wandering around for almost an hour). Still a good map, but nothing spectacular.
  11. MAP07 In my opinion, this is the weakest map so far (and according to some of you who have finished SoD before, it's the weakest map overall). We start off in a cool little area with some cool little bloodfalls, but then we are thrown into a super-symmetrical prison yard. One part involves going up some stairs and flipping a switch on one side of the yard. This is then repeated on the other side with no changes at all (the enemies are exactly the same). Even the natural rock details outside the prison yard are perfectly symmetrical! I don't know why everyone's complaining about chaingunners, because as @NecrumWarrior said, the mancubi and arachnotrons are far more deadly (at least for continuous players). There is very limited space available to dodge shots in these later areas, but it isn't too bad (like some of the BS in 50 Shades of Graytall). Several other people mentioned the last arachotron not spawning in at the end. This happened to me too, but I was able to activate the one-way barrier thing from the side and escape the arachnotron area. When I went upstairs, he had spawned in and I was able to kill him (her?). Maybe we're all using the wrong compatibility settings or something :) Ah well, the map wasn't all bad, but it's certainly a few steps below the previous six.
  12. MAP06 This is probably my favorite map so far thanks to its stunning visuals (especially in the starting room) and superb gameplay. The map starts out easily enough - the arch-viles at the beginning felt kinda odd without other monsters backing them up. I imagine they would be much more difficult opponents if I were pistol starting. We get some light slaughter gameplay upon grabbing the painfully obvious trap key - the first of two slaughtery bits (aside from a secret area). We then loop around into some towers to lower a big gate and trigger another horde of monsters to spawn in upon grabbing a second obvious trap key. These two encounters are my favorite parts of this map. The only thing that lets it down is the very end with a couple of cyberdemons that don't really add much, and two meaningless arch-viles at the very end. A couple of people mentioned the secret where an arch-vile jump is required - this is not the case. The "carpet" in front of the window is raised up just enough that a strafe-run (perhaps even a regular run) will give you enough height to enter. Talking of secrets, they were pretty cool and memorable - especially the one where the slime slows you down (though it did feel a little gimmicky). I am not sure what music is supposed to play on this map since I have a weird-ass bug where every MAP06 I play has its music replaced by Steel Works from TNT. I should probably get around to finding out what's causing that and fix it, but I am too lazy. Overall, it was a great map and I liked it.
  13. Hi, I haven't participated in one of these since 50 Shades, so I need to catch up a little here. I'm playing on ultra-violence in Zdoom with no vertical mouselook. I'm also save scumming because lol I suck at this game. I have played the first five maps so far, so I'm up to speed with the speed of doom! (lol) MAP01: A short and somewhat basic introduction. I love the crazy detail that's gone into making the natural areas look so good, especially the archway leading from the cave into the main area. Not much to say except I almost died at the beginning because I am a noob. MAP02: A beautiful map with a brilliant choice of music. This map showcases some unusual effects such as lowering stairs and a four-level lift. There is an element of exploration present too along with a whopping five secrets to find (and some of them are pretty well hidden). I loved the little hidden cave secret near the beginning, it was so cute :) MAP03: I am not a fan of this one. It's all very claustrophobic and there isn't much texture variation, but there is some pretty neat micro-detailing going on. I've begun to notice the inconsistent slime damage effects (in the previous map, the green slime did no damage). Overall, I think this map is fairly bland in comparison to the other two so far (and the two that are coming up). MAP04: The first big map of the set. There's a lot of eye candy on show here with the mix of sewers and outdoor areas - the crate room is my favorite part in this aspect. The gameplay is fun and varied. There's also a stupidly well hidden secret area down a random hole in some scenery (which is awesome). The only part I didn't like was right at the end where the player becomes trapped in a tiny room with some imps and a hell knight. MAP05: The map's layout is friggin' awesome, with the main threat for the first half of the map being a spider mastermind. However, the gameplay (at least in my opinion) was a bit meh after that. Most of my trouble came from that part where you're hopping across some of the central islands and an arch-vile pops up - I kept getting hit due to a small step of dirt near some much-needed cover. I also got stuck down the pain elemental's hole on one occasion. The rest of the map was alright, but I think the second set of teleporting cacodemons was unnecessary. More from me in a few days (maybe tomorrow if I have enough to say to justify a single-map post). I'll also try and be a bit more interactive with my future posts because apparently this club is boring :)
  14. Cool, can I do The Chasm from doom 2 please?
  15. If I were in your position, I would consider limiting this project to Doom/Boom compatibility only. Is there really a need for ZDoom features in a Doom remake project?