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  1. Good map. I didn't have too much trouble - I did die twice, but I think it was me playing poorly (nothing new there) rather than anything in the map being too difficult or unfair. I encountered a few graphical glitches/HOMs (one in the starting area and another on the mirror in the toilets), nothing too major. The doors close a bit too fast for my liking though, this is especially noticeable when attacking the cacos in the green slime room from the hallway. Keep it up.
  2. Good map. It was a bit hard at the start, the pain elemental had me wishing for a super shotgun when all I had was a rocket launcher that got me killed (lol I suck). After getting my hands on the better weaponry, it was smooth sailing (other than the fact I was on about 50% health for most of the map). Nice use of large areas and mid-tier enemies. Not sure what purpose the pinkies serve near the beginning other than eating up ammo though. Keep it up!
  3. I updated my map. I've edited the map's post, but I'll stick it here too. Version 2 All sectors have +16 brightness. New torches added to some pillars. [Edit] Updated it again, same link. Fixed some floor textures (thanks to RjY).
  4. Here's my proposed map order. MAP01: NeedHealth - Gravedigger's Lot MAP02: NeedHealth - Dead yet dreaming MAP03: Walter confetti - Two penny for what? Fat pigeons! MAP04: Repugnus - The Well (to Hell) MAP05: Pinchy - Moss MAP06: Surreily - The Graves MAP07: Jimmy - Pumpkin HELL MAP08: bonnie - out of the frying pan... MAP09: A2Rob - Frankensteinfeld MAP10: Myst.Haruko - Dead dream MAP11: bzzrak - Summoning Nelly Cyber-Kallypsa MAP12: elmle - Gravedigging MAP13: Forli - Rotting Mausoleum MAP14: Forli - Spooked by skulls MAP15: NoisyVelvet - Spooky Speedmap MAP16: Breezeep - Thriller! In the Wad! MAP17: Scotty - Exothermal Trauma No, I didn't purposely put maps by the same author next to each other. I got stuck on Scotty's map by teleporting onto a spider mastermind in a pit and I couldn't get out. I couldn't get the red key in bonnie's map, am I missing something? I could cheese the two arch-viles in NoisyVelvet's map by shooting them through the gaps. Walter confetti's map might be worth putting on at the end, as you get every weapon and way too much ammo :D
  5. Yo @bonnie, could you perhaps post your current version of the compilation? I'd love to try all the maps and CBA downloading them individually :D Edit: And yes, I will propose a map order if I play them all.
  6. [Edit] New version posted. Name: The Graves Themes: graveyard, monsters, and green shit. No lite amp goggles, it kinda ruined the map's atmosphere :D Build time: 2 hours 50 minutes (including testing) Music: Metallica - The Memory Remains Extra sky texture: Yep! Click this!
  7. Oooh, I will make a map for the second session!
  8. I'm stuck on MAP06, killed everything and there's no exit switch. Love the maps though, especially the texturework - it reminds me of Doom Builder for some reason.
  9. Small update: it's the same link but here you go anyway. I added a custom sky with permission from @NaZa - thanks!
  10. Title: I Tried To Make The Gameplay At Least Decent This Time (I bet that title won't fit lol) Build time: 2 hours and 35 minutes (including DB crashing twice ffs). Themes: All four (I think). Music: Doom II: The Dave D. Taylor Blues (because why not?) Link: Edit: I fixed a couple texture issues.
  11. Best: The Citadel. I love exploration maps, especially those with lots of secrets. The Citadel does have some questionable design decisions (the big one for me being that room where you have to shoot a wall to escape), but if you can get past that, it's an awesome map with lots of hidden doors to find. Honorable mention goes to The Abandoned Mines for more excellent usage of secret areas and The Pit for its music. Worst: Refueling Base. I just get bored with this one, it's just loads of monsters in big rooms. There are lots of secrets here too, but they all feel like "here's a hidden door, have some goodies", and not like in The Citadel where it was more "well done, here's a new place to explore". I also don't really enjoy Bloodfalls or Nirvana very much; they seem bland to me in comparison with the rest of Doom II.
  12. Fixed it (oh someone beat me to it by 22 hours, oops). The map marker's name was way longer than 8 bytes somehow. Always name your maps according to the game you're building for ("MAP01", "MAP02", ..., "MAP32" for Doom II). Oh yeah, and like @scifista42 said, don't have your WAD open in multiple programs at once :)
  13. Aside from the usual "quitting WADs because they're too frustrating (lol let's put 2 barons and an arch-vile in a 384x384 room lolol)", my only ragequit in recent memory was Elder Scrolls Online where I kept dying on one enemy due to the controls not being responsive enough. I Alt+F4'd and never went back :)
  14. Awesome, thought it wasn't going to happen this month! I should be around for this one.
  15. Okay, quick feedback time (AKA a bullet list of random thoughts)! The maps are very basic in regards to the layout: a bunch rooms connected with doors. MAP02 adds some hallways to the mix, but that's about it. You should think about connecting areas in other ways, and perhaps adding some larger outdoor areas. New monsters are introduced gradually and used appropriately. You are being far too generous with health, ammo, and armor. Your maps are very flat. Adding height variation around can really help make it more engaging. The maps generally need a bit more detail and variation (but MAP03 wasn't too bad in this aspect). MAP01 The pictures on the wall are odd, but I kinda like them. There's nothing notable on the map, no focal point or standout encounter. This makes the map rather forgettable. MAP02 I managed to get 1/0 secrets here. Don't know how that happened! There are several pits in MAP02 that trap the player while the slime deals very, very little damage. I would recommend adding an escape route. MAP03 MAP03 was my favorite of the set, and was fun to play. I liked the room with all the chaingunners (in the southwest corner), but I got stuck in a small pit in the same room. :( The last bit on MAP03 was awesome, but it was kinda hard to see the arch-vile in the distance. "You feel like this switch did something"... well yeah, switches generally do things. :)