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  1. Thanks Joey!
  2. Yo, is it too late for me to request MAP14?
  3. Oh yes, I'm in.
  4. Oh new forum, nice. I guess it's time for an update before everyone thinks I abandoned my map slot :) I think I've already gone too far from the whole "plain ol' doom 2" thing (sometimes I get a bit overambitious), and if so, I can whip up a smaller and more "doomy" map and release the current one somewhere else. Please let me know if this is the case.
  5. I made this so far, I hope it's not straying too far from "plain ol' doom 2" territory... Spoiler: Featuring subtly misaligned textures! I've been trying to mix up the hell theme with a bit of demonic techy stuff or something. This room is the centerpiece of the map, and the outer areas take place outside atop some structures (well, they will once I build them). Shame there are no lavafall textures in Doom 2... :(
  6. Oooh, can I have MAP27 please?
  7. I played through your map on ultra-violence, killed all enemies, and found 1/4 secrets. It's a great first map that avoids most of the issues that plague your typical 'first map' such as missing/misaligned textures and large empty areas with way too many or not enough monsters. It's certainly a lot better than the disaster that was my first proper map from like 11 years ago (which I still have floating around somewhere on my hard drive). A few things I liked about the map... - There is a good balance of monsters, health, and ammo. - Claustrophobic areas are always good in my opinion - and are nicely done here. - The first baron of hell is a nice surprise for players who try to avoid the trap in the neighboring room. And a few constructive criticisms... - Most of the map is rooms connected to rooms via doors. Consider connecting areas in different ways (tunnels, windows). - Many of the rooms are somewhat bland and don't really contain anything notable. Maybe think about other kinds of spaces other than typical rooms (for example, large outdoor areas and hallways) and some height variation. - The shotgun is a great weapon, but perhaps placing a chaingun or a berserk pack would have given the player more options without trivializing the difficulty. I only found one secret, so maybe there was another weapon somewhere that I missed... Finally, if you're looking to make your maps as non-linear as possible, take a look at some of Ultimate Doom's maps (for example, E2M2). There are entire areas that are 100% optional, areas that loop back around on themselves, and windows providing a glimpse of what's to come later in the map (or to a secret area that you have no idea how to access). Keep it up, I enjoyed this map, I want to see more non-linear maps in the future!
  8. Hi, am I too late to re-register my interest in this project? I'd like to join in again (since I began working on something a while back but it never really got going). Also, consider my maps open to anyone who wants a go (I'd be surprised if anyone actually wanted to do one of mine, lol).
  9. Glad to see this return, count me in.
  10. So I decided to give it a go. I tried Jenesis last month too, but without recording demos and with some illegal compatibility options (I made it to MAP09 in case you're wondering). But anyways, that was last month. Back to Crusades! Demo: Really short map commentaries: Spoiler: E4M1: It went pretty smoothly, as any introduction map should. E4M2: I got lost for a while. E4M9: Almost wasted the radiation suit here, but I thankfully avoided an embarrassing death. E4M3: There goes all my ammo... E4M4: Dead. Fuck. I like these maps, though they're tight on ammo and I hate fighting barons without the super shotgun. I did miss a few secrets, maybe there was some ammo there... or maybe I am a mega scrub and can't aim for shit :)
  11. ZCyberSweeper 2: Wow, I wasn't expecting this. As the title suggests, it's a Zdoom-ified version of that extra map from Eternal Doom (the one where you could randomize it with some EXE file that came with it or something). It's really well done for a Doom mod, but suffers from the same problem that plagues the real Minesweeper: it can generate pure guesswork situations (well, either that or I am really, really bad at Minesweeper). It even has a little automap thing that displays the game board and different difficulty settings!
  12. Wonky World: Themes: Romero head, plasma, shithole (all 3!) Music: TNT MAP14 (I think it's 14) Build time: 3 hours and 5 minutes.
    I liked it. Totally inspired by Simplicity, not much scripting (despite the author's claims), but it plays well and reminds me of the days back when Simplicity was a thing.
  13. Hi folks! Sorry for my huge hiatus, but I've been pretty busy with a PHP web application that basically sucks up all my free time. Anyways, I am hoping to actually attend this one if nothing else pops up on ASS day.
  14. Hi y'all, I am unfortunately going to have to drop out of this one. I am currently unable to work on my map due to time constraints with a potential job and stuff, and I don't really know where I am going with it. I think it's grown out of control at this point in time, I don't know, I might release it in the future. I'm very sorry about this :(