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  1. Tezur0

    Starting private coop sessions

    We are playing from different networks. From different countries aswell, but that wasn't problem before. We also played a bit around with firewalls and it didn't seem to have any effect, unless there is something else...
  2. Hi guys, we were doing some coop back in days in chocolate doom, but now commands doesn't seem to work, they just give some crap about master server not being available. We just want to play p2p, so why would master server be an issue at all? chocolate-doom -server -iwad TNT.wad -skill 4 -warp 01 -record TNT-practice -maxdemo 10000 -port 6500 - server command line chocolate-doom.exe -width 1024 -height 800 -iwad TNT.wad -warp 01 -skill 4 -connect ip:port -record opdemo -maxdemo 2000 -statdump dump.txt - client command line can somebody help with this? we are using latest chocolate doom Edit. even when we are not having that master server thing (-privateserver command instead of server, we just won't be able to connect to each other)
  3. They are skipped, cause it is not max run, so they are optional. In Doom 2 you go for map 31 because it is easier and faster, and on nm there you go to 32 because there is megasphere.
  4. Tezur0

    TAS (tools-assisted) demos

    well geometry is messed up in doom, so you won't be able to do diagonal glide cause of that, though if it is 24*24 diagonal window you can squeeze through with good aiming like in this one particular glide. though you don't run straight into gap, you run on angle. EDIT: okay then :D
  5. Tezur0

    TAS (tools-assisted) demos

    yet this isn't case cause sqrt(24^2+24^2) is 33 something, more than 32 so you can get through, no black magic, just geometry.
  6. Tezur0

    TAS (tools-assisted) demos

    Doom 2 map21 sr50 glide I guess that is.
  7. Tezur0

    TAS (tools-assisted) demos

    well if you look at your own TNT TAS before and after you replayed second half, you will notice that it did became better. also it didn't took you that long, yet map5 and map25 are missing tricks. Just segment your runs a bit more, patience is the key.
  8. Tezur0

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    Me and Noobest started working on TNT coop runs and started with ILs (episodes and movie later), here are some we've done so far (not all are good, but that's a start) tntcoopdemos.zip
  9. Tezur0

    Online coop

    thanks we did it!! :)
  10. Tezur0

    Online coop

    Yeah, we just managed to setup cndoom, does anyone know why any sound but music disappeared?
  11. Tezur0

    Online coop

    We are gonna play TNT. Never did multiplayer so I have no idea to be honest)
  12. Tezur0

    Online coop

    hi guys, I was thinking of doing coop runs, can somebody tell how to set coop game with demo recording over internet and not local pc?
  13. Tezur0


    If you like slaughtermaps - it is worth your time.