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  1. Direwulf

    Weapon of Choice

    Pain chance is a monster's tendency to "flich" when shot, ie Cacos have a very high pain chance, so they will be parylized when you take a chaingun to them. EDIT: The other person beat me to it :/ I use the good ol' fashion shotgun for everything.
  2. Direwulf

    lamerz kids

    "The message/s you requested could not be found or have been removed by a moderator." I assume it was quite lame, then.
  3. Direwulf


    Amen to that! I like cats. They're delicious.
  4. Direwulf

    The Canned Arguements™ game

    Most canned argument ever: "I don't have time to argue with little kids like you."
  5. Direwulf


    hmm... It sucks.
  6. Direwulf

    Doom 2 is better than Doom 1

    Arch-viles are a pain in the ass! I don't like Doom 2 Wads because someone always feels the need for an arch-vile or two per level, because "Wouldn't that be cool"?
  7. Direwulf

    Doom 2 is better than Doom 1

    I'll drink to that! I've got nothing to drink though...
  8. Direwulf

    Operating(this is a relative term) System?

    I run Doom with sound on XP all the time :|
  9. Direwulf


    I don't study, I just know. I have some kind of megaactive memory or something so I remember stuff (except for my phone number, I still don't know that...)
  10. Why is this forum called "religion and politics"? How come there aren't any emoticons? Are there any other Canadians here? (Canada 0wnz J00, BTW) How come there aren't any wolf avatars?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Do I sound like a whiney bitch right now?
  11. Direwulf

    Who's hot?

    I am.
  12. Here it come... DUN DUN DUNNN.... The newbiest question (probably)Ever... How do I get my humble little Doom episode on DW?
  13. Direwulf

    I don't think this has been asked very often...

    I have a hockey mousepad (lol) CANADA 0WNZ J00!