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  1. kain

    Cheat codes in DooM3

    naw, u can just download doom 2!
  2. kain

    i just had to say something

    i meant the weed eater should replace the hand or somthing like that. not a major weapon. or , how abought taking the bfg away and leaving the plasma gun in. but when you hold down the 2nd option, wham, a bfg blast.or a third option that would take away all your cells energy.How abought a net or some mace? that would be cool, stop the enemy from moving, then finish them off.
  3. music- how abought information society(aka insoc) band leader(ownly band member)kurt harland? weapons- the old weapons where nice but make them better! i liked half life weapons allot(i really liked that gun where that thingie would spin if you held down the gun's second option) and how a bought a one time use weapon? like something that blows a hole in a door or somthing. and some weard weapons like u go into a shed and get a weed eater or somthing like that? enemies- the enemies are ok as they are but make them better and redesign them like in doom64. levels-i liked the half life levels(i really liked the part where that big monster was in that hole and u had to blast it with rocket axauset? i would really like a level like that.
  4. kain

    flame thrower

    how would i make a flame thrower shoot a certain distance like in twilight warrior? i guess i have to make a .deh file i guess. i would also like to know how to make tha ammo unlimited. im sorta new to doom editing and all this new shit for doom but i like it!!! also, is there any way to make a ramp in a level?