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Everything posted by kain

  1. infact, its one of my favorite songs. i have been looking for it for the longest. get anything by antique.


    antique - Ela'do
    antique - moro mou

  2. well, my night starts off with this girl calling me asking me to hang out with her. ( i drive her to school every morning ) well , she then decides for me to drive her to her boyfriends. this is where it begins. he isnt there, he promises to take her from school, she gets mad. we finally locate him after knocking on houses. then, its yelling, crying, fists flaring. climbing onto bridges to try and commit cuicide. then, its over. i mean its over.

    yall should have been there... it was interesting, but it was an interesting way to spend time.

    1. Julian
    2. kain
    3. kain


      well its tuesday, and she came back home!!! WOW!!! i am soo happy. She just went around town with friends.

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  3. well shit, this game looks awesome!!!

    1. Danarchy


      DOOM Anomaly said:

      The graphics look quite the spiffy, but personally, I liked the Grin Max Had, and he looks so much older in this one, I guess it takes part a long time after the first one.

      Considering the kinds of dreams the guy has, I wouldn't be surprised if it happens a couple weeks after the first one. Shit like that can really fuck with ya.

    2. dsm


      He looks a lot more like the badass he was supposed to be. The ol' Max looked like a damn lunatic (he probably also entered the verge of lunacy) with his distorted face and that ugly grin.

    3. kain


      i think the grin aded to the game.

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  4. kain

    Select the Hottest Guy on Doomworld!

    HOLY FUCK ARCHVILE64!!!!! whoes that chick???
  5. Because of our overloading of our servers, we are being forced to extract our non-active AIM users. Because this is a free service, AOL has exceeded the budget for the AIM service. We are asking that you send this exact message to 20 other AIM users to ensure us that you're an active AIM user. Our system tracking devise will pick up this message to keep you on our active list. You have 72 hours to complete this task or your service will be cancelled immediately. Starting September 10, 2003, we will be charging a small fee for registering of a screen name for AIM. Thank you for your time and for using AOL or AIM

    man WTF!!!

    1. kain


      thats obviously fake.

  6. my sound card wont work with it. there arent any drivers for it, me doesnt care.

    1. kain


      yes, its been on tv now for a while. like the one of a guy walking around saying " WE saved a nickel!!!"
      know that one?

    2. Danarchy


      What? It's 2003 already?

    3. kain


      lol, its been 2003 since january.

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  7. kain

    How long has it been...

    how long has it been since i finished the whole damn game with the phists, almost 3 years ago. after i relised that the berzerk didnt last until the red went away.
  8. i actually got a title??? LOL!!! yay!! i feel important now!

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    2. Ralphis


      Xaser said:

      Heh. You're all lucky. You all have custom titles (Except for Ultraviolet), whereas I have to stick with the normal "titles". Oh, well.

      That post was totally a suddle way of asking for a title

    3. Xaser


      Ralphis said:

      That post was totally a suddle way of asking for a title

      Yes, I know. I guess I'm just jealous.

    4. Ultraviolet


      Ralphis said:

      You spell so wonderfully.

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  9. kain

    Connection speeds

    Your connection is: 2435 kbps (about 2 Mbit) You downloaded at: 297 KB/sec well, thats accurate. i am not suprised from @home cable being soo damn fast.
  10. kain


    panjabi mc is cool especially jogi, and mundian to bach ke. also, initial d is cool.
  11. kain

    What is the doom shotgun?

    i used to have that toy chaingun!!! it drove my mom nuts and she did something with it. never ever found it. that mofo was loud as hell. i loved that thing.
  12. kain

    A shout out to all my homies...

    im half greek, half coratian.
  13. kain

    PrBoom for BeOS

    beos is still the best one around. its 2nd to linux. i mean it can do a good bit of good n gfx with a shitty processor.
  14. kain

    Linux v Windows?

    i am quite happy with windows 2000. its been very trusty.never had a blue screen, no dos issues ( runs every single dos program, game, i have ever tried ) so i will stick to it, unless i can get windows 2003.
  15. i miss the old doomworld. i mean the old doomworld. i mean the doomworld when mordeth posted, and potd was still here. man i miss that.

    which reminds me, what happened to king elvis, and some other peeps here?

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    2. Hobo


      the_Danarchist said:

      I'm probably the only one here that watched David the Gnome. That show was pretty cool.

      Heh, I remember that show, I watched it a few times, but i was caught up on the Super Mario Brothers Super Show and such.

    3. kain


      kain said:
      well, if you hate ren and stimpy, you hate me. and i doubt you wanna get hit with my 4k lb volvo now do ya punk?

      You suck.

      You Swallow.

    4. Danarchy


      Jenblaze said:

      how about get smart on nickelodeon?

      Get Smart was one of the greatest shows ever made. I havent seen that show in ages. And you cant forget the episode where the evil hippies are trying to corrupt the minds of the youth. :P

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  16. kain

    Doom Park

    i think that it would quite well here in the states, considering it has better gfx than the gameBLow advanced. and its reasonably priced. but i dont think the n-gage(sp?) will do any good.
  17. kain

    Mega power outage in US and Canada

    well, niagra falls is usually a thouysand miles away from arizona. hm... myabee its up near new yourk and all the serounding states, provinces.
  18. kain


    you got it backwards. 2 or 3 small dogs. why? they have tiney teeth, and thousand of them. their harder to shoot, and can haull ass. and they barks are loud anough to wake anyone up.
  19. kain

    SUPER RPG: The Doomworld Adventure.

    i wanna be in it. i dont know. get a pic of a suzuki street magik and put my character on it. i just ride it around.
  20. yeah, i can relate, but you just have to learn to deal with them. Ninja_of_DooM, thats why you get another profile. and get on his side, and then hide all the files. also, i get bitched at for leaving my pc on and leaving my door closed. i dont give a fuck. ill do it again and again. just tell him to leave you alone and "that if your a good parent, you have to respect my thaughts and views on life, and if you dont wanna do that, lets go outside, and lets duke it out now, cus ive lived with your crap long enough" that line usually works.
  21. kain

    What can you tell about a person...

    heh georgia drivers lisance 2 school ids health insurance card 3 greek telephone cards ( 1:2 euro, and 2:6 euro cards) address for nina s******* ( she lives in greece ) velanio beach bar card. mcalisters card american express sky miles card ( best thing my dad has ever done ) jillians game card sam goody gift card foot and ankle center buisness card voter registration form drug test certificate skitso buisness card natassa buisness card ( FINE AS HELL, she calls me sexy)GOD I WANNA GO BACK TO GREECE! thats it
  22. kain

    Sex Slaves Kept in Bunker for 15 Years...

    here is how i see it. its better to have sex with someone when they want to have sex. that way, its more full filling. but otherwise, they guy is a nerd. i wounder how he got them.
  23. kain

    i was just wondering.....

    here is an old saying i heard in greece. to love is nothing. to be loved is something. to love, and to be loved, is everything. period. its not good to fall in love, cus most of the time it end up in pain.
  24. ok no wonder where my things where goin. heh.

    1. zark


      What the hell?

    2. KoolKat


      Hey, ZarcyB! How'd ya like the pics I sent you years ago? You still haven't replied!

  25. Why the fuck did i come back from greece?? WHY THE FUCK!!!
    some of you say the parthenon is only good to look at like 5 or six times.

    nah nah nah. you got the bullshut all mixed up. what you did with your parents was nothing.

    go to the islands and go to the clubs.

    WHY?? you might ask???

    1) GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!!! NEED I SAY MORE? example. the place where i worked had a hotel across from it. and a hot czech chick stayd there and everymorning she would rub down here tits with lotion, in front of everyone. i would just walk up to her and talk to her. while she was topless.
    2) ALCHAHOL!!! i am still piss drunk off my ass. and i am 18!! fuck! in some places, you need to only be able to know what you want!
    3) life!!! its soo god damn care free. they dont care about jack shit!
    4) dance music. club music. TECHNO!! yes i know i might get some heat for this, but cmon, most of yall dont know how cool the shit gets with funky lights and bug subs and when you drunk!!

    i closed the deal. fuck summers in the usa. fuck the women in the usa.
    fuck the life in the usa. i got a house, a motorbike ( yeah pritch, i got the street magic ) and thats it. so expect me to leave every summer.

    1. kain


      heh. seriously dude. i swear i could ask the hottest chick overthere to meet me up tonight and she would say yes, and show up! i mean shit, they just wanna have fun. here, its relationships first, then after that, its fun. there, fun is first, then its relationships.

    2. Ralphis


      fun is first, STD is second, relationship is third!

    3. kain


      nope. i used a condome.

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