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Everything posted by kain

  1. well well well. i love it here.but i have to be on a damn internet cafe, and the cents go up by trhe seccond and its really the only way i can get on the internet. o well. i dont have tv or internet but i still get around. there is just soo many things to do here. oneday,m i will tour all of europe, and maybee i could hang with some of you fellow doomers here in euorpe. i would like a ride in your mercedes pritch. o well. i couldnt believe i saw a first gen lancer. wow. i was like HLY SHIT COOL!!! blah blah blah. its weird how people keep asking me what bush is doing now. is it me or is he a retard? the whole world accept the us seems to think so. o well, internet sux here and its ok fast, its like a dual isdn but thats about it. o well. i guess ill be talking to you gus allot more come august 5th. maybee i will get a hot chick over here, since there seems to be an abundance of them here.
  2. god damnit. i have to read all the other wortheless shit yall post. atleast this is a way to keep in touch since i am freakin half way across the world.
  3. heh i am in greece. sheesh. http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=www.taffspeed.co.uk/graphs/magic2.gif&imgrefurl=http://www.taffspeed.co.uk/technic/magic.htm&h=349&w=416&prev=/images%3Fq%3DSuzuki%2Bstreet%2Bmagic%26svnum%3D10%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26ie%3DUTF-8%26oe%3DUTF-8 i might get this motorbike. i dont know. its a scooter. anyway, the island that i am staying it is called skopelos and blah blah blah ckicks, blah , babes, blah blah blah! he he he. o well. its nice. i like europe better. better every thing. cars, women, you name it. larisa?? heh. i know about it but i havent been there. skopelos is my haven. i have to be here since i have a house here. anyway, atleast pritch knows where i am. anyway. i am gouing to be back home in a while, and by then, i wil;l have enough dough to get me a car. maybee i might get a first gen lancer and bring it there. lol. NO. anyway. ill write back again. please dont delete this post as this is practically the nly way to comunicate to you people.
  4. kain


    as pritch already knows, i speak greek!!
  5. kain


    many money was spent playing area 51!
  6. kain

    rescue disks??

    what kind of virus is it? what does it do? do a simple scan at trend micro ( its an online free virus scan ) and just write down the name of the virus file, and go on the net and look for ways to get rid of it. its works 99% of the time.
  7. kain


    i remember me and a friend spen close to 500 bucks on just a game of marvle vs capcom. later, the owner gave me the game, mainly because i was the only one playing it!!! yep 500 in one sitting.
  8. kain

    Unknown computer problem

    wtf??? 500 mhz with less than 64 megs of ram??? no no no!!! get some more man!! yeah, then go to a newer version of winblows. it usually solves most of the crashing.
  9. kain

    dumbass instructions

    lol see! it was human error. thats why you research what you gotta do in order for it to work.
  10. kain

    ingrown toenails SUXORZ

    or even worse, bone infection. i dont know what it is, but it wouldnt be too happy if i found out i had one.
  11. well, i am prone to them, and today i said fuckit, and told doc to remove the whole damn thing. the whole fucking nail. now i am sitting here with a hurtin foot, and tomarrow i have to take my drivers test. but hey, i never broke a single bone in my life. heh.
  12. kain

    ingrown toenails SUXORZ

    thnx pritch!! i got it, and i got my drovers lisance!!! yaysers!!! i drive my moms pimped out volvo until i get a starion, carolla gts, or a crx. but until then, the volvo will suffice in my quest for rwd goodness!!! yay!! anyways, the nail is healing quite nicley. i can walk normally now, and i can do the irish jig on the gas pedal and the clutch!!! yay!! no pain!! getting the sergury isnt the bad part. getting the gauz off the raw meet is the bad part. it gets stuck, and you have to rip it off!!! owsers!! Rotting Corpse, get to a doctor, if you leave it, your toe will get amputated, or even your foot. dont do it!! go get that shit fixed!!!
  13. kain

    dumbass instructions

    for me, it is that easy. i have six sisco routers and they just plug in and go. no probleemo. its mostly human error. what exactly are you trying to do? network to share everything ( ie printers ) or just have a shared internet ( no proxy )
  14. kain


    i dont know, but have you seen it? its one of the best animes i have seen in a long, long time. right now, its on my top list. hell, its my favorite anime. if you have seen it, then say something, if you havnt, then you can get it. im me for the edonkey link. or do i think i should not have said edonkey or link?? o well, fuck it.
  15. kain


    yeah, the best part is with the detective.
  16. kain

    Doomworld Sucks!

    dont take it personally. everyone has their fare share of getting their posts sent to forum hell. no big deal. i have been around for a pretty long time, and i have had tons of my posts sent to doom hell. dont sweat it.
  17. kain


    no no no. the complete movie. with all of the combined.
  18. kain

    ingrown toenails SUXORZ

    huh? yams? me no like yams. my foot hurts.
  19. kain

    suggestions on a new computer

    now now now, build it yourself, hell, you could have the most bitchen system with 1.5 grand. amd xp 2400 and an ati radion 9000 pro, and vuala, doom3 goodness!
  20. kain

    ingrown toenails SUXORZ

    the owerst part is having to take the damn gauz pads off the damn wound after they stick to it. ouchies.
  21. i hope they make it like the old one with the roman numeral 3 infront and kinda below doom. like with doom2
  22. kain


  23. kain

    ingrown toenails SUXORZ

    the hoof is the nail.
  24. kain

    ingrown toenails SUXORZ

    nah, if it hurts, he will pump in some more. now they got good shit, but it will only hurt when the anethstetic wears off. not from the actual sergury. dont worry, i had more than 10 ingrown toenails, and it doesnt hurt that bad. i fuck the shit up my fuckin with my nails. the doc said i needed to get cheacked for a bone infection, i was like WTF??? he said that that would be unlikely. but yeah, now i just have skin where the nail was. o, and i passed my drivers test!! w00t for me!!!