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Everything posted by kain

  1. kain

    Acrylic vs glass

    wtf???? you just cover it with a light spray. never scratches.
  2. kain

    crazy pets

    my cat was sleeping on the bed, and i was dumb enough to jump onto the the bed ontop of the cat ( not to crush it, kinda cover it ), but then as i came down it turned and clawed me in the throat. i had to force the cat away and full each claw out of my neck.
  3. kain


    dream theater is better.
  4. kain


    i am also quite good in tetris
  5. yeah, the lighting might be fine mainly because they are outside and durring the day. doom3 is dark and gloomy.
  6. kain

    things u wish stayed

    dreamcast saturday anime ( scifi channel ) doomworld POTD snes games ( last i heard blockbuster was throwing them away and i should have picked them up.
  7. kain

    windows 2003

    hm. i was wondering if windows 2003 would be too much to upgrade to. i wonder if i could still run all my regular programs. i heard it is a mix between windows 2k and xp. kinda like how 2k is a mix between 98 and nt. if anyone has eny experiance, than this would be thanked very much. hm, my spelling and grammar have gotten better and better, have anyone noticed?
  8. kain

    your fave anime

    ruroni kenshin yu yu hakusho trigun still exploring, althoe ruroni kenshin takes the cake. its, byfar, the best. hands down.
  9. Information Society... dear old insoc, dear old insoc. jesus christ that brings back good memories, very good memories. i use to want kurts car. I NEED MORE INSOC AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
  10. kain

    windows 2003

    well, yeah. i am just saying i think it has better emulation. well, i remember i read of a post on how to get doom to work with xp. all i had to do was double click on it and it ran. counterstrike server, no probleemo. hugos house of horros, no problem. infact, all those old dos games that didnt work befor are working now. i dont know, i just dont know.
  11. kain

    Michael Jackson

    did you see that oo so long documentary about micheal jackson on mt or vh1 ( iforget )??? that man is insane!!! he lied his whole life. i do believe he is a pedophile. " i let them sleep in my bed, and i brink them warm milk and cookies"[ it goes something like that]. heh.
  12. kain

    windows 2003

    does it matter that its a server? allot of servers use dos ( a dos shell )
  13. kain

    windows 2003

    o well. but is this problem solvet in 2003?
  14. kain

    windows 2003

    i dont get it. windows 2000 can run anything in dos. no matter what. so why do you people still say that xp can run more dos programs than 2000?? i think its visa versa.
  15. kain

    windows 2003

    ditto. i will do the same with windows 2003. someone told me longhorn sux.
  16. kain

    windows 2003

    heh, it says i cant instal over 2000.
  17. kain

    windows 2003

    what the hell? i can run any dos program i could run in windows 98. doom, duke nukem, crackz, you name it. flawless.
  18. kain

    windows 2003

    i think it aint a mixture of xp home. like xp pro and 2k server.
  19. kain

    windows 2003

    so its like nt 5.x or somethin?
  20. kain

    phone lines suck

    comcast cable is fast as shit. the max download rate i got was 3.3 mbps and i get an average of 700kbps just downlaoding shit. also, i run edonkey, so that tells you how much bandwidth i got.
  21. kain


    bah, i used to have 15 gigs of prono movies all 2+ hours. i think porn is normal. its just an addiction. some poeple take it over the edge. some people cant live withought it.
  22. kain

    How do you beat that Gonarch thing in HL

    i finally figured out wtf your talking about. that big crab thing in the alien planet. shoot its ballsack off with anything.
  23. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai for gamecube??????? why the hell would you wanna play that piece of shit? its a horrible discrace to dragon ball z fans. dbz is ok, but i aint hardcore or nothing, but the game is shit. hell, if they make a new dbz game, it should have high res sprites, and FAST gamesplay. also, flying is a must. and wtf is this about hercule in budokai? he aint got shit against anyone in that game.
  24. it is government propoganda. they want more people to join the army. notice how the us army and navy commercials came out the same time ( well not really ) as all those war games????