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  1. i miss the old doomworld. i mean the old doomworld. i mean the doomworld when mordeth posted, and potd was still here. man i miss that.

    which reminds me, what happened to king elvis, and some other peeps here?

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    2. Hobo


      the_Danarchist said:

      I'm probably the only one here that watched David the Gnome. That show was pretty cool.

      Heh, I remember that show, I watched it a few times, but i was caught up on the Super Mario Brothers Super Show and such.

    3. kain


      kain said:
      well, if you hate ren and stimpy, you hate me. and i doubt you wanna get hit with my 4k lb volvo now do ya punk?

      You suck.

      You Swallow.

    4. Danarchy


      Jenblaze said:

      how about get smart on nickelodeon?

      Get Smart was one of the greatest shows ever made. I havent seen that show in ages. And you cant forget the episode where the evil hippies are trying to corrupt the minds of the youth. :P