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  1. Well, Life for me is moving at a snails pace. i dont really do anything durring the day accept think of new concefpts for modifiying my future car.

    88-91 Civic Crx with the stock d16a6, head ported and polished, stage 3 clutch. lightened flywheel. new connecting rods, some civic lx pistons ( lower compression ) and just put a big fat turbo on it. maybee not big, but a small td04. then the wheels will be some kind of rotas. then the whole ride will be lowered somehow, with a full break kit. this setup will cost me thousends of moolah, so today i am thinking of going to almost everywhere i can find and get an application for a job. i would like to get a job at gallions, or target or someplace fun and cool to work at. apparently, jobs are hard to find, and since my dad will kick me out of the house when i get a job on the weekday, i have to have it only on the weekend. it pisses me off.i need money and i hate having to save it all up all the time. its retarted. but hopefully, i can get some calls hopefully by next week.

    wish me good luck.