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  1. i found a computer on mr street just sitting by a garbage can, so i snatched it. its a p1 with a 3 gig hd. i dont know what it has on the hd, but i hope to find some indecent pictures of ugly ass neighbor so i can put in in their mailbox. lol.

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    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Right up 'till recently when I tried Doom Builder, all my Dooming was still being done on a P1 120mHz with 64meg ram and a 1.2gig HD. It's right next to me and all plugged in, actually, just not turned on. Maybe I'll take its old HDs out and put them in my new computer or my mom's "new" P3 600mHz computer. After I remove the hentai..err...Doom stuff.

    3. kain


      nah dont do that.

    4. kain


      well it only has 16 megs of ram. this sux. ill put beos on it.