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  1. Well, this is a blog, and i am going to vomit all that i am feeling right now. first, i am so frustrated at women. i mean i like to talk, but then again, i might talk too much, and this gets to most women cus i say hi to them whenever i see them. just cus i like to talk to them. but this hase braught some of them to not talk to me at all. i mean cmon, its been 18 years since i have had a gf, and i was borne 18 years ago. i mean the last time i kissed was in greece ( that made me happier, but made me long for more ) and i just fell apart after. i felt better about myself, but it gradually fell to the florr as more and more of them just dont talk to me no more. But recently i had a dance and i went to the dance with my brothers sister in law ( kinda cute ) but she was older, but no one noticed. we danced and had a good time, but that was it. i was hoping that some of the kids would think i have gained anothjer cool point for going with a gorl that didnt go to our school, but it didnt work. they made remarks such as :
    " is she a hooker? "
    " how much did you have to pay her... "

    and so on. i mean god forbit i can actually get a women in greece thats super model hot, and bring here and the jocks will be kissing my ingrown toenail infected feet. it pisses me off.

    also, i have british lit, and its makeing me do more hard work than i even imagine, but i only have 4 periods and thats the only class i get homework in. i dont know, i guess i have to learn not to reply on my lil computer as much. o well.

    also, where i live is boring. i mean atlanta is fun place to live, but everything fun to do is so damn spaced out , so i dont drive on the highway cus i am scared. so i dont have any fun at all.

    also, my brother is bugging me to get a job, and its bumming me out cus no matter how hard i try, i simply cannot find one. i must have filled out 20+ applications, but havent gotten a single callback, yet some people just need one and their picked. it pisses me off.

    god damnit i wanna just go back to greece where there aint nothing to worry about but falling off my motorbike, and getting too drunk and having sex with hot women.

    1. Melfice


      Regarding women: Lay off of 'em. They probably don't think you're as great as you do.

    2. kain


      yeah, thats why i consider it a challenge.