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  1. im just gonna say this, if you dont have comcast, get it, cus it rox.

    1. Ralphis


      Let me explain this in your native tongue.

      omg u r freekin st0o0opid cockcast sux RCN iz the gr8st n u sux dik. wuteva kthxbye.

      Hope that clears everything up for you ;P

    2. kain


      heh, well thats exactly how i sound when my foot is shoved up your ass while i make you eat your own shit. heh, its funny how your actually not even funny, and its also funny how in real life you probobly wouldnt even deal with me, Considering i would beat you bloody with a lead pipe. so i stongly advise to you, you stupid cock monger, lay off.

      or in your native toungue

      Durr I i tink i 4m D@ Koc Moonger, and J00 |3 E Da St3w Peed \/\/]-[O!


      um... TRY AGAIN!