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  1. well, lemme explain. i live in a family that doesnt give a crap about what i get, as long as i get something. 99% of the time, dont even get remotly close to what i want. i can only remember 3 things that i asked for that i got
    Radioshack Flashtron

    and thats about it. i have been asking for allot of things and never get it, but when i just dont get anything, epsecially what i hate and or dont even want, gets on my nerves. who the hell buys their kid candy for xmas? or a fishing encyclopaedia?? i mean shit. i dont know how long i have been asking for a cra or a computer ( the reson why i got this one is cus my bro threw it away ) but i mean they act like it doesnt piss me off, and they get ha reaction when i storm off after geting my "present" and wonder whats going on. i fuckin hate that shit. we arent poor. we have 2 houses for gods sake. i mean my parents blow money on themselves all the time, but nag and whine when i want one thing. im just gonna blow up when i get my next present and say FUCK THIS SHIT!!! and buy the most expensive thing i can get with my credit card ( only for emergencies???". so yeah. this might sound like i am spoiled, but i am not. i just never apprecieate slippers and books and chocolate for presents from my parents. other people yes, cus i can throw that shit away. but i mean cmon. they forgot about me one xmas literally. i busted out crying ( i was young ) when i didnt see a preasent ( 30+ of them under the tree ) with my name on it. and i hate the bullshit like " o we will get you something so big it will be for your bday and xmas.

    their lucky i am not bipolar cus i think there would be some fucked up shit going on here. it so pisses me off.

    and my dad. hes the biggest god damn prick on the face of this earth. he is a compulsive lier, and doesnt admit when hes wrong. he supports his act to the end and when proven wrong, he just says that its different the way we think of it. im telling ya, he pisses me off. i mean thnx allot for calling me stupid all my life and putting me down. and what do you know, my grades start going up the moment he leaves me allone. i mean i have a damn 3.5 and he isnt satisfied. he says i spend all day in my room infront of my computer and dont study. i dont study , but i do school work. so how can i get a 3.5 BY SITTING HERE ALL DAMN DAY. oops caps!! =oD i mean he is just a prick. my mom even wonders why she even married him. also, he is major jelous that i spend the weekend at my brothers house. he just says they have a family and we dont need to bother them. well, dad, how about you shut the fuck up and leave me allone??? o yeah, dont go today cus i need you to ONLY cut the grass. _*it takes 30 minutes*_ to cut the grass. he ... god damn this shure feels good to get it out into infinity and have randome people read it and respond.

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    2. sargebaldy


      i often don't get anything for my birthday at all because it's so close to christmas. when i do, it just means they moved one of my christmas presents back a week. didn't have a cake last year either. not really something worth whining about though.

    3. kain


      no the thing is they say " o youll get it" and i dont. i mean cmon. lets see what i get this year. maybee i have to do yard wark like alwase

    4. Ralphis


      Get a job you lazy asshole. You're better off appreciating that they care about you enough to get you something than nothing at all

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