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  1. im going to be selling some stuff. if anyone is interested, there here is what i got.

    dual pentium 3 450 with 256 megs of ram.
    2 pentium 2 400 with 128 megs of ram. might not sell.

    rc airplain trainer 20, 90% built with remote conytrole. got everything, accept fuel lines.

    some misc rc stuff.

    15 inch screen. you name the proce , its yours.

    rc ground radio system, complete.

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    2. Ralphis


      Oh that's clever. Once again you resort to my sick mom instead of myself. I think I figured out why though...You have nothing on me. You're worthless and instead of even attempting to insult me you attack my sick mother. Go Kain, you win teh prize!

      Edit: oh and newsflash, noone wants your crap

    3. kain


      heh, but as alwase you fail.

    4. Tobester


      How much for the pentiums?

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