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  1. yeah yeah yeah, i havent been posting allot since i dont care anymore, ( i still talk to jenblaze ;) ) and now i feel that i have almost reached my peak.

    well, this is how it happened.

    i decided to go with my dad and his friend to an auto auction thinking its gonna be full of shitcars. to my suprise, not that many shitcars, but still. so i see a red nissan stanza, but it was a pos, so we kept lookin, and low and behold, i see the majesty of a superb looking rx7. the outside is superb ( accept the stupid black plastic fading. everything works, and i tell my dad this is the car. so we wait a shitload, and the car finally goes up. 900. 1000???? 1000???? sorry, 950? SOLD!!! i couldnt believe that i got that shit. it has 177k miles on it and the whole cars is in perfect runing order. other than the minor crap breakin ( plastic interior ( minor) and the seat having a rip the size of texas in it, i love it. i love it. so , if you dont see me a whole lot anymore, its cus i am out racing it in the scca tournaments.

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    2. Job


      Hobo said:

      He mirrored the image.

      Absolutely and undeniably owned.

    3. nxn


      The nicest part of hobos truck seem to be the wheels.

    4. Hobo


      nxn said:

      The nicest part of hobos truck seem to be the wheels.

      That's not mine.

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