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Everything posted by kain

  1. kain

    Art contest 7 voting (again)

    the demon looks like it has no skin with all the muscles, either that, or he must work out.
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    2. Hellbent
    3. dsm


      kain said:

      you know that toepic.

      As a matter of fact: No I don't - if it's a topic in blogs, then I obviously missed it since I don't check blogs that often.

    4. kain


      yah me neither. ive been ripping apart my rx7 getting it ready to race in the scca.

  2. kain

    BoH model

    thats pretty damn cool.
  3. kain

    less-than-lethal ammo could help lower crime

    o believe me, its much worse. it feels like your skin is getting ripped off. it actually is.
  4. kain

    Spank the monkey!

    o cmon. yall suck if you cant beat me.
  5. kain

    Ralphis,For my sake and your sake.Read this.

    the result is ralphis. yes, they are horrific.
  6. kain

    Spank the monkey!

    too bad soo sad.
  7. kain

    Animal rights

    just eat some damn bacon.
  8. kain

    Spank the monkey!

    http://www.newbieforces.com/files/fastestspanker.JPG good lord yall dont know how to do it. sheesh. *THAT IMAGE WAS MUCH TOO BIG - READ THE RULES IN THE FAQ ABOUT POSTING IMAGES*
  9. yip. after a long and painful sleep, my 86 gxl is now breathing fire. and literally. when i shit, it spits fire out the tail pipes. coolest shit ever. ill post pics.

    o and btw, i dont give a fuck what yall think. this is a blog and its going in blogs. so jump off mike d!

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    2. darknation


      /me bows down before the zark

      fucking genius

    3. DooMBoy


      heh @ zark

      who cares @ kain

    4. kain


      and actually ravage, gesse games aint special. almost all motor cycle people can do just the same shit he does, hell. your shuch a loser jesus fucking christ.

  10. kain

    Ralphis,For my sake and your sake.Read this.

    is it me or is the dude with the ralphis shirt have it on backwards?
  11. kain

    Bare Breasts

    no, they think your a loser. so they answer to a loser.
  12. well, to my horrid suprise, the pulsation dampener is broken. just to put it in a simple way, broken pulsation dampener means gasoline being sprayed onto the engine and then, fwoosh! goodbye. luckily i found it before i died. lol.

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    2. Sharessa


      Actualy, he's starting to annoy me too.

    3. kain


      o really? good.

    4. kain
  13. yeah yeah yeah, i havent been posting allot since i dont care anymore, ( i still talk to jenblaze ;) ) and now i feel that i have almost reached my peak.

    well, this is how it happened.

    i decided to go with my dad and his friend to an auto auction thinking its gonna be full of shitcars. to my suprise, not that many shitcars, but still. so i see a red nissan stanza, but it was a pos, so we kept lookin, and low and behold, i see the majesty of a superb looking rx7. the outside is superb ( accept the stupid black plastic fading. everything works, and i tell my dad this is the car. so we wait a shitload, and the car finally goes up. 900. 1000???? 1000???? sorry, 950? SOLD!!! i couldnt believe that i got that shit. it has 177k miles on it and the whole cars is in perfect runing order. other than the minor crap breakin ( plastic interior ( minor) and the seat having a rip the size of texas in it, i love it. i love it. so , if you dont see me a whole lot anymore, its cus i am out racing it in the scca tournaments.

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    2. kain


      lol. you cant win, because no one voted for you. those votes where against you.

    3. Jenblaze


      kain said:
      ( i still talk to jenblaze ;) )

      blah :-p you just started talking to me

    4. kain


      heh, you jst started to reply to my e-mail. lol. you changed it thats why. lol. i just gave up.

  14. kain

    How many languages do you speak?

    greek and english
  15. kain

    Doomnation, Doomshack still online! =)

    man doomworld was cool back in 99. lol.
  16. kain

    The Motherdemon

    how does it mate with those horns on its tootie? and where do the ungins suckle from?
  17. it seems that my viewing of internet web pages has been altyered. first, the buttons are extreemly big.
    seccong, i am only able to view a white background on doomworld. no pictur background, no nothing.
    third, my fonts are all effed. evrything is either bold, or in a basic font that i dont like. its starting to annoy the hell out of me.

    also, i am runing windows 2003. its just like xp. so i can send you a screen shot if you want, so you can better understand it.

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    2. Ralphis



    3. kain


      heh, too bad youl have it reemed up your ass soon enough.

    4. Lüt


      Ralphis said:

      FOOL OF A TOOK! Use the doomworld-compatible version:

  18. kain

    Doomers Pictures Archive

    is it me, or does ling look like lars from metallica in a befor pic from a rogain ad?
  19. kain

    Kalashnikov mp3 player

    would have been better if they had nude picture posing and or playin with it. like holding it inbetween her boobies. lol.
  20. kain

    Best Movie Shoot-outs

    i like the shootouts in cowboy bebop. bonie and clyde was pretty gangsta. the shot up them mofos like 50 cent was pissed.
  21. kain

    Doomers Pictures Archive

    is it just me or does zaldron look like a girl?
  22. kain

    Doomers Pictures Archive

    mr chris, how do you keep that slim body while eating all that junkshit?
  23. im going to be selling some stuff. if anyone is interested, there here is what i got.

    dual pentium 3 450 with 256 megs of ram.
    2 pentium 2 400 with 128 megs of ram. might not sell.

    rc airplain trainer 20, 90% built with remote conytrole. got everything, accept fuel lines.

    some misc rc stuff.

    15 inch screen. you name the proce , its yours.

    rc ground radio system, complete.

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    2. Sharessa
    3. kain


      depends. they are 400's with about 128 megs of ram each, with a cd rom drive, and only one pci slot. they have a built in network, video and sound. work fine with xp. the sound might not.

    4. kain


      they have crappy harddrives too.