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Status Updates posted by kain

  1. i miss the old doomworld. i mean the old doomworld. i mean the doomworld when mordeth posted, and potd was still here. man i miss that.

    which reminds me, what happened to king elvis, and some other peeps here?

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    2. Hobo


      the_Danarchist said:

      I'm probably the only one here that watched David the Gnome. That show was pretty cool.

      Heh, I remember that show, I watched it a few times, but i was caught up on the Super Mario Brothers Super Show and such.

    3. kain


      kain said:
      well, if you hate ren and stimpy, you hate me. and i doubt you wanna get hit with my 4k lb volvo now do ya punk?

      You suck.

      You Swallow.

    4. Danarchy


      Jenblaze said:

      how about get smart on nickelodeon?

      Get Smart was one of the greatest shows ever made. I havent seen that show in ages. And you cant forget the episode where the evil hippies are trying to corrupt the minds of the youth. :P

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  2. ok no wonder where my things where goin. heh.

    1. zark


      What the hell?

    2. KoolKat


      Hey, ZarcyB! How'd ya like the pics I sent you years ago? You still haven't replied!

  3. Why the fuck did i come back from greece?? WHY THE FUCK!!!
    some of you say the parthenon is only good to look at like 5 or six times.

    nah nah nah. you got the bullshut all mixed up. what you did with your parents was nothing.

    go to the islands and go to the clubs.

    WHY?? you might ask???

    1) GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!!! NEED I SAY MORE? example. the place where i worked had a hotel across from it. and a hot czech chick stayd there and everymorning she would rub down here tits with lotion, in front of everyone. i would just walk up to her and talk to her. while she was topless.
    2) ALCHAHOL!!! i am still piss drunk off my ass. and i am 18!! fuck! in some places, you need to only be able to know what you want!
    3) life!!! its soo god damn care free. they dont care about jack shit!
    4) dance music. club music. TECHNO!! yes i know i might get some heat for this, but cmon, most of yall dont know how cool the shit gets with funky lights and bug subs and when you drunk!!

    i closed the deal. fuck summers in the usa. fuck the women in the usa.
    fuck the life in the usa. i got a house, a motorbike ( yeah pritch, i got the street magic ) and thats it. so expect me to leave every summer.

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    2. kain


      heh. seriously dude. i swear i could ask the hottest chick overthere to meet me up tonight and she would say yes, and show up! i mean shit, they just wanna have fun. here, its relationships first, then after that, its fun. there, fun is first, then its relationships.

    3. Ralphis


      fun is first, STD is second, relationship is third!

    4. kain


      nope. i used a condome.

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