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  1. Echo 5

    Old Game Trivia

    dont care for them myself, but they have some funny trivia associated with them most famous would be the 'All your base' line in Zero Wing er, speaking of which, i only later noticed that my sig is All your base go for it
  2. Echo 5

    Old Game Trivia

    Been thinking about compiling a list of old game trivia. Apogee/ID/Epic stuff is good, Doom Bible is good, the Dopefish especially of the Keen series. This should be interesting... Good keywords such as Tei Tenga, DACOTE=Dies at conclusion of this episode, etc. are excellent.
  3. Bio Menace! Little Big Adventure (was a sequel called Twinsen's Odyssey, another would be welcome though) aka Relentless SkiFree (heh) Doom (heard a great rumor they're making a Doom 3!) Day of the Tentacle Commander Keens! Zero Wing (yes, All your base...) XCOM: UFO Defense aka UFO: Enemy Unknown (the sequels sucked, something good would be truly sweet) Marathon Rise of the Triad Syndicate (also had a sequel, but that was aeons ago) Cannon Fodder Porrasturvat (or as I call it, that Sick Little Game) Wing Commander (I love the free version) LHX Attack Chopper That's my two bits... (for the record, i was kidding about the Doom 3 comment)
  4. Echo 5

    Question about the canadian navy??

    a) the canadian military had better watch out, they could all be killed in one traffic accident or something b) i have nothing against canada c) beavers too, its aboot time someone mentioned them, eh?
  5. Echo 5

    Age of people playing Doom these days!

    15, been playing since the shareware came out
  6. Echo 5

    Help with VR Doom

    so i need doom -devparm -net 3 -warp 31 (and any other game-specific clp's) [-left/right] thank you very much it works pretty well (although a little jerky)
  7. Echo 5

    Help with VR Doom

    i have more stats on my dos net im running comps with intel pro/100+ net adapters my net.bat is as follows lsl.com ;link support layer, some crappy novell pos e100bodi.com ;intel pro/100+ net drivers of some kind (for dos) ipxodi.com ;ipx drivers im not running: net init net start with the three .com's described above, doom2v19 works like a charm in dos and ipxsetup sees ipx (as opposed to "IPX not detected"). It pings back and forth and gets into the funny loading screen with the blue header, everything working fine... but down at the bottom, it says starting network something or another for one player. a couple statements later, it ejects me.
  8. Echo 5

    Help with VR Doom

    im trying to set up a 2 or 3 (or even 4) computer vr doom i have downgraded to doom11 as reccomended in unofficial faq i am in dos, as doom11 will not run in windows i have dos 6.22 & 7, win3.11, win98se, win2k if any of these help i am using the commands dm -devparm -warp 31 dm -devparm -left -warp31 etc and have also tried ipxsetup -devparm -warp31 -nodes 2 ipxsetup -devparm -left -warp31 -nodes 2 doom will not start.. i have at my disposal quite a few comps and have tried many combos of two of these. none work. why not?