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  1. I did as well. The music on the new version is just corny as funk and doesnt give atmosphere. Cut version was much better. Might have to mute soundtrack to this game.
  2. Alien-like, yes. Demon-like, hell no. The same with the Mancubus but that's not as bad to me.
  3. All the new screenshots and the latest gameplay has Pimps. Did ID drop Gimps or do they just have multiple enemy types? If they dropped Gimps then damn they are unable to make a decision and stick with it. They had an official gameplay trailer with Gimps in it after e3. If there are none in the game and they are switching on decisions that late in development thats concerning. Plus Gimps are far better.
  4. Too much cartoon, not enough Demon. On a positive note. Looks like they stepped up blood effects with gunplay.
  5. http://www.dsogaming.com/screenshot-news/doom-new-quakecon-2015-screenshots-released/ First screenshot of campaign has gauss rifle it looks like.
  6. Slug mod secondary on Brutal Doom is legit as well. I doubt they will have it long range at all. The cross hairs take up half the screen.
  7. http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/doom/images/1/17/Hell_Symbol.png/revision/latest/thumbnail-down/width/340/height/340?cb=20120624104852 This as archvile or icon of sin. Shame if that remains only as cover art especially given what they can do with it using current tech. That said it should remain as art if its not done right.
  8. They didnt recreate it with most of the demons. Why reuse Doom 3ish hell knights if you wanna go retro comic book 15-year old style? Mix of styles to play it safe maybe. Mossy watermelons? Give it some time...dont you ever give up hope. WOW Archvile mages with unicorn spikes, wings, and big teeth will come as well.
  9. Doom 3s Hell Knights are supreme and basically rehashed for this. I dont know man. This new screenshots got imps that look like theyre aliens from halo and baron art that looks like a 15 year old made it. Some of it just doesnt look that evil. The barons appearance in the game looked badass but you couldnt really see it so Im not 100 on that or even sure if the art was actually modeled of the game. Doom 3's cyber was shit Ill say. Doom 3s Mancubus was THE shit compared to this ones. 2016 Cacos and Revenant minus jetpack are looking damn good. I barely remember Doom 3s Cacos but I think thats enough to agree on them being crappy looking. Aesthetic tastes.
  10. This is a cartoon-fest of creatures more and more. Either way still looks fun to play. Doom 3s art direction definitely superior. This gameplay will be superior though.
  11. Walkimg is supposed to be slower. They do and should have dynamic movement instead of one speed. Their top speed isnt bad
  12. Do it and the FBI will be all over your ass. Probably even CIA. You should up load it though. They took it down from youtubes. There was also a good PC version taken down as well.
  13. They dont need to incorporate horror/survival gameplay to make the game "scary". You can be powerful right off the bat but have the odds stacked against you. The game should certainly include some gruesome, hellish shit that it seems to be lacking from the demos shown. The gore is a good gameplay element that should rightfully be included as it should in every fps, but gore does not necessariy make the atmosphere. The first couple and Doom64 have a darker atmosphere it seems.
  14. Agreed but it would be cool to do the normal blood and gore thing combined with Dead Imp pieces slowly burning up like doom 3 but on prtocle effect steroids. Only for certain enemies. @Tritnew I dont know why some think the original wasnt that gory. Maybe the dated graphics make it less apparent.
  15. Weapon selections gonna blow without the Cerebral Bore.