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  1. Badmotorfinger111

    Head in toilet

    Does anybody know what the head in the toilet is in what I think was Lazarus facility.
  2. Badmotorfinger111

    The bitching about the MP

    What exactly is the best age then. No comment on the state of gaming. Interactive crap, leveling, story driven. I would personally say the best shooter ever made and continues to be CS. How much has that game changed. Small changes and graphics, that's it. How many people play it. I never said doom 1 and 2 couldn't be improved. Doom 2016s atmosphere and environments are based on doom 1, 2, and 3. I'm sure your next response will have something to do with me being old and you are probably close to my age so I'm done commenting.
  3. Badmotorfinger111

    The bitching about the MP

    Has nothing to do with age. I'm 25 and I still think doom 1 and 2 are superior games except for graphics. Even then the character designs, environments, and atmosphere are better. I play old doom all the time. You could call me the exception but I think us young people are too obsessed with new stuff. Look at games today. They are terrible. No fun, just addictive level up, interactive movies / games. I actually was playing games like that and realized they aren't fun so I went back to the good stuff. I really like the new doom but mostly because of its old school aspects. Video games peaked in the 90s. It's been downhill from there. Doom 16 is good because it doesn't go too far. Knows its limits.
  4. Badmotorfinger111

    Can we all just agree on one thing?

    I like the lost souls except for their kanikazi tactics. I wish they could miss and come back. Makes them more annoying. I could do without the horns also.
  5. Badmotorfinger111

    More old school

    I'm not saying demodernize but just slight changes that make it a little more doom like. It does feel a little more like quake which isn't bad but there are some changes that could be made I think to aesthetics environments that would make it even better. Some of the demons should be just a little more classic. I think they nailed most of them but the baron for example could be more goat like just little things like a nose or whatnot. The skulls in the environments have goat skulls so I feel like the rest should follow. I never got to buy doom growing up but my neighbors all had it so I just played there. Good times
  6. Badmotorfinger111

    More old school

    I love this game, even the multiplayer, but I assume they are making a sequel and here are my thoughts. Even more like doom 1 and 2. Screw the new generation. The best parts of this game were the old school aspects and most reviews point that out. Not all but tip the scales more in the old school direction. Make the demons, guns, HUD, secrets, environments, etc even more like the originals. Multiplayer must have classic death match. Load outs make sense for consoles but why can't they appease all sides with different modes. Secrets should be more like originals but they did pretty good for the most part. Triggers, walls, etc. More exploration Less lockdowns and more enemies. More hell levels Classics skins and maybe redo some classic levels ( not in snap map) Basically make it more like doom 1 and 2 both gameplay and aesthetics. They did a great job but I feel they were trying to appease a new generation when they didn't have to. Progression is good but small changes make a huge difference. Moderation is key. Or they could just make quake 5 first.
  7. Badmotorfinger111

    Doom MP

    I personally am having a ton of fun playing the MP. Even if you don't like it you should support it and id cus you're never going to get the shooter you want by bashing this game. I really wish they would add a classic dm with pickups though. I mean cmon.
  8. Badmotorfinger111

    Doom MP

    It's not far off. Everything is there. It's just the speed and mode that's missing. They could update and add it. Or future games might do it right if doom is successful.
  9. Badmotorfinger111

    Doom MP

    My point is you won't get the mp you want if you don't support Id. They're the guys who can do it best. Whether it be future doom or quake games or whatnot.
  10. Badmotorfinger111

    Doom MP

    There's a classic death match in the multiplayer section?
  11. Badmotorfinger111

    Steam Reviews, eating crow

    Steam reviews are nearly all very positive now. I bet half of them them never even played the beta, but just jumped on the bandwagon. I have a buddy who said this game looked like halo and was crap for the last year. He played for 30 min last night and said it was amazing. That's because it is. Doom is back. via Imgflip Meme Maker
  12. Badmotorfinger111

    Steam Reviews, eating crow

    Most of those reviews were trashing the whole game for no reason. I get complaints about speed and weapon pickups if you are a quake fan but most people were just being gay about it. I love the multiplayer personally. Could do with a classic death match mode though.
  13. Badmotorfinger111

    No early Doom review copies for anyone

    After all the extremely negative feedback from the beta I don't blame them. I like going in without anyone else's opinions also.
  14. Badmotorfinger111

    No early Doom review copies for anyone

    IGN just posted an article stating that they cannot review doom until after release. This is because the servers are not going to be up until then. That's official from Bethesda
  15. Badmotorfinger111

    How many levels?

    Anybody know how many levels are in the game? I hope there are around 15 to 20 or a good amount of varied environments. I miss the segmented games of old. I want the names to be interesting like the old ones too, but based on what theyve shown they are all just the names of the area (UAC Labs, Titans realm, etc). I'd rather see a barrels o fun type name. Either way I'm pumped for this game and hope it delivers. Still a lot of unknowns so I guess time will tell. On a side note is anyone tired of seeing the glory kills already. If there were a ton of them it would cool, but it looks there are only like 5 at least most common ones.
  16. Badmotorfinger111

    Who's buying this for $60?

    Known answer question isn't it. This is the doom forum and there hasn't been a new doom in almost a decade. Plus this game looks good at the very least.
  17. Badmotorfinger111

    Possibly new trailer? (GONE NOW, SPOILERS AHEAD)

    Can somebody send to me please twould be much appreciated.
  18. Badmotorfinger111

    SP Stuff

    As much as I love the MP so far I would like some more SP info. I feel like Id should be pushing both sides of this game in the last month til release. Especially because some people aren't interested in the MP (they should be) and I have forgot about it myself somewhat. Doom has always been SP focused so give us some new gameplay and not just another montage. In retrospect I'm glad they have kept it under wraps but if they're going to sell this thing they gotta market now.
  19. Badmotorfinger111

    SP Stuff

    Give the Mp some more time, unless you already did in which case that sucks if you still don't like it because I think it's extremely fun. Also, consider that there were limited options in both alpha and beta. The full game will have more weapons, maps, skins, etc. Most people who don't like the MP I think have a problem with MP in general, or are obsessed with unreal or quake. If that's the case then I don't know what to tell you. I will say the game should have a mode with weapon pickups. To not at least have the option seems stupid. if that's your reasoning then I get it. Other than that the game is smooth, fast, fun and balanced. SP yeah I don't expect much more but I still want it.
  20. Badmotorfinger111

    DOOM frag videos!

    Nice clips. Love the doom music in the background. That's what they should have playing anyways.
  21. Badmotorfinger111

    DAY OF DOOM(TM) MARCH 29TH!!!!!!

    Before the event started they were playing promo clips for about 30 min. In between the promo clips they were playing some sweet doom music. It sounded less like techno. Does anyone know if this is official music or not.
  22. Badmotorfinger111

    Multiplayer Maps Explored

    I think the maps look great. Perdition has those cool Doom tree things. My only issue with both the sp and mp maps so far are the names. I like the fun classic names ala "barrels of fun" just a suggestion but I always thought the level names were creative.
  23. Badmotorfinger111

    The Cyberdemon

    Moving forward does not mean changing everything. Why are people so obsessed with changing so many things when small changes are the best (when perfected). You could make a cyber demon that is very similar to the old one and still move it forward. It is what it is though, hopefully it will be fun and challenging.
  24. Badmotorfinger111

    The Cyberdemon

    I think the cyber is ok but I could never understand why it is so hard to bring the original demons into the new. I could easily draw a cyber, and have seen drawings that would be great. For the me the cyber was always menacing due to his lack of personality. That could be said for all the demons. The cyber was just worse due do his size, health and capacity to do damage. Also the sound of his footsteps. I think about that level in old doom against the cyber where you go down an elevator into this maze of buildings and wonder how cool that would be in a new game. The thing that people don't get is that less is more if you do it right. D4 has gotten some of that right but in trying to please new generations I think they are depriving them of great gaming. Hard to blame Id though as that avenue could fail with what passes for a game these days. I think D4 is going halfway on things. They say nostalgia and new. I would call it great gaming and selling out. This is not a good way to go but because doom is so inherently fun I believe it will be a good game.