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  1. Nah, It was just an ordinary day with revenants.
  2. Category 2. Died on MAP09, with 1 hour and 7 minutes of gameplay. antares_Ironman_plutonia.zip
  3. Struggle : Antaresian Legacy is updated to Release Candidate 4, with a few, but important, changes. You may check out the changelog below: - Now you can get access to the SSG in the beginning of MAP09 during cooperative mode, even if the bars are closed - Fixed an issue of MAP20, where the players can't exit the level during cooperative mode - Fixed an issue of the levels with random monster spawners, while you run the wad on ZDaemon with "fast monsters" option - Fixed an issue of MAP25, where the player can easily skip the essential action line If nothing goes wrong with it, after the next ZDaemon TNS, this one will be uploaded to idgames. Click Here to Download (RC4)
  4. Much appreciated for those bug reports! I'll make sure to fix them for the final version. I playtested the wad with ZDaemon, but I haven't tried -fast option with it, which is my bad. And thanks for the solution of the latter issue. :)
  5. Struggle : Antaresian Legacy is updated to Release Candidate 3. If nothing goes wrong, this version will be uploaded to idgames. As always, I appreciate all of those feedback comments and opinions about this megawad. I also want to thank everyone, who participated the last Doomworld Megawad Club. Most of changes in this version were based on the reviews from the DWMC session. You may check out the changelog below, before you download the wad: Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bzr2wp0451qvoe6/STRG_RC3.zip?dl=1
  6. antares031

    Happy birthday Fonze

    Happy birthday to you, Fonze!! :) The screenshots already look fantastic and challenging.
  7. Happy 6th anniversary of Doomworld Megawad Club! :)
  8. antares031

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Struggle

    MAP28 – The Antaropolis PrBoom+, UV - Pistol Start, KIS(%): 103/86/100 Obviously the previous slaughtermap was not enough. This time, I took a look on the MAP10 of Sunder, which features a long journey to the center of the superfortress with thousands of monsters. But don’t worry, even if it has the highest monster count in the entire wad, it still has lower than a thousand monsters; 851 on UV. The bad news is that most of setpieces after the beginning part have indestructible afriest turrets, which don’t count as monsters. Also, keep in mind that, since the level is pretty big, I put some shortcut teleporters near the entrance, for cooperative gameplay. The first floor is comprised of several stages with straightforward setups. The progression is highly linear, so you don’t need to look around to find your next way that much. But you do need to take a closer look to the level, in order to find the secrets. One of them allows you to grab Leichenfaust earlier than the normal one, which is really helpful for clearing numerous revenants and chaingun elites on the second floor. The third floor is actually the easiest one, which is basically a weapon testing site for Leichenfaust. But remember, stay away from the tracers of your new BFG. The final setpiece has some Leviathans. They used to spawn monsters during the battle, but I changed them to the alternative version, since they spawned too many monsters all around the arena. MAP29 – Alpha Scorpii Monument PrBoom+, UV - Pistol Start, KIS(%): 107/100/100 This level is a tribute to one of the most memorable levels in classic doom wads; Misri Halek from Alien Vendetta (NuMetalManiak mentioned about it from the review). Sure, I saw many negative reviews about that level during the DWMC’s Alien Vendetta session, and I do understand about the flaws of that level. But no matter how the people think, Misri Halek is one of my all-time favorite levels. You will immediately recognize some references of that level from the beginning; a giant pyramid, where you need to pass through an unusual gate. To make it even more obvious, there’s a hellish underground cave with crimson rocks and burning lava, which we haven’t seen since MAP15B, in the middle of the building. If I have to point out two major flaws of Misri Halek are confusing progression and the giant mountain section in the northwest, which is a long corridor section with some monster closets. For this level, I tried to make the level much easier to navigate around, even if it has a giant, complex layout. Every switch you need to press tells the next thing you should do, so you won’t get lost that much. And, since each section is connected to the central corridor, you can visit the areas you’ve cleared quite easily, once you open the one-way doors in the corridor. The combat is pretty tough, since this is the last level before the final boss. I suggest you to keep your grenades and rifle bullets for the important moment. Lastly, this level has a super secret, which doesn’t count as a secret technically. Once you find 5 hidden switches around the level, you will be able to go through the secret gate, near the Leichenfaust hall. This section is the aftermath version of MAP33, which I’m going to talk about later. MAP30 – Ignis ex Antaresia PrBoom+, UV - Pistol Start, KIS(%): 100/36/100 The concept of the final boss was originally from the cancelled megawad project, although it received some major changes. Instead of Icon of Sin, we have a giant cerulean iron lich, which literally vomits a shit ton of fireballs from above. Because of its super-fast movement speed, shooting projectile weapons is nearly impossible to beat the final boss... except Leichenfaust’s tracer damage. Your tactic is simple; keep straferunning for your life, while you’re spamming your strongest weapon. If you know how to run with SR50, you may save yourself from some nasty moments, since the boss’ movement can be unpredictable sometimes. It might look impossible to beat the final boss, if you play the level without foreknowledge. But once you know how to deal with it, this one will be the shortest level in the entire wad, even shorter than MAP01. To be fair, it already has a shortest par time; only one minute. By the way, if you ask me, yes, Iron Lich is one of my favorite boss monsters in the doom engine games. MAP?? – At the Entrance (2006) PrBoom+, UV - Pistol Start, KIS(%): 104/100/100 This level may look too simple and monotonous, compare to other levels in the wad. But this level means lots of things to me. This level is my very first playable level I’ve ever made, after I drew some lines and sectors with the shareware version of DeepSea 12 years ago. After I figured out how to make lines and sectors properly, and figured out how to use 3D mode with Risen3D, I decided to make an actual playable level, which has weapons, monsters, and an exit switch. If you tried that level editor long ago, you may remember that it has a restriction as a shareware version; the level is limited to 800 linedefs or 1200 sidedefs. That’s why it has tiny layout with minimum details. This level was included in my first wad I’ve ever published. Although it’s not in idgames, there’s a thread about that wad in Doomworld, so feel free to check it out. The level is modified a little bit, since Struggle has different gameplay style and ammo count, compare to the original doom. Mostly, I added some extra ammo around the level, and added difficulty settings and cooperative-only monsters. Still, it’s pretty simple and straightforward, and it almost feels like a level for Wolfenstein 3D, since it doesn’t have significant height differences. Anyway, for those who found the secret level of this wad, I hope you enjoyed my first level. :) In conclusion For the last 12 years, making a full megawad by myself was one of things I really wanted to accomplish. Even back in 2006, there were lots of community-made megawads, which looked really impressive and fun to play. After I played Alien Vendetta, I decided to make my own levels to show my appreciation to the community. The community that made awesome levels and wads, and even gameplay mods that I really enjoyed. So I started to make some levels with DeepSea, under the restriction that I mentioned. I actually managed to make seven more levels for my first wad, but I suddenly stopped making levels. I don’t know exactly why, but maybe trying to make a full megawad was not a good idea for the beginner, and hit mapper’s block. After I “scrapped” the first megawad project, I tried to make an another wad with more ambitious settings, thinking myself ‘This one is going to be much better than the previous one, and it should be.’. Thanks to Doom Builder, now I could design a level with more linedefs and bigger layout, without any static limitations. But then again, it ended up with the same result, with even fewer levels. After I did the same thing over and over for 8 years, I decided to start an another full megawad, with some different gameplay elements, but still with vanilla doom’s tricks and designs. This time, I was really determined to make 32 levels for the wad, and I actually posted a thread about it on Doomworld. And then...... I was not satisfied with some of finished levels; they’re too mediocre and not fun to play, even if it was designed by myself. So I decided to scra... No. I decided to restart the project, with some elements that I can salvage from it. Like I mentioned from the review, some of earlier levels were actually designed for Catastrophe, and then they were reformed a little bit for Struggle. I also decided to make a custom weapons by taking photographs with my toy guns, because that’s how id Software did for the original doom, and I wanted to do the same thing for my own megawad, because it’s my wad, after all. And this time, I managed to complete this one, without scrapping it. Thirty-two new levels for the original Doom 2. Like I said before, this is something I really wanted to see the light, rather than stuck in one of the folders in my computer. It is obvious that I cannot please every doom players in the world with it, because everyone has different tastes and play-styles, including myself. But, as long as there’s someone who enjoy it, and appreciate it, like I did for other community projects, that’s all I need for what I’ve done. Thank you for playing Struggle : Antaresian Legacy. And much appreciated for the reviews on DWMC. :) Intermission summary: Imgur album set * A level with the longest playtime : MAP29 (24 minutes and 51 seconds)
  9. antares031

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Struggle

    For those who need some hints to deal with the final boss, here are something you need to know. Spoiler alert, of course:
  10. antares031

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Struggle

    MAP22 – Afriests’ Seminary PrBoom+, UV - Pistol Start, KIS(%): 104/100/100 Another straightforward level, like the previous one, focusing on indoor fight with some chaingun elites and, of course, afriests. Not to mention that there are some arch-viles to spice some encounters. (To be fair, I was killed by arch-viles more times than afriests, during the playtest) The layout of the hub area was basically the scaled-up version of the yellow skull area from the previous level, and it was based on the symbol of Serpent Riders; the one with trident-like shape from Heretic and Hexen. I also tried some grey-colored marble textures for the first time, and I think it was a good choice to break the monochromic texture scheme a little bit more, although this episode still uses blue textures more frequent than other community wads. Many people pointed out that the secret area is nearly impossible to reach. That’s because you need jump over the gap with SR50 in precise angle. The new version will have much easier solution, which you only need to run with SR40. MAP23 – Rhabdophis Tigrinus PrBoom+, UV - Pistol Start, KIS(%): 100/100/100 This is something slightly different than my usual levels. This time, before I started to design this level, I looked at the wad, which is far from my usual design; Scythe 2. One of the best wads ever designed for classic doom, but I didn’t played that much (I did finish the wad on UV at least once before, though). Keep in mind that I am not a speedrunner at all, so I’m not familiar with designing speedrunner-friendly levels like Erik Alm’s levels. But I tried to make a level with fast-paced gameplay with a small amount of monsters and more forgiving layout and monster placements for speedrunning. And I think it worked out pretty well than I expected, judging from the reviews by other people. The name of the level is based on the snake that I accidentally came across during the mine field operation near the (censored), about 5 kilometers away from Demilitarized Zone. And yes, that’s the reason why this level is filled with lots of snakes, roaming around the level, hiding behind the doors. To be fair, this level was going to introduce one last custom monster, which is based on Antaresia. But we’re going to talk about it in the next level. MAP24 – The Lost Temple PrBoom+, UV - Pistol Start, KIS(%): 101/97/100 We’re going deep into the underground temple, which means we’re going back to the indoor level. The scale of layout is still not that big, compare to some levels from the second episode, and you may beat this level on UV-max within 10 minutes. The design is pretty much similar to the other indoor levels, like MAP21 and MAP22, with one of my favorite designing techniques; 3-4-5 triangle. I used this method for the first time while I was designing Alpha Scorpii Supercluster, to make it much easier to align 64-units-wide textures, and it was oddly satisfying to draw diagonal lines with no decimal point for some reason. Behind the blue skull door, there’s a simple setpiece that introduces the last custom monster; Antaresia Elite, which is basically the combination of Antaresia and Evil Marine from Scythe 2 with lesser pain chance. Since it has its own KEENDIE code pointer, you need to kill those nasty monsters in the arena, in order to proceed the level. It drops blue skull relic, once it’s dead. But it’s not a collectable item, and it’s just a decorative thing, telling that this monsters can’t be resurrected by arch-viles. MAP25 – Druidia Borealis Sanctum PrBoom+, UV - Pistol Start, KIS(%): 104/96/100 This level shares the same concept with A Forlorn Outpost, the level that I contributed to DyingCamel’s Demons #1. Hey, it even uses the same soundtrack, composed by Psychedelic Eyeball. I think it’s a good measurement between two levels. We have a giant, opened hub area near the ocean, surrounded by several structures, locked with skull keys. This is something similar to MAP23, but with more difficult monster placements, and more height differences. If you’re good at finding secrets, a hidden Leichenfaust will be very useful against those mass antaresias behind the blue skull door, and a slaughterfest behind the red skull door. Every setpiece is beatable without Leichenfaust, but you need an assault rifle at least, to deal with lots and lots of revenants and their friends. The final encounter features a spider mastermind, assisted by antaresias. It even has the elite version to lock you inside the room. Lastly, the name of this level is referencing three different games; Skyroads, Half-Life 2, and Doom 2016. There’s no particular reason that I chose those games. MAP26 – Leviathan’s Hideout PrBoom+, UV - Pistol Start, KIS(%): 113/98/100 I apologize in advance, if you’re not a fan of new boss monsters. This is an another indoor level with non-linear layout and several setpieces, locked behind the skull key doors. I think now you’re familiar with this kind of layout and monster placements, if you made it this far. The first notable setpiece is the one behind the blue skull door, where you need to deal with lots of antaresia elites, while a pair of arch-viles are chasing you around the hall. Red skull door room has two setpieces. The first one offers you lots of chaingun elites, while a pair of arch-viles are chasing you around the claustrophobic cave, I guess you can figure out the pattern of them. The second one behind the locked bar greets you with a squad of antaresias and, of course, a pair of arch-viles. Once you get the yellow skull key, it’s time to say hello to the spectroleviathans. Yes, after the MAP20, we come across to the one of two appearances of those nasty, partially invisible boss monsters. Even if you have some leichenfaust rounds in your pocket, it will be pretty tough to deal with them in the medium-sized arena with no powerups, except one single megasphere. The final fight features two original leviathans, while a pair of arch-viles are chasing you four arch-viles are watching you as immobile turrets. For those who wondered about those leviathans’ odd behavior, those are the alternative version with zero pain chance, which prevents them to spawn monsters around it. And for those who wondered about the design of the ceiling of the dome, it’s a reference to the dome from Alpha Scorpii Supercluster. Although it was excluded in the final version, because of the limitation of the community project, I’m glad to see it again with slightly different appearance. MAP27 – Legions against One PrBoom+, UV - Pistol Start, KIS(%): 121/100/100 It is obivious that this level is a slaughtermap, judging from the first glance To be honest, I was running out of ideas for the non-linear layout, so I decided to make something really simple. As you can see, while the architectural details are not bad, the overall layout itself is really simple and straightforward. The beginning part is filled with lots of mid-tier monsters around the area, while some high-tier monsters are occupying their spots, like turrets. Even a spider mastermind is watching over the arena, guarding the way to get a blue skull. Shooting effective shots of Leichenfaust is critical to clean up the mess with no problem. Mind the blast damage of its tracers. The southern part features the last encounter with afriest statues, also known as random monster spawners. The original concept was placing one giant tower with monster spawners in the middle of hall. But placing 64 things at the same spot in the large room was an easy way to trigger all-ghost effect in vanilla doom. So I had to divide it into four smaller towers. After that, behind the yellow skull door has an another simple fight that you can see from other slaughtermaps; kill those monsters as efficient as you can, while you have a godsphere. Make it count. +++ Counterattack, Disjunction, Scythe X
  11. antares031

    Best Megawad ever (In Your Opinion)

    Alien Vendetta is my all-time favorite, followed by Plutonia 2, Ancient Aliens, and Going Down.
  12. Thank you so much for making the patch file! I'll post it to the first post, so anyone who wants to play the wad with mods can enjoy it. I checked the MAP10, and I couldn't find the issue with the exit. You can get access to the exit, without the interruption of the ceiling. If you meant that it's easy to go through the exit by simply avoiding the afriests, I can say to players that feel free to do that. Much appreciated for the feedback! It was pretty obvious that I was too ambitious for my first megawad project, so the levels were getting larger and larger, until you reach the last episode. I'll make sure to make some more compact levels for the next project. Although there's no plan to change the attack pattern of Antaresia, since it's a homage to the Ophidian from Heretic, I can reduce some hit point of it to make it easier to deal with them. Same thing goes to the elite version, and the Leviathan as well. But I'm not sure that I'm going to change Chaingun Elite's attack pattern, or its properties. The reason that I used lots and lots of blue texture is quite simple; I like blue textures. And because they do look like the same thing over and over, I tried to give some various gameplay style for those levels. Sometimes you get a straightforward linear level, or a complex level with explorable layout, or even a giant slaughterfest. About the custom sprites, I tried to make it less pixelized before with no success. I wonder if there's a tutorial to make sprites more "doom-like", other than using blur effects on Photoshop. Again, thanks for the feedback, and I'll see what I can do for the upcoming version. :)
  13. antares031

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Struggle

    Just a reminder that there's an optional file for MAP28, called STG_MAP28.wad, if you're having a framerate issue with MAP28. Sorry for the late notification.
  14. My maternal grandmother passed away this morning. There's no more chicken soup, ricecakes, and other delicious dishes, made by her. Rest in Peace

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      Im sorry to hear that, you have my big condolences. May she rest in peace.

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      The funeral is over, and now I can get some rest. Again, thank you so much, everyone.

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      keep up antares and good luck.

  15. antares031

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Struggle

    MAP19 – Teleportation Theta PrBoom+, UV - Pistol Start, KIS(%): 128/97/100 The concept of this level was pretty simple; making the last techbase level for the wad, with larger, more complex non-linear layout than any other techbase levels, and a teleportation sequence, something like one from MAP15. Once again, the techbase has multiple sections with their own colors, like the one from MAP16. The blue section occupies the majority of the techbase, including the teleporter device in the north. Green section on the east has a giant setpiece with lots of monsters, which are there to guard the red keycard. You can use red keycard to unlock some useful items, such as a Leichenfaust, and a godsphere in the yellow section in the west. Technically, you don’t need to visit every section in the level. But it is recommended to collect Leichenfaust, if you’re playing with pistol start. Because the teleportation area features an another Leviathan encounter, since MAP15C. This time, you need to beat three stages, prior to the boss fight. To make it even worse, the area houses 4 indestructible afriest turrets, making you to keep moving around the arena. Once you beat the boss, you may enter the exit teleporter at the center, or take an another teleporter near the switch room, if you missed some goodies from the level. MAP20 – Chorok Yeonok PrBoom+, UV - Pistol Start, KIS(%): 106/97/100 After you escaped the last techbase level, it’s time to visit the Hell once again. Although it’s something slightly different than the MAP15B, where the level was mainly decorated with red bricks, brown rocks, and burning lava. This time, we have lots of green textures and sewage pits all around the place. Many people mentioned that this level feels like the one from Sunlust, and I can clearly see that from those architectures in the hub level, but the idea to use green textures was actually inspired by Killer Colour from Alien Vendetta, one of my favorite secret levels in doom wads. While the right section is just a giant cave level with a good example of using blursphere (yes, blursphere is pretty effective against mass hitscanners), the left section features a homage to Gotcha! from the original Doom 2. I’m not gonna lie, it’s so satisfying to see that the spider mastermind can beat the shit out of the cyberdemon with energy bolt cannons. The final area introduces spectroleviathans; the spectre version of leviathan with much lesser health. For those who don’t like this kind of invisible monster, then don’t worry. This is only one of two appearances in the entire wad. P.S.: The name “Chorok Yeonok” came from 초록연옥 (草綠煉獄), which means “Green Purgatory” in Korean. MAP21 – The Overture PrBoom+, UV - Pistol Start, KIS(%): 103/100/100 Did I ever tell you guys that I like blue textures? And here we are, the homeworld of cerulean ophidians and afriests. This wad used to use the original palette from Doom 2. But after I received the feedback about my deathmatch megawad, which also features lots of blue textures, I decided to make the custom blue color with less garish hue and saturation. And I also decided to pick a secondary color for the theme; black-grey metallic textures, to give a little bit of variety, rather than 100% blue. This level was, obviously, designed as an opener of the last episode. By the moment I started to make a level, I thought it’d be better, if I “reset” the gameplay curve, including difficulty and overall playtime. It’s like a new beginning, like selecting a new episode in Ultimate Doom. As an opener, this level is pretty straight-forward, and much easier than the previous episode. But don’t be too careless, since most of high-tier monsters are still there, including afriests and arch-viles.