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  1. This is a little bit old, but here you go.
  2. Here's the updated version of my level. Thanks for the FDA, @NoisyVelvet and @rdwpa ! :) Changelog - Cleaned up the automap with secret and hidden linedefs - Added difficulty settings - Edited the hint to secret area + decorate the cake a little bit more - Adjusted the final combat area March of Angry Boneheads (RC2)
  3. Title: March of Angry Boneheads Version: RC1 Build time: 3 hours, including playtest Themes: Cake in a secret, No keys, No more than 10 tags used (7 in total) Music: "Lava Powerhouse" from Sonic Spinball, sequenced by King Meteor Textures: Quoted from "The Kerberos Complex Texture Pack" by antares031 Sky Box: From "Mek's Box 'o Skies" by Mechadon Click here to download

    "The Day of Defeat" by Psychedelic Eyeball


    What a beautiful MIDI for the slaughtermap.

  5. ^ I've literally laughed out loud so hard XD XD XD
  6. Before the year is over, here's the updated version of my level; The Kerberos Complex. If there's no significant glitch that breaks the level, this will be the final version. - Rey keycard area is changed, making the player unable to skip the monster ambush. - Some secret areas are slightly adjusted, allowing the player to find them easier. - Some encounters are adjusted for better gameplay. - Fixed a couple of texture misalignments. - Fixed a glitch, related to the godsphere in front of 6-key switch. Click Here to download
  7. Somewhere in Seoul, 44.5 kilometers away from the DMZ.
  8. Decided to change mine to the good old one.
  9. Halloween is over, but whatever. Red with her halloween costume; little red riding hood.
  10. An updated version of my level. Thanks again, RjY :)
  11. Thanks for the FDA and a bug report, RjY! I playtested with GLBoom+, so I couldn't notice that. Gonna update the level soon.
  12. Name: My first speedmap Music: Hidden stage theme of Fortress 2 Build time: 2 hours 30 minutes Themes: 1+2; Texture limit + Monster limit UPDATE:
  13. "Sometimes, just sometimes, I wonder what'd happen to me if I didn't play Doom twenty-two years ago. Whether better or worse, I'll never know." -antares031, talking to himself on Twitter


    Yes, I'll never know.

    1. Marlamir


      Your life will be little bit more "poorer" for sure

    2. Memfis


      Better Doom than drugs! Or wait...

    3. Voltcom9


      ^ Drugs are still cheaper than playing Magic the Gathering though... back on topic, the Doom community is better off because you played Doom 22 years ago.

  14. I decided to participate the Ironman League for the first time. Though I couldn't go too far, I'm happy with the result, since it was a blind run. I watched loveless' livestream of this wad about 2 months ago, but I started to watch the stream while he was playing the map(MAP06, iirc) that I couldn't reach this time; I ended up in MAP04. So I think it's safe to say that mine was a complete blind run. :P Pretty fun wad, by the way: