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  1. Contrary to popular belief, levels of Doom have their names, instead of numerical codes, like E1M6 and MAP31. Yes, every level has its name. Whether it's a good level or a bad level, it has its own name to represent the level itself. And it's a common belief among the mappers that giving a name to the level is the most difficult part in level designing progress...... well, at least to me. :P There are many mapnames in the world of doom levels. While many of them were just gone from your memory, since they were just too mediocre to remember, I believe that you guys have some mapnames that attracted your mind at first sight. There can be many reasons to pick your favorite mapnames; it looks cool, or it really fits to the level, or you just like the name. That being said, here are some of my personal memorable mapnames: Afterlife II (Scythe 2) Mt. Erebus (Ultimate Doom) Human BBQ (TNT: Evilution) Barrels o' Fun (Doom 2) Ticket to Eternity (Plutonia 2) Fightnancial Crisis at Enwrong (THT: Threnody) The Ancient Navajo Wolf Warp (Ancient Aliens) One Flew Over the Caco's Nest (Alien Vendetta) Wrath of The Wingless Pigeon (Doomworld Mega Project 2017) Big Dwayne's Orbital Concrete and Propane Emporium (50 Shades of Graytall) Feel free to share your memorable mapnames from any doom wads. You can also mention the name from other games with doom engine, such as Heretic and Hexen, and PWADs about them.
  2. The world needs more people like George Carlin.
  3. Listen to "AC/DC - Thunderstruck", while watching the battleships from World of Warships. Today is a good day.
  4. I found a program called 'dmvis' recently, thanks to the Twitter bot called dmvisbot. If you're interested in that program, please check out this GitHub page. I also used this online GIF editor to edit & optimize the GIF file, before I released it to the public.
  5. About two hours ago, someone from the other country tried to steal my Steam account. It seems like the suspect knew the details about my account, including password.




    I hope this is just some kind of glitch of the Steam login system, but this definitely reminds me to check my security details of other accounts. And of course, if anyone is reading this, I suggest you to make sure that your accounts are safe from phishing attempts.

    1. obake


      That's scary. Hopefully whoever was trying to steal from you gets caught.

  6. This is exactly what I did for my level on HNTR. ;)
  7. ^ The new waterfall looks so sweet! This is a good replacement for the WFALL texture.
  8. > dmvis -w 1920 -l 1 -nl -s DMP2016_antares031_final.wad MAP25
  9. I agree with Memfis' opinion. I'm not against trying to grab the attention from people, since creators want to receive feedback from other people, so they can make better works in the future. The problem is that this thread is about mentioning the other people, who showed some impressive works as newcomers. And not about self-advertising someone's work, which is definitely not the point of this thread. I believe that those self-promotions are just for shits and giggles, of course. Which means I'll definitely not going to nominate myself as a promising newcomer. Heck, even my first wad was released to the public twelve years ago.
  10. I'm going to write the article about myself on Doomwiki, if nobody is going to write it in the next 60 years, just to retrospect what I've done. Honestly, that will be an interesting thing to do for me, looking back to the history of my doom level designing, before I rest in peace. But don't get me wrong. I also like to see the article about myself, written by someone else, as long as it's correct.
  11. W = Move forward S = Move backward A = Strafe left D = Strafe right Z = Turn right C = Turn left Right-Click = Strafe on Shift = Jump Ctrl = Duck X = Fly down (if it's necessary) So basically my SR50 combination is either one of these two methods: W+A+C+RC, or W+D+Z+RC I used to use Z and C in reverse (Z for turning left, C for turning right), but my fingers feel more comfortable with the current way.
  12. I believe that, somewhere out there in the universe, there must be some people who don't like pain elementals. To be honest, I'm one of them. xD
  13. This is volume alpha of the Doomguy Test. Please make a mark with your pencil if something that applies to you. Ready? 1. Have you ever felt discomfort because of that corpse of cacodemon, hanging on the edge by one pixel? 2. Have you ever tried to play slaughtermaps with thousands of monsters, with ludicrously overpowered weapon pack, such as supergun.wad? 3. Have you ever managed to knock down this zombieman squad in MAP03, with a single super shotgun blast? 4. Have you ever tried to run a PWAD with the wrong IWAD? 5. Have you ever justified yourself, when you lost a deathmatch on ZDaemon, because your opponent had a better ping than yours? 6. Do you feel angry when that damn imp, right in front of your face, didn't die from a full-hit of shotgun blast? 7. Have you ever started your own ambitious megawad project, but ended up with only just a few levels that didn't even manage to see the light? 8. Have you ever wondered why the hell did the id software create pain elementals? 9. Have you ever did something stupid intentionally, just to earn your own custom title? 10. Do you feel disappointed, when your favorite wad of the year isn't even listed on the runner-up of Cacoward? 11. Do you hesitate for a moment when you find a medikit, while you have around 80% health? 12. Do you feel annoyed by a monster, which isn't firing its weapon for decades, while you want to provoke monster infighting? 13. Do you try to punch the air, since you think that punching in front of monsters makes them more aggressive? 14. Have you ever tried to shoot an arch-vile, which was targeting a different monster, and you took the damage instead? 15. Have you ever wondered what would happen to your life, if you didn't know anything about Doom? 16. Do you feel relieved, when you picked the option that the majority has selected on the poll in Doomworld? 17. Have you ever abused "Curve Linedefs" or "Stair Sector Build Mode" on Doom Builder, just to increase the amount of linedefs of your level for some reason? 18. Do you think that Doom is the best first person shooter ever made, or even the best video game ever made? If you answered yes to 6 or more of these questions, then you are a doomguy. If you did not, there's a chance that you may be a revenant. More tests are suggested for you. * Courtesy of Ze Frank, who created The Human Test series.
  14. I'm actually happy with the first rule, and the third one, since one of my personal principles in level designing is that the author should be able to beat his own level on UV-Max without saves and cheats. In fact, I wish more and more community projects accept this rule in the future. To me, making a level that you can't finish by your own feels like passing the buck to other people; After all, It's YOUR level, not by others. I'm concerning about restricting G/ZDoom from the submission, though. The goal of Doomworld Mega Project is to gather levels from as many level designers as possible, and restricting G/ZDoom will definitely cut the amount of potential participants. If you're worrying about the compatibility, try to separate the wad, based on the level's compatibility, like the DMP2015 did. And like I said earlier, allowing the custom sky for boom would be a good idea.
  15. Thumbs up for the new rules. But not even a custom sky transfer for boom this time?