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  1. It is indeed spawning custom monsters, that "act" like projectiles. MBF doesn't support creating new code pointers. EDIT: Here's a quick demonstration. complevel 11; cubevile.zip
  2. I'm a fan of well-designed custom monsters. Megawads like Valiant and Ancient Aliens did a great job on designing monsters of their own. If custom monsters are designed really good, they can certainly give unique experiences, giving some memorable moments, boosting the quality of the custom wads' gameplay even further. Surely combat scenarios are mostly made with the level design, such as monster placements and layout of the arena. But custom monsters can provide more options and possibilities, that the pure level design couldn't offer. Astral Cacodemon could be one of examples, having "quick aerial-dash" movement, which vanilla doom monsters didn't have. The answer to "How to make cool custom monsters, which has interesting new elements, but not overpowered?" is still quite difficult to figure out. While one person might think about the new monster "Wow, this new monster gives me more challenging moments. Great!", other person might think about the same one "That stupid monster just gave me tons of damage in a single second. This is unfair and not fun." Also, while dehacked is capable of editing the properties and behaviors of monsters, it's still limited to the options of vanilla doom. You can definitely modify the existing projectiles, but it's highly-unlikely to make a whole new projectile attack, unless you're using MBF dehacked. It is up to the dehacked designer's creativity to make good custom monsters with cool new features. But then again, perhaps the answer to "making better monsters" is not that complicated. I've seen that lots of people appreciated the reduced HP of lost souls in Struggle and Eviternity. Just remember to make a custom monster that you find amusing and more enjoyable to deal with. And remember to listen to people's feedback comments about the new actors you designed.
  3. antares031

    Post your very first map here!

    "At the Entrance". The very first playable level I've ever designed, after I familiarize myself with the shareware version of DeepSea about 14 years ago. The wad is still available in the following thread: A very first wad I've ever made
  4. [Important Note] A small change has been made to the idgames version, which fixes the DECORATE code that caused significant frame rate drop, during the particular moment on MAP06 with any ZDoom-related source ports. This also fixes a couple of DECORATE issues, such as "Antaresia shows pain state sprite, during the firing state". If you're mainly using ZDoom-related source ports, please download the newer version on idgames, which is dated as August 24. 2020. Since this doesn't affect any other resources, other than DECORATE, there should be no issue with the demo recordings currently out there. Sorry about the inconvenience, and have fun.
  5. antares031

    What / how many languages do you speak?

    - Korean (native) - English (good enough to communicate) - Japanese (not fluent, but understands some words + able to read & write both kana)
  6. antares031

    I make art sometimes.

    Oh, wow! I've never thought to receive an artwork of Struggle like this. Thank you so much for drawing this, and I hope you enjoyed the megawad. :D
  7. Hey, thank you for the kind words! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the megawad, and it actually cheered you up in real life. While Struggle was designed for limit-removing compatibility, which is limited to vanilla mapping tricks, every level of AR was designed for boom compatibility, except the first level. Since boom features lots of useful functions and tricks, and the most of classic doom wads are designed with boom nowadays, it is also recommended to take a look and analyze AR as well, after you finished analyzing Struggle. If you want to know how the dehacked was designed, export the DEHACKED lump from the wad, and load the file with WhackEd4 dehacked editor. It's worth mentioning that dehacked is still being used to create custom elements for classic wads nowadays, such as Valiant, Ancient Aliens, and Eviternity. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy Antaresian Reliquary, just like you enjoyed Struggle. :)
  8. I had to sacrifice two letters to become blue square and gold square. Fortunately, it was worth to try. Sidenote, GZDoom didn't like the idea of changing the color of some letters; it made the other letters become darker from the HUD, making them more difficult to recognize. Because of this, you can see the alternative version of intermission text screen, made out of the original red and pink colors of Doom's default letters.
  9. KeenDie code pointer can be used multiple times, by locking the rest of tag 666 sectors. Since KeenDie works like a "Door Open Stay" function, you can lock the t666 sector by attaching a dummy sector with low ceiling, 4 units above the floor height of the door, and you can unlock it later by raising the height of ceiling. Once the t666 sector is unlocked, then you can activate KeenDie code pointer again with another type of monster with the code pointer, implemented with dehacked, to open the unlocked t666 sector. Here's a simple wad that demonstrates the trick, under complevel 2: keendie_demo.zip
  10. antares031

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    This is super impressive, definitely one of the best mapping tricks I've ever seen in any Doom level designing. Now I wonder if it's possible to mimic the trick with classic doom mapping.
  11. antares031

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    PrBoom+ -viddump test
  12. antares031

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Antaresian Reliquary MAP31, UV-Max in 37:29 ANTA_REQ-m31-3729.zip
  13. @Jovian Since MAP31 has more than 40k monsters on UV, lowering difficulty for that level is usually recommended, so you only need to deal with just 10k monsters. You can also try GLBoom+, which is basically the OpenGL version of PrBoom+. It'll give you some performance boost with your GPU, compare to PrBoom+'s software renderer.