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  1. SlaughterMAX. RC1 available!

    This solved the issue, thanks for the help. :)
  2. SlaughterMAX. RC1 available!

    I'm probably having an issue with voodoo doll script in here. I'm using GLBoom+ with complevel 9.
  3. Struggle (March 19. 2018: Beta 5 is available)

    We also have some more monsters from Heretic and Hexen. Thanks, and stay tuned for the next update. :)
  4. SlaughterMAX. RC1 available!

    I can't proceed to the next section after I killed every zombieman for some reason.
  5. Struggle (March 19. 2018: Beta 5 is available)

    Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate the messages. :D The concept of MAP25 is pretty much similar to the MAP25 of Alien Vendetta; Among the 32 levels, there should be one giant slaughtermap with more than a thousand monsters. Although the new weapon system is not that ideal for hordes of demons, I believe that I put sufficient amount of supply items inside the fortress. :)
  6. Struggle (March 19. 2018: Beta 5 is available)

    Thanks a lot, Eris! :)
  7. Struggle (March 19. 2018: Beta 5 is available)

    Thanks, Deadwing! You don't need to be hurry, so take your time. You can also wait for the next version with complete 32 levels. :)
  8. SlaughterMAX. RC1 available!

    As long as there's no limitation in monster count, I think there's nothing wrong with placing more monsters. And it's still possible to beat the level on UV-Max.
  9. Struggle (March 19. 2018: Beta 5 is available)

    Thank you very much! :)
  10. Struggle (March 19. 2018: Beta 5 is available)

    March 19 is my birthday. To celebrate the day myself, here the new version of Struggle; fifth beta version. This version includes five more levels (27 in total), and several changes in gameplay. This time, I want to thank @loveless for providing helpful feedback during the live-streaming. :) The next version will be release candidate 1, which will include five more levels, making this mod "a full megawad". = Changes in Beta 5 = - Added MAP21, 22, 23, 24, and 25 - Minor changes in previous levels - Added Antaresia Elite * Antaresia Elite has 35% more HP, more aggresive behavior and speed, and 1/5 pain chance then the original one * Antaresia Elite only appears in the last episode, and it drops a blue skull relic that opens the locked door. - Adjusted first person weapon sprites - Added new sprites for revenant's missile - Replaced several sprites in the levels, including Afriest Turret - Reduced the damage of Leichenfaust 2000 from 90 to 50 - Reduced the speed of grenades from 35 to 30 - Reduced the speed of revenant's missile from 20 to 18 - Reduced revenant's missile damage from 9 to 8 - Increased Afriest Turret's firing delay for 50% - Afriest now has lesser health (600 -> 540) - Fixed a bug that Afriest Turret couldn't shoot the next target, once the first one is killed = Screenshots = = Download link = Click here to download
  11. SlaughterMAX. RC1 available!

    Why not?
  12. SlaughterMAX. RC1 available!

    An updated version of MAP28, based on the @elmle's Wild-Max playthrough. While the purpose of this version was to make wild difficulty more intense, I also made some minor changes for UV. So I re-recorded UV-Max demo for it, which is 41:31 long. - Minor changes in layout to prevent some cheese strats. - Added 100 more arch-viles for wild difficulty. - Fixed the possible glitch that breaks the wild playthrough. - Increased the amount of monsters on ultra-violence from 21,542 to 28,350 Click here to download
  13. Corrupted By Chaos - Object T11

    A 70-minutes-long-FDA for this level. Recorded with complevel 9 on UV. Here are some suggestions for this level: - Architectural details, including texture usage, were designed really good to show the environment of giant, metallic warehouse. We have outside storage area, large underground container depot, and hazardous sewage canals. And every area is decorated with proper textures and lighting effects. But, speaking of which, several areas are too dark to navigate around or find items on the floor. Even if I increased gamma correction during the demo recording, it was hard to figure out what's on the floor in the dark area. - Combat is good enough to enjoy the level for an hour; I enjoyed the overall gameplay on ultra-violence. Some people may find that lack of giant setpiece with lots of monsters, especially for a level with this size, is kinda boring. But it's a good sign for players who don't like slaughtermaps. Don't get me wrong, it has some moments to make the player nervous for good. - Despite the fact that this level has outstanding architectural details, lack of custom skybox is kinda disappointing. But it's just my personal opinion; I always think that levels with lots of custom textures, like this one, should include a new skybox to make the environment even better. - Secret areas don't have significant visual hints around; I only relied on the automap to find secret areas. It would be better if there's a small hint for each secret place. - Thing 1302 and 1304 become unobtainable, once the floor is raised. Check the demofile for more information (around 56 minutes). - Demo is ended with a critical flaw; a player can be stuck behind the lift, sector 417. I check the level on DB2, and they're tagged as walk-repeatalbe actions, instead of switch-repeatable. I suggest you to either change the line-action, or fill the gap between the lift and floor. Anyway, thank you for making this level. I hope to see the updated version in the future. cpt2_antares.zip
  14. Things modern mappers do better

    First thing first. I'll let that person play Doom 2016. Then I'll bring Sunder, SF2012, Swift Death, and Sunlust. "Yes, now we know how to place monsters better than you guys. Good luck, and have fun. :)"
  15. Hell Knight VS Arachnotron, Who Wins?

    I guess you were inspired by this ongoing event on Twitter.