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  1. antares031

    What are your creative crutches?

    3-4-5 triangles for non-orthogonal layouts. It's also pretty useful for aligning textures.
  2. antares031

    Non-linear and large maps?

    For something unusual and extraordinary, try Comatose.
  3. antares031

    Is it pronounced "gibs" or "jibs"?

    I've seen many people saying "jibs", but I don't think I've seen many people saying "instajib" for some reason.
  4. Map Name: Buckshots across the Two Forts Music: Tristan Clark - Hyperspace Highway DM Spawns: 9, all SSG spawns Suggested Skybox Texture: SKY01 Playtested on DSDADoom 0.25.6 -cl2, and ZDaemon 1.10.22 local play with the following setups; Duel, FFA 6 players 30 frags, FFA 16 players 50 frags. A little bit large for a duel match, but worked pretty well with FFA matches. dwa30_antares031_v1.zip
  5. antares031

    just upgraded to windows vista

    From my experience, Windows Me was THE worst operating system I've ever used. A couple of months after the installation, horrendous optimization and terrible memory leak made it literally unusable. Seriously, I had to reset the computer, in order to use my PC properly every couple of hours. Slower loading speed was one thing, but vomiting out numerous BSoD was another. Sometimes it just summoned BSoD with no cleasr reason and it made me crazy. I still remember the error code of it even after 20 years later, and it was 0E. It was not just my computer's problem, and others had the same issue with their Windows Me back then. Formatting C Drive was only a temporary solution, and it only worked for several months. The best solution was just getting the brand new Windows XP years later. Thank god Windows XP was one of the best operating system I've ever used.
  6. Currently I'm trying to break the mapper's block. This level should be ready before the new deadline.
  7. I don't have much time with doom mapping nowadays, but I'd like to submit at least one DM map for this one.
  8. antares031

    Microsoft Showcase leaked? Quake Reboot?

    "Hollow Knight Sliksong" Looks fake to me.
  9. antares031

    Doomcute thread

    Not bad, but it does not worth to create a thread. Next time, try to post it on other screenshot threads, like the following;
  10. Any level that has a hidden secret with either "Closes 30 seconds after level start" or "Opens 5 minutes after level start, and closes after 4 seconds". Bonus point if the secret has both enemies and countable items.
  11. antares031

    six-word reviews (you can join)

    Doom 2 : There are more than six guns. Plutonia : When in doubt, put more chaingunners. Cyberdreams : Doomguy Is You. Evileye Is Win. Eviternity : Many textures. Such soundtracks. Very monsters.
  12. +1 to MyHouse.pk3 This is not just a doom level, but a work of art.
  13. antares031

    Laz Rojas - an old Doomer in trouble.

    WolfenDoom : Second Encounter was the very first Doom mod I've ever played. It was featured as one of the best doom mods (along with Requiem, Icarus, Memento Mori series, and Alien Vendetta) on DoomMania's Club, a korean doom fan site back in early 2000s. It was such a joy to play, making me think "This is so cool, now I can play Wolfenstein 3D with Doom's graphic!" While it was Alien Vendetta that led me to create doom levels, it was WolfenDoom that introduced me the power of doom modding. May good fortune follow him from now on.
  14. antares031

    The 2022 Cacowards

    Congratulations to all the winners and runner-ups! Looking through all of these amazing creations, I wonder what's going to amaze us in the next year, the 30th anniversary of Doom. Special shout-out to @Xymph for winning Espi Award with outstanding contributions to Doomwiki and /idgames, and @Deadwing for not only winning one of top 10s, but also winning both Dootaward and the Creator of the Year award! All well-deserved. 👏👏👏
  15. Actually this one: 15CC_anta-159.zip