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  1. Revolution! by Thomas van der Velden. Don't forget to download the MIDI Pack, composed by community people, if you're going to play it. Echelon by Soundblock. A simple, compact, but fun and enjoyable zdoom megawad with several custom elements for beginner-intermediate players.. If you don't mind the total conversion, Shadow of the Wool Ball (by MSPaintR0cks), can be a good option as well. It's not a full megawad with 32 levels, but it has 3 episodes, with 6 levels for each episode, that worth to play at least once. There's even a sequel of this one, if you're looking for some more from this.
  2. Happy Lunar New year, Antares031!(my time zone is gmt+7,and my country celebrates lunar new year too)

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      Oh.Β Thanks a lot, Catpho.Β Happy Lunar New Year to you, too! :D

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      In my country we don't celebrate Lunar New Year, but for some reason the New Year decorations in our city are still hanging

      In the name of that, happy new year πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ

  3. People didn't like the whole blue-colored textures, so I added a little bit of black.
  4. In that case, I save the wad and close it. Then, reload the wad from Slade immediately. They'll be shown as normal doom flat elements.
  5. I haven't made that many levels so far, to be honest. My levels from DMP2016 + 2017, and Nova 3, are the pretty much everything notable, since other works are small and compact levels for speedmapping session, like birthday mapping. But you can check out two levels of THT:Threnody; my very first contribution to community project (MAP11 and MAP20). Not to mention that you may try my level for SlaughterMAX, as long as you're okay with a slaughterfest with 21k monsters. Besides the single player wads, I made a deathmatch wad long ago, which received negative responses in texture choices, but positive feedback in layout designs. And, just in case you like jokewads, there's one jokewad which was lucky enough to get the last Mockaward.
  6. Struggle is updated to the new version. This includes some changes in levels and systems, mostly to fix the glitches, related to limit-removing source ports. For more details, check out the changelog from the first post. Clike here to download (Beta 4B)
  7. I don't know why, but I believe someone will try to use this upscaling method for H-Doom sprites. Just saying.
  8. Thanks for the UV-Max demo, lirui! I really appreciate this one. :) It seems like the MIDI now loops fine with other people's computer, and the monster placements also look no problem with the current beta version (thanks for pointing them out from the previous version, @loveless! ). I'm sure that this one will be the final beta version, if there's no major glitch that breaks the level. The cyberdemon encounter in front of the blue key door was designed to practice two-shot tactic under the difficult circumstance; a 192-units wide staircase. That's why I placed a BFG and some cells right near that encounter. :D While some of them are quoted, and edited, from my texture pack called Kerberos Complex Texture Pack, most of them were newly-designed exclusively for this level to demonstrate the moon base with white-colored metal panel textures. And I'll be honest that I can't bring an alternative choice of textures for current design, since changing texture will give totally different feeling and environment. I'm sure that several megawads had a level like this with unique textures, compare to other levels, like MAP20 of Alien Vendetta. Besides, the size of custom textures is lighter than the level itself; while the level is about 5.8MB, the textures are 2.2MB in total. I believe that it won't cause too much overload to the texture pack. But then again, I will try to find some textures from the current texture pack, if they can replace the original ones perfectly, and I'll update my level sooner or later.
  9. "Besides, someone was gonna pay for what happened to Doomguy, your pet human." * Courtesy of Xous54 for the picture of Daisy
  10. Here's the updated version of my level. Now accepting opinions for other difficulties. - Minor changes in layout and monster placements - Added difficulty settings - Adjusted background music for better loop Click here to download (beta2)
  11. This feels like a good combination of classic doom, wolfendoom (Astrostein, for more precisely, thanks to those human soldiers), and a Sci-Fi movie with aliens. I'm enjoying this one so far, and the only problem I had is that it took me a little bit while to figure out the slot of the railgun. Maybe you can add an additional line to the text, like "You got the railgun (slot 1)", or a simple explanation in the text file. Congratulations on the release! :)
  12. That will require lots and lots of 3D floors and polygon models, including armaments, equipments for superstructure, etc. Remember that battleship is not just a ship with guns, but a floating home of two thousand sailors. You may need to design not only turrets and engine room, but also design bakery, barber shop, library, machine shop, post exchange...... you get the idea. :P But maybe I'll try to make one, once I start to make GZDoom compatible levels in the future.
  13. Ah, yes. I remember I saw your photo from the "Post the picture of yourself" section; a main battery gun director of 16-inch gun turret. It's so great to see the naval veteran, especially who served as an officer of one of the greatest battleships, like you in here. :) I was designing the miniature of small city, as a part of my level, and I decided to put the battleship as a decoration. I've been playing the naval simulation game called NavyFIELD for almost 14 years, and I can say that I'm a fan of giant battleships from WW2 era. I even made several battleship models for that game, about two years ago. Since Iowa class is one of my favorite BB classes, I chose one of two unfinished BBs to let her see the light in Doom level. This BB miniature was made with limit-removing compatibility. I made 4 custom textures for those newly-installed gun barrels; for each side, and dark/bright variations. The shadow is just another sector with different brightness. Here's the view from the level editor, for more details:
  14. After 14 months have passed, I finally decided to install guns to her turrets.
  15. A quick custom status bar, made with METALx textures, just in case there's no entry for it. A couple of in-game screenshots with it: EDIT: Here's also a simple BOSSBACK graphic, since there's no BOSSBACK submissions so far. It's basically a skybox texture that I used for my level (Thanks for this cool sky texture, @Mechadon :D), and added decorative hexagons around it. And this is how it looks in-game.