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  1. Plutonia the Way Casali Brothers Did... by Casali Brothers. This sounds like SIGIL 3 to me.
  2. antares031

    axolotl.wad [11 maps] [/idgames]

    I approve this blue, looks so beautiful 💙
  3. After Micro Slaughter Community Project, it's so nice to see an another wad with a similar concept. Nice work!
  4. antares031

    Doom Monster Nicknames

    That one particular arch-vile in Monster Condo. People call him "Barney".
  5. antares031

    Brainstorming Name Ideas for My Next Project

    I've been thinking about various suggestions, but none of them could beat "Mechanical Midwest Hellscape", honestly.
  6. antares031

    how you do SR50

    W+A+C+M2 or W+D+Z+M2  C is turn left, Z is turn right, M2 is strafe on
  7. We better need a concept of "The Evolution of Display Resolution" project. With a total six episodes, each episode features the most popular resolution of the era, starting with CGA 320x200 (Classic Doom was designed for this resolution, iirc). Then it goes up to VGA 640x480, XGA 1024x768, HD 1280x720, FHD 1920x1080, and QHD 2560x1440. Two secret levels feature UHD 3840x2160, because why not?
  8. DSDA-Doom - 7 Eternity - 1 GZDoom - 1 I do use other source ports as well, but I only use them for special reasons, such as using ChocoRenderLimits for vanilla doom stress test, ZDaemon/Zandronum for multiplayer, etc.
  9. While the idea of widescreen status bar sounds interesting, I currently have no plan on making more stuffs for already published projects. But I'm welcome to any third-party add-ons that don't interrupt with the wad's gameplay or art design.
  10. About the recent locked thread, talking about Antaresian Reliquary, I already made an explanation about the issue before. I think any dehacked modders will understand that Dead Lost Soul is one of the most common actors to be replaced, in order to make their own custom actor.

    1. Xyzzy01


      *poofs away in a single frame*

  11. MAP09 UV-Max in 3:46 mscp09-346.zip MAP16 UV-Max in 4:44 mscp16-444.zip
  12. antares031

    Psych's MIDI Music! (Or Junkman I guess)

    Much appreciated for sharing your awesome MIDI works in here! I remember that I got this collection from your discord channel long ago, and I've been enjoying this a lot. I'm planning to use more music in the future, besides Struggle, Antaresian Reliquary, and Ozonia. Like Gothic mentioned above, your work definitely deserves more recognition. Because of that, the recent honorary member medal from id Software, celebrating the release of Syringe as an official add-on, was such a great news to hear. :) Again, thanks for sharing your collection to the public, and keep up the good work!
  13. antares031

    Why'd you choose your title?

    Yeah, it's my favorite fish to eat. 😋
  14. antares031

    Why'd you choose your title?

    I needed a secondary non-english nickname, which could be more appealing to the local community members.
  15. antares031

    what resolution do you play doom on

    1280x960 for any classic source ports, and 1080p for any modern source ports.