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  1. DSDA page aka antareq // anta_req Antaresian Reliquary MAP31, UV-Max in 37:29 ANTA_REQ-m31-3729.zip
  2. antares031

    The 2022 Cacowards

    Congratulations to all the winners and runner-ups! Looking through all of these amazing creations, I wonder what's going to amaze us in the next year, the 30th anniversary of Doom. Special shout-out to @Xymph for winning Espi Award with outstanding contributions to Doomwiki and /idgames, and @Deadwing for not only winning one of top 10s, but also winning both Dootaward and the Creator of the Year award! All well-deserved. 👏👏👏
  3. Actually this one: 15CC_anta-159.zip
  4. antares031

    Insanity Edged

    The first screenshot is eco brutalism at its finest for doom level. Welcome back to doom mapping!
  5. MAP60 UV-Max in 4:52 30mc60-452.zip
  6. antares031

    Do you have any mapping gimmick trademark?

    Gonna quote one of my old posts: - Blue & gold textures - Structural pillars & beams - Banners on the ceiling - Custom dehacked monsters - MIDI soundtrack, composed by either Tristan Clark or Psychedelic Eyeball - 3-4-5 pythagorean triangles in the layout - Random Doomcute™ decorations - Additional blue & gold textures and more banners on the ceiling - Animated walls, made out of 1-pixel-wide scrollers - Automap cleaning, ceiling-height-changing linedefs indicate either doors, switches, or important places
  7. antares031

    Your favorite video game character quotes

  8. antares031

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    Who's Wadazine Mother?
  9. antares031

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Thirty Monsters Challenge (RC1), a demonstration of UV-Max run of MAP60 Demo file: rc1_map60-452.zip
  10. There are many people who quitted doom mapping, but there is no person who quitted doom mapping just once. Welcome back!
  11. antares031

    The DWIronman League dies to: Somewhere in Time

    Category 1 Survived, finished MAP15 in 1:17:32 It's been a while, since my last ironman attempt. Although there were a couple of questionable monster/item placements and texture alignment, it was a pretty fun & cute wad. DWIronman_anta_intime.zip
  12. Here's the updated version of my submission. I made a couple of adjustments to make the level less grindy. I also implemented difficulty settings Download: 30mc_anta_v2.zip SIDENOTE: I've been trying to make this level compatible with GZDoom, but failed. You may turn on every vanilla physics options, but it still doesn't make the level 100% playable in GZDoom; the conveyor sectors in the first part are still unable to deliver Cyberdemons' rockets, and you can't steer yourself properly during the third part. If your goal is having a megawad that completely compatible with GZDoom, feel free to exclude my level from the wad.
  13. Captain J is a South Korean artist & modder who contributed to various Doom community projects, such as The Adventures of Square. His gameplay mod Netronian Chaos received one of gameplay mod awards in Cacowards 2018. GreenL3gacy is also a South Korean artist & modder who designed the third person shooter gameplay mod Black Warrior. He's currently developing a standalone indie game, called Operation Echo; a 2D graphic side scroller shooter on GZDoom engine. Thanks for the mention. :) Here's a little bit of correction to avoid confusion: She -> He. I should've mentioned about it somewhere.
  14. antares031

    Vanilla visuals ≠ Bad visuals.

    All I can say is that you intentionally made those screenshots look bad, by using modern source port, vertical mouselook, micro status bar, and a crosshair in the middle. Please be fair next time.
  15. antares031

    Top 10 videos games of all time (your personal list)

    To give more variaties, I excluded every Doom-related games, because they're everywhere on the Top 10 list. * NavyFIELD: Great classic naval MMOTSG with one of the most unique controls in any video games, despite of its notorioulsy giant paywall. * Team Fortress 2: This game was super fun to play during the early 2010s, before the trading update. * Age of Empires 2: This game still gets major updates, including remastered version and its DLCs, even after more than 20 years. * Wolfenstein - The New Order: One of the best combinations of classic & modern first person shooter. The best game in the Wolfenstein franchise. * Hollow Knight: The #1 best indie game I've ever played. It's also happy to hear that its sequel is finally coming pretty soon. * Starcraft - Brood War: I still think that AoE2 is better, but this is still one of the best games of its kinds. * FTL - Faster Than Light: Always remember, giant alien spiders are no joke. * Kerbal Space Program: Not just spaceships, you can make pretty much anything with this, including cars, tanks, and even battlecruisers. * Bioshock Infinite: This game could've been better, if I can carry more than 2 weapons. Still, it has great art-style and storyline. * The Talos Principle: Highly underrated first person puzzle game, even better than Portal series.
  16. WolfenDoom - 2nd Encounter by Laz Rojaz
  17. I made a couple of levels for CS:Source about 15 years ago. Most of them were mainly designed for deathmatch mode and zombie mod. Although many of them were lost throughout the time, I managed to dig out a couple of them from the old community homepage. They are definitely not as fancy as the blue & gold doom levels of mine, but I was also a newbie doom mapper, back in 2007.
  18. antares031

    How often do you use the automap?

    Quite frequently. It's useful to figure out the route to the next locked door, check out the blockmap with grid, and mark the powerup that I don't need right now. Automap is also useful for me as a level designer, by marking closed doors and some of switches with ceiling-height-difference linedefs, and erasing other unnecessary ceiling linedefs. I don't know why, but cleaning the automap is also quite satisfying.
  19. I've downloaded the v1 from my post, and inspected it from my GZDoom Builder. It's flagged as "block players":
  20. The fence in the first arena is impassable only to the player, since it's flagged with MBF21's "block players" option. The fence should work properly, if the source port supports MBF21 with -complevel 21. It is possible to cheese the barrel section by turning off the autoaim. But the autoaim is the part of the classic doom, so I consider turning off the autoaim is cheating, in this case. I also confirmed that the scrolling floors, especially the wind effect, work completely different with GZDoom. I'll try to figure out the proper way to implement them with that source port.
  21. I tried the latest dev build of GZDoom, and everything worked pretty well... except GZDoom implements the wind effect drastically different than the other source ports, making the third section literally unplayable. :( You're using the outdated version of DSDA-Doom. Please try the latest version.
  22. I've just tried the level with GZDoom, and it also instantly crashes with the latest GZDoom from my side. While I assume that it's a source port-related issue, since DSDA-Doom runs the level with no problem, I'll try to figure out the reason of the issue with GZDoom. In the meantime, you can try the level with DSDA-Doom -cl21.
  23. Made it with 15 minutes to spare. Map Name: The Belphegorian Trials Author: antares031 Theme: Three color-coded challenges with their own gimmicks Music: Tristan Clark - Battle of Chaos Difficulty Settings: UV only, the rest of difficulties will be implemented in the later version Ports Tested: DSDADoom 0.24.2 -cl21 Description: Concentration, Precision, and the Race. Notes: After scrapped the first map, this one is what I've brought. It is not 100% polished yet, but the game on UV should be playable and beatable. The level will be completed with the rest of difficulties within the next two months. Screenshots: Download: 30mc_anta_v1.zip