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  1. antares031

    Basic titles in Doomworld Forums

    I realized that FAQ does not provide the information about the basic titles in the forum. So here's the info about the forum titles I've found so far, just in case of anyone who was wondering about them, especially me. D: Please correct me if I was wrong, thanks. = Basic Titles (still working on it) = 0 - 9 : Newbie 10 - 29 : Warming Up 30 - 49 : Green Marine 50 - 99 : Mini-Member 100 - 249 : Junior Member 250 - 666 : Member 667 - 999 : Forum Regular 1000 - 2499 : Senior Member 2500 - 3999 : Forum Staple 4000 - 5499 : Forum Legend 5500 - 6999 : Forum Spammer 7000 - 19999 : Why don't I have a custom title by now?! 20000 - ??? : Seriously?! What do I have to do to get a custom title around here? = For particular post counts = * 0 : Registered Lurker * 1 : Registered just to make one post * 50 : Pistol Start * 69 : Nice Member * 206 : Bony Member * 420 : Dank Marine * 666 : Evil Member * 911 : Forgotten Member * 1210 : Doomed Member * 5150 : Par for the course * 5700 : Par-t Deux = For particular reasons = * Did something really stupid : Loser * Did something even more and more stupid : Banned * Did something extraordinary remarkable, regardless of good or bad, Or you've just won the event : "custom title" I wonder if there are more unique titles for particular thread counts.
  2. antares031

    The 2021 Cacowards Thread Sidebar [Split]

    Here's my honest advice, for your sake: DO NOT have this kind of attitude, when you're representing the group you're in, because this is one of the most terrible attitudes for any spokespeople. You told us that you're here "on behalf of every musician involved", so every post you write here reflects not only your own opinion, but also the voice of your group as well. Because of this, any impolite attitude will give negative reputations to not only just you, but also the group you're representing. While I understand the reason about your frustration in this thread, please always remember to respect the others first, when you want respect from the others. Especially when you're making a point, while you're representing your team.
  3. antares031

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines 3

    Judging from the amount of monsters and the monster placements in the video playthrough, this was definitely on UV, not HMP. 😅
  4. antares031


    혹시 영어 하실 줄 아세요?
  5. antares031

    Cacowards 2022 Mentionations Thread

    This is not a place to advertise your own project. Please read the original post next time, before you post something here. If someone else played your project, and they liked it, they'll post a recommendation of your project here.
  6. This project sounds interesting. Count me in, please.
  7. antares031

    What's your Doom mapping bucket list?

    - Make a UDMF level. - Finish MBF21 megawad. - Learn to spend more than 32768 linedefs per level.
  8. antares031

    The wad journal: record the time spent on doom

    The yellow keycard platform will be lowered for one step, whenever you beat each colored section. When all of three colored sections are cleared, the platform should be lowered enough to be reached: About dealing with a pair of SMM in MAP11, make sure to gather enough assault rifle ammo, scattered around the level, and shoot the SMM from the bottom of the platform, like this video playthrough. Anyway, thanks for reviewing Struggle. I hope you have a fun time with the rest of the wad. :)
  9. antares031

    The 2021 Cacowards

    It was indeed a very cool addtion to the award article for sure, bringing more mapsets and megawads to the scene this year. It's always nice to see more community projects get a spotlight, and it's also nice to see more extra contents, such as "25 Years of Doom" back in 2018. But on the other hand, in my honest opinion, I concern that adding way too many stuffs for the award article might give too much workload to the Cacoward team every year. Just take a look at the Cacowards article 10 years ago, and compare the volume of it with the recent one. Heck, even just 5 years ago, we didn't even have a room to appreciate community-made music. Both of them are still really good award articles, but I think we didn't have much opportunities to appreciate other community creations. But now take a look at what we have nowadays. The volume of article is significantly larger, we now have multiple slots for both gameplay mod awards and multiplayer awards, an award to praise the programming achievement and an award to appreciate the unusual creativity. We now also have a Dootaward for well-made soundtrack. As a person, who consider the soundtrack as the backbone of the level's theme & environmental design (just imagine The Mucus Flow without its music), I was really happy to see the new award to appreciate community-made music. Surely it's impossible to satisfy everyone in the community with Cacowards (we're all humans, after all), and there's been always voices of disappointment every year. While I understand the reason of frustration, I'd like them to take a moment to see how the Cacowards has been changed, and how it's been improved than before.
  10. antares031

    The 2021 Cacowards

    Happy 28th anniversary of Doom, and kudos to all the winners, runner-ups, and the Cacowards team. Another year, another fantastic community-made creations, and another award article with great volume and quality. And shout-out to @Xaser for winning the Espi award this year. Very well deserved lifetime achievement award for the veteran "Master of all Trades". It's amazing to see that now the Cacowards features twelve winners, instead of ten. With so many great mapsets and megawads to play, it's no wonder the team had to pick more entries for the winners. And, oh wow, I am really happy to see that we now have a silver cacoward trophy for every runner-up, with the article on the main page. Much appreciated for granting my wish this year! Runner-ups definitely deserve more love, rather than staying on the sidebar. With all of these amazing stuffs for just 28th anniversary, I can't even imagine what we're going to have for the 30th birthday of Doom, just 2 years later. If there are community members, who're working on their special projects for that special time, good luck and have fun! :)
  11. antares031

    The DWIronman League dies to: H2H-XMas

    Category 1. Died on MAP07 with 18/157 kills and 44:12 arrival time. The last trap was just literally "F*** you and die" for blind players. Still, it was a fun playthrough for an ironman run: ironman_anta_H2HXMAS.zip
  12. I don't want a lot for Cacowards. There is just one thing I hope:



    1. Biodegradable


      Still a terrific idea, Ant.

    2. ReaperAA


      With how many quality wads being released nowadays, there are bound to be many wads that (in any previous year, would have won a cacoward) will not end up winning a cacoward and would likely end up in the runners up list. Thus, I too want this to happen.

  13. antares031

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Interception II

    I've come here to vote, +++ 1000 Lines CP 3
  14. Struggle : Antaresian Legacy is a single-player partial-conversion megawad for Doom 2 with limit removing compatibility. It features new weapon and monster replacements, edited with DeHacked patch. Some of original monsters are also slightly changed, so it's recommended to check out the info below before you play this one. Since this wad uses heavily modified DeHacked patch, it is recommended not to use other custom gameplay patches. Also, par time of each level is based on UV-Max playthrough, not UV-Speed. * FDA or livestream feedback, video playthrough providers Deadwing, scifista42, gaspe, Dragonfly, x38_ViTa_38, loveless, Veinen, 129thVisplane, kakhome1, Megablast, MrZzul * Suggestions, bug report providers Memfis, Doomkid, SuperCupcakeTactics, EffinghamHuffnagel, Fonze, rhinoduck, Poohlyash, Evolution, WH-Wilou84, tmorrow, Terminus, Keyboard_Doomer * Doomworld Megawad Club participants (July 2018) Roofi, tmorrow, FrancisT18, NuMetalManiak, Forli, rehelekretep, Magnusblitz, TheOrganGrinder, Catpho, DavitW, Aquila Chrysaetos, Rayziik, Dragonfly, CPCTC, Salt-Man Z = Screenshots = = Download Link = Click here to get to the /idgames page Standalone DeHackEd File: STRG_deh.zip - Optional Download Links - RC2, the older version: STRG_RC2 Unofficial mod-compatible patch for RC2, courtesy of @kyolung: STRG_UNBLOCK Unofficial Doom 64 mod patch for Struggle, courtesy of @kyolung: STRGgoesDoom64 Thanks, and have fun. :)
  15. antares031

    Struggle : Antaresian Legacy (now available in /idgames)

    She shoots both chaingun bullets and energy bolt projectiles, making her extremely powerful in opened areas.
  16. antares031

    Struggle : Antaresian Legacy (now available in /idgames)

    Since they decided to use what their momma spider chose, which looked pretty cool. They also thought that it's more effective to deal with their notorious circle-strafing archenemy. Those baby spider masterminds are still easy to counter with dual pistols or an assault rifle. The real answer is, why not? :)
  17. antares031

    Any snow and ice themed maps?

    Joy of Mapping 5 The hub level, and the first episode with 13 levels.
  18. antares031

    AI Generated Title Screens

    The Sky May Be The Mucus Flow lilith.pk3
  19. In vanilla dehacked, you can use either A_Pain or A_Scream to let the actor play its designated pain sound or death sound. Just pick one frame with a code pointer, give it A_Pain, set the pain sound with the sound effect you want from things property, set the duration of the frame identical to the length of sound effect, and loop the frame. The sound effect actor only needs its spawn state with the one code pointer frame I mentioned above, and nothing special is needed.
  20. Plutonia the Way Casali Brothers Did... by Casali Brothers. This sounds like SIGIL 3 to me.
  21. antares031

    axolotl.wad [11 maps] [/idgames]

    I approve this blue, looks so beautiful 💙
  22. After Micro Slaughter Community Project, it's so nice to see an another wad with a similar concept. Nice work!
  23. antares031

    Doom Monster Nicknames

    That one particular arch-vile in Monster Condo. People call him "Barney".
  24. antares031

    Brainstorming Name Ideas for My Next Project

    I've been thinking about various suggestions, but none of them could beat "Mechanical Midwest Hellscape", honestly.
  25. antares031

    how you do SR50

    W+A+C+M2 or W+D+Z+M2  C is turn left, Z is turn right, M2 is strafe on